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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hayahay TreeHouse Bar & View Deck in Dumaguete City

One of the best bar in Dumaguete City | I was able to take a short trip here before heading to Siquijor Island for a beach bumming experience. Seafood indulge with a great view of the sea, really nice restaurant quite from down the boulevard through but would definitely recommend. By night, the bar is great, the music, the cheap foods and very accommodating staff. The outdoor setting and tree house view deck is always fun, where you can really relax while eating. I always love to visit this very interesting and inspiring place. Also a good place to hang out with big group of friends. Here's the address: Flores Avenue Piapi, Escano Beach, Dumaguete City. Contact them at (035) 225-3536. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay Around the Philippines.

Sans Rival Bistro in Dumaguete City

A must-try food in Dumaguete City along Rizal Boulevard. The store is located 5-7 minutes away from Siliman University and the sea port. | Definitely worth visiting at least once because they have a nice selection of delicious cakes, drinks, meals and their famous Silvanas at Php 130 per box while everything is extremely cheap are best to bring home (pasalubong) with good service and cafe ambiance inside. The interiors were also very nice with a good view of Rizal Boulevard through their windows and the area is inspired to santorini-greece because  of the blue and white colors. A good place to splurge on your guilty pleasure of eating sweets and tempting your taste buds with delectable desserts. I brought 3 boxes to my family. They wrap it in a foil and manila paper and put it in a box to make sure the dessert will not melt easily. Your trip in Dumaguete City wouldn't be complete without a visit to Sans Rival Bistro alomg Rizal Boulevard. They also have branches in Robinsons Place Dumaguete City, so very accessible indeed. I won't hesitate to recommend this store.  

Negros Oriental: Around Siliman University in Dumaguete City

When I hear the word Dumagueten City in Negros Oriental, it basically equates to Siliman University because of the world premier institution and known to be the city of gentle people. A must go to place in Dumaguete City | After visiting the historic museum, I immediately go to their main ground and took photos. You can feel a city of Spanish and American because of the ambiance and architectures inside. Siliman University is maybe the only and oldest protestant university in a largely Catholic country like the Philippines.I also proceeded to Siliman University Church which is just across the street. I wasn't able to tour the entire land area of the university and the ground are nicely kept clean and looks like a great place to study. I like those big acacia trees with wide branches and the lush greens of grass. Not to mention, the old buildings around the place gave me off that mysterious old world and old soul vibe. Thanks Siliman University! Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay Around The Philippines.

Anthropology Museum in Siliman University, Dumaguete City

I was able to get inside the museum that day. Upon arriving the main gate of the university, I surrender my ID before entering the museum premises. It is open to the public with a minimal fee of Php 30.00 for local & Php 40.00 for foreign guest and this area is located facing the Roxas Boulevard and into the sea. Their guides are very kind and engaging to the visitors, look like they enjoy what they are doing, story telling and are proud of their province's rich culture and history. Guys, strictly no pictures is allowed on the second floor of the museum. The displays are interesting and give information about old ancient ceramics, old currency, medicinal plants, beautiful historic photos and paintings, weapons used in the past, archaeological findings all over the Philippines and other more old pieces. A must see place in Dumaguete City and you'll end up with lots of stories and history.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Capturing Siliman University in Dumaguete City

One of the most well known landmark in the City of Dumaguete & most visited place of tourist both locals & foreigners. I was able to get inside the museum during my trip and I am happy to visit the place. The museum showcased how was the province of Negros Oriental and the city was before. You'll find artifacts that dated long ago.   

Negros Oriental: Robinsons Place Dumaguete

After a morning walk around the city proper, I decided to take a tricycle going to Robinsons Place to have a quick lunch before heading to another part the city. One of the biggest mall in the province of Negros Oriental and total gross floor area of 45,00 square meter. Located at South Road corner Perdices Street, Dumaguete City. Travel time is about 5-10 minutes away from the city center. Fare is Php 10 each. A very nice location and quite similar to other Robinsons Mall Braches like Palawan & Tacloban. Dumaguete City deserves to have this facility.

Negros Oriental: The Old Bell Church in Dumaguete City

This is the largest church in the city located along the road crossing to their public plaza. One of the beautiful spot and landmark along the center of city proper. Did you know that is was build in 1760 and made of coral stones with a pentagon shape bell house structure on topped with a red dome. It was a amazing to see this landmark when you'll visit this place.  There is a lot of places in Dumaguete to be discover & experience food & culture.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dumaguete City: St Catherine of Alexandria Church

This church is similar with our church name in Mambusao, Capiz celebrated during November 25 every year. The design of the church is influences by an old Spanish Era a way back ago and this is very historical. What I liked most about the church is how the lights brought out the fascinating beauty of the altar. You can sit down there and be deep in your thoughts and prayers. I love the interior design and architectures outside the church. From the entrance, you'll find the statue of St. Catherine of Alexandria and one of the largest church in the city.

A short stroll away from their public market and nearby establishment. Easy to access by public transport like tricycle or jeepney. 

Negros Oriental: Dumaguete City Public Plaza

Dumaguete City is known to be " The City of Gentle People". After a quick side trip at the church of St. Catherine Catholic, I immediately cross towards their public plaza. It's great to see such a feature be accessed by everyone in the city and very near from my hotel. The place is covered with tall trees, the whole area is clean and I saw a lot of lamp post over the place. The plaza is used by most locals and government activities during gatherings, fiestas and city affairs. Like the boulevard, this area is full of people in the afternoon having their family bonding, friends get together, kids playing around and even people attending the church mass. You'll see the monument of Dr. Jose Rizal stands in the middle of the plaza. I also visit some of old houses around the plaza.

Negros Oreintal: A Scenic View of Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete City

It has a scenic view of the ocean facing Siquijor Island, the seaport on the left side and this was my first time to travel the Province. Strolling around the place is one of must-do experience in Dumaguete City. Its very accessible for its near downtown. You can breath fresh air, seeing the century old tree along the stretch of the boulevard and just go food tripping during evening.   It's recommended that you visit the place late in the afternoon like 4pm is the best time to sit there and just watch people walking around. There are a lot of interesting restaurants, cafes and shops around the area facing the boulevard. I love the majestic and huge acacia trees which can be seen on the area.

Overall, the whole park was decently clean and grass was manicured and locals were very friendly, accommodating and always smiling.



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