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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time to say Goodbye Boracay Island

Well done!  I'll see you again soon.This island has gave me a lot of experience when traveling solo during my blog anniversary but it is likewise a home to relaxation and pure comfort. Summer is the best time to visit and have a travel vacation over to Boracay Island. I had fun and relaxing trip from the Island of Boracay.
From Station 1 I had a quick tricyle ride and bound to Caticlan Port for atleast 30 minutes.I'll checked again for some airfare promos.

Fees at Caticlan Port to Boracay:
PHP 75.00 for environmental fee-above 12 years old
PHP 25.00 for the boat
PHP 50.00 for the terminal fee

Note:environmental fee is only at the Caticlan Port while going to Boracay. The fee doesn't apply on your return from Boracay to Caticlan.
Happy Travels!

Jonah's Fruitshake in Boracay Island - All Time Favorite

One of the best fruitshakes in the Island of Boracay. Before I left to Boracay, I bought one bottle of mango shake flavor at Station 1 along the highway near the church.  It is very famous for its mango shake among other flavors which cost you about P80.00 pesos. Their fruit shakes are the best and affordable. I made sure to purchase one of these since I don't go to Boracay often. . I haven't tried the other stuff in the menu, I only come for the shakes. Other stores also sell fruitshakes along the beach but Jonah's Fruitshake is really the best which only located at Station 1 Boracay Island Malay Aklan. Jonah's Fruitshake and Snackbar Contact Number: (036) 288-328 for delivery within the island.

Photowalk and Things to do in Boracay Island, Malay Aklan

I've been to Boracay so many times, it is a nice place to visit, awesome for family vacation and the beach is the only one of a kind, powdery white sand (parang polvuron lang).Well! Did you know that Boracay is voted the 2nd best beach in the world! oh di ba?! In my own experience to the Island of Boracay it is truly a paradise and I will keep on coming back.There is no other pure white sand place like Boracay Island. Deserves all the praises it's getting now from the tourist because you can't compare Boracay Island to any beach in some other countries and it was beautiful white sand was tourist come from all over the world mostly I saw many Koreans last July 2012 trip. If any of you get the chance to travel Boracay Island in Malay Aklan. I recommend everyone to do so and a lot of fun activities like Helmet Diving, Island Hopping, Scuba Diving and Zorb Ball Riding.  

Sighting in Boracay Island White Beach, Malay Aklan

A haven paradise! A lot of foreign tourist made boracay every year to enjoy sun bathing and beauty of the white beach, some of hotels provides reclining chairs for their guests. Enjoy the crystal clear blue water and the sun (put sun screen first) and the sea wind as well. Just sit at the white sand while waiting for that magic moment when the sun changes its color into golden yellow. Picture taking is a must thing to do in the Island. Everything is just perfect for that Paradise Tropical Island Getaway!

Accommodation in Boracay Island White Beach

Boracay is the top one tourist summer destination in the Philippines. Some of the hotels offers cheap accommodation in Boracay Island, super value for your money, excellent service and easy to transport. You get more than your money's worth and earn anywhere, anytime at your convenient. Here are my top 3 accommodation in Boracay: Nandana Boracay, Boracay Regency and Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel.

Boracay Island White Beach - More Fun In The Sun

It's true! More fun in Boracay Island White Beach! Why Boracay? Because of their water sports activity like banana boat, island hopping, snorkeling, reef walking and flyfish has got to be my fave water sports in the island. And when the sun goes down, you can enjoy to any part of Boracay's restaurant and bars for a taste of the island best foods and drinks. Take you out on adventures and has great resorts, food, and some of the friendliest people around, there's much more to do than just relax on long strip white beach. Filipinos local and tourist could visit because of its natural beauty has to offer to everyone. And it is indeed should be part of 7 Summer Wonders of the Philippines.  

Boracay Island during Rainy Season

Have you been to Boracay Island during wet or rainy season? During the month of June to September is the off season in Boracay. Cold weather , no long waiting lines at the terminal and much lesser accommodation options. This is also the off-season, where you can get the cheapest price rates like hotel, restaurants, water sports activity, island hopping etc. The weather can be like this every now and then. That's why it's also known as "low season" as the prices can be much lower at hotels due to less tourists and expect a lots of rain, high tide and strong winds.  What makes visiting Boracay Island is easy which almost all people understand English and many can speak it quite well.  People are very warm and friendly and the prices are very reasonable.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to get to Puka Beach in Boracay Island

Going to Puka Beach from Boracay or Caticlan Port:

This is my DIY trip (do it yourself trip) From Caticlan Port ride a ferry boat bound to Cagban Jetty Port in Boracay then take a tricyle ride going to the white beach. Then ask the driver to drop you off to D'Mall. Once you get to D'Mall, tricycles are available to take you to Puka Beach located at Barangay Yapak, Malay Aklan, which is the northern tip of Boracay Island.. Regular fare for each person is P20. If you’re with a group and you would want to rent one, charter rate per tricycle (not per person) is P100 for the local tourists, P150 for foreigners. Just tell the driver to drop you off to the famous white beach of Puka Beach. 

I do highly recommend this place. I have been here last July 2012 and will be back soon.

Restaurants and Bars at Puka Beach, Boracay Island

There are several bars and restaurants in Puka Beach, Barangay Yapak, Malay Aklan. One of the famous restaurant is Seashore Grill and Restaurant located infront of the white beach resort.  They serve great foods and fresh seafoods as well.  They are kind and  i felt so safe when i was there.  I should say it's the best part of the whole boracay island trip. It's very secluded and quiet. There is no doubt that this is a must see when you are in Boracay and do not miss to have something to eat at Seashore Grill and Restaurant  , a little nipa hut eatery,serving freshly prepared seafood. Food is excellent and staff are very nice.

