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Hidden Treasure in Barcelona Ruins of Presidencia Old Stone Building

In front the church of Saint Joseph Parish is the old ruin building structure associated with the century long ago facing the Pacific Ocean and Gubat Bay. It also had a tunnel leading to the church of Barcelona ( Saint Joseph Parish Church) across the street but was closed during my visit and a nice seawall where someone could enjoy and relax in a while. This area are serves as children's playground and local's park & recreational activities. As posted at the place where the ruins located " This old building ruins , over One Hundred Thirty Eight (138) years old was practically made of stone, sea corals and lime, simultaneously constructed with the " La Presidencia" in 1874 during the Spanish period. The building was originally intended as a school building for the children of the " ilustrados" or the wealthy Spanish conquistadores and very few Filipinos with Spanish heritage and connections. During the old Spanish colonial, the poor and common Filipino folks or the " Indios" were not allowed and accepted in this school before. " From the town of Barcelona, I opted jeepney going to the town of Gubat - a jump off point going to Paguiraran Island Beach & Rock Lagoon. 

Barcelona in Sorsogon: Old Church Saint Joseph Parish

Next Stop: Commonly known as Barcelona Church in Barcelona, Sorsogon. About 30 minutes away from Bulusan Lake Nature Park. The church was preserved from years ago and well-maintained with it's uniqueness &  historical colonial inspired architecture. I rode a jeepney from the highway of Bulusan Lake Nature Park, you just got to love the ambiance along the countryside of the province. When traveling within the whole towns of Sorsogon, most efficient and accessible way to travel is by tricycle and jeepney (one of their common public transportation). For religious folks, the place is real solemn with the great interior design inside the church and the walls are made of coral stones which are part of the original structure. It is very picturesque fascade and the church is so charming & fascinating old colonial structure. I'am probably recommend this place to visit where you can include in your itinerary.   I really love to see old churches in the Philippines that are still alive. 




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