I will surely go back this place soon! Happy Travels!

Puka Beach or Puka Shell Beach - A Hidden Gem of Boracay Island

What a paradise! Welcome to Puka Beach! This places is a like a hidden paradise because it is covered with small islands and rock formation. I took a short 20 minutes tricycle ride to one of the most beautiful and hidden beaches in Boracay. Make sure to go for a long walk along the shore to explore some awesome rock caves and find seashells. This beach area is the second largest white beach of Boracay.  Other travelers and tourist like to enjoy this eco-paradise and a long white beach area. Perhaps the most famous activity in Puka Beach is island hopping, snorkeling and  scuba diving. 

Jump Off to Puka Beach in Boracay Malay Aklan

Puka Beach or locally known as Puka Shell Beach is awesome. This part of the beach is in the northern side of Boracay Island. If you want a different experience in the Island go to Puka Beach located at Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, Malay Aklan. About 15-20 minutes away from the white beach of Boracay and has quite/less tourist. Along the 800-meter stretch of white sand. Just hanging out sa tindahan ni ate sa harap ng main gate! hehehe! or check out their local puka shells accessories and souvenirs inside the area.  Beads and other ornaments made from shells, pearls, and other gems are sold there. A lot of restaurant can be find at Puka Beach. It's an image of what most people expect to come here! I never visited this area since I was travelling boracay so many times. For your information the resort has no entrance fee. I probably recommend this area because I think this was a hidden gem of Boracay Island. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Boracay Malay Aklan

Boracay Island in Aklan is the place to be! Dahil apat na oras lang ang byahe namin galing sa aking hometown (Mambusao, Capiz)

Umalis kami ng 5:00am from Mambusao Capiz (My Hometown), pagkatapos ng mahabang byahe mga apat na oras nakarating kami ng 9:00am sa Caticlan Port via Kalibo Aklan.
 Bus Fare going to Caticlan Port - 140 pesos 
Ferry Boat going to Boracay Port from Caticlan Port - 25 pesos
Tricycle going to white beach- 20 pesos
Note: hindi kami siningil ng Environmental Fee dahil ang kasama ko ay residente ng Aklan.

Travel time - 15 minutes papuntang white beach

Life Jacket - para sa safety ng iyong paglalakbay.hehehe!

Boracay Port

Station One 

One of my Collection at Boracay! I love Shirt!


The airport that is closest to the island of Boracay is a facility in Caticlan in Aklan. The airport can receive direct flights from Manila from companies with smaller airlines like Asian Spirit now known as SEA air. You can get to Caticlan from your country if you get a flight to the Philippines from your countrys airline via Manila. You can also get a flight with the Philippine Airlines which operates in major cities in the world. Upon reaching Manila you can book for a local airline from South East Asian Airline or Asian Spirit bound for Caticlan. There are daily flights so it is better to book ahead of time via their websites. From Manila you can reach Caticlan Airport in just thirty five minutes. You can also connect a flight from Cebu City and Clark Airport.
Another airport near Boracay is Kalibo. Kalibos Airport is farther from Boracay than Caticlan. Kalibo has a bigger airport so airline companies like Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific land here. Their airlines are bigger. You can take a direct flight from Manila and in thirty five minutes you have already reached Kalibo. Guests or tourists who chose to go to Caticlan are asked to go to the port by taking the tricycles while tourists who go to Kalibo can either take a van or a bus to go to the port. In the port you take a ferry ride going to the island itself.
The cost for airfare from countries abroad like United States and United Kingdom going to Manila can reach one thousand dollars up to two thousand dollars. From Manila you can take a local flight to Kalibo or Caticlan airports with return airfares that costs one hundred fifty dollars for each person. There are seasonal promotional flights which are highly discounted so it is better to check the websites first. Excess baggage of ten kilograms will have an additional cost.
Some airlines offer promos for passengers who will travel light. If you are coming from Kalibo you can ride a bus with air-conditioning system for four hundred fifty pesos. This is a convenient way to transfer to the port. You can also take the local vehicle called the jeepney which costs seventy pesos only per person. You can also take a local van called multicab which is similar to a jeep but sturdier for eighty five pesos. These are all available in Kalibo only. In Caticlan you can only take the tricycle going to the port.
It is also possible to get to Boracay from Manila via a boat. A company that offers ferry services to Boracay is MBRS which has regular ships going to Boracay. You can call 243-5888 for their schedule.
Tourists can also ride the RORO or the roll-on and roll-off services. Passengers ride a bus and then ride on the ferry. From Cubao city travels to Batangas then from the Batangas port you get on the ferry then it goes to the Calapan port which is located in Mindoro. Upon reaching the port in Roxas city the bus will run via land going to Caticlan. The travel is usually twelve hours long but this is the cheapest way to reach Boracay. This costs just seven hundred pesos for buses with no air-con and eight hundred fifty pesos with air-condition. You can choose your seat though so it is better to book ahead of time. Passengers should also buy a lot of food like snacks and water for the long travel.
In Boracay you can always take the pedicab which are similar to the famous tuktuk in Thailand but smaller. A ride costs ten pesos each and if you need to go to a farther place from your resort the drivers will ask for twenty pesos per person. You can also rent tricycles from the tricycle association in Boracay. You can also ride the bike while going around the island and there are several people offering bikes for rent.



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