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Friday, February 28, 2014

My Second Time in The Ruins of Bacolod - A Side Trip Experience Before Heading to Dumaguete

The ruins is one of my favorite spot in Negros Occidental and also good venue for weddings & family reunions, considering the effort to reach this place. I made sure to enjoy very minute of my second visit to this place. There is no visitor were around during my early trip visit, so I must say that this is a romantic, quiet & relaxing place to be with. Also, taking photos at the glass table mirror where you can use it to nice reflection effect.They offers free parking at the back. Entrance Fees: For Adults - Php 60.00, Students & Senior Citizens with ID - Php 40.00 & Children (Below 8 years old) - Php 20.00. Did you know that: The ruins is one of the 12 most fascinating ruins in the world, known to be the Taj Mahal of Negros & one of the best and romantic landmarks in the Philippines. I like the fountain and garden infront of the old ruins and whole ground have been maintained by the owner.

Don't forget to bring your fully-charged battery to shot take photo on this fascinating experience of the place. I appreciated the details of the structural design.

Negros Occidental: Other Side of The Ruins in Talisay

I was so captivated with the charm & ambiance of the place.They also have 18 hole mini golf course and big cheese board at the side of the ruins which some guest could try the game and can do it your friends and family new recreational activity. The area is covered with gree-grass & ornamental plants. Well, the whole area is clean & maintained which is really I love the angle of ruins from this side of the park. The beauty of the place was still stunning set in the middle of the sugarcane fields and about 15 minutes away from the highway of Barangay Bata. The best time to go to is about 4:30 in the afternoon to give you time to enjoy the scenery before the sun is about to set.  If your hungry during the our, you can enjoy good foods in their cafe & restaurant right beside the mini golf course area. They also have a cupid & women statue facing the old ruins. This place is worth the visit.

A Museum Inside The Ruins of Talisay, Negros Occidental

A must see-art gallery museum in Talisay, Negros Occidental is the remnants famous ruins in the province owned by Don Mariano L. Lacson, an old mansion. They have a lot of old painting, plates and other memorable pieces by the owner. There is a feeling of old romance and mystery surrounding the place. It will probably awe you when you see it up close and personally. It's the sense of pride you can take from the place and also have a cafe and restaurant inside the ruins that's beside their souvenir shop.  This is my second time to visit the place and I'm so very amazed that the structure still stands after being purposely destroyed during World War II. Although it sits in the middle of a wide sugarcane plantation, it's fairly accessible to people. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Famous Bacolod Sweets: Calea Pastries & Coffee in Robinsons Bacolod

This is definitely the home for a sweet tooth like me. Being the capital of sugarland, you would expect that the people in Bacolod would know how to make and appreciate good sweets and pastires. So, I take a cab from Bacolod Seaport going to Robinsons Place Bacolod located at Lacson Street, Mandalagan which is the way going to Bacolod-Silay Airport. Upon arriving the store, I immediately ordered chocolate cake the prize is really good and worth it. I also brought Napoles & C2 from the supermarket. There are so many cakes & pastries to choose from that it is a test of discipline to get just one slice. Hahaha! I'm really satisfy my sweet tooth cravings, it is one the best cake shops I have ever tried. Thumbs up indeed! During my visit there are a lot of people in the store, simply because they have the yummiest cakes you will ever get to taste.If you want to dine there, better be there early. People line up just to get a table. The interior design of this branch is very relaxing and is done tastefully with their best seller cakes.

So make sure to drop and try one of their cakes if you visit the province of Negros Occidental and make it happen. Happy Travels Everyone!

Monday, October 22, 2012

How to get to Mambukal Mountain Resort in Murcia

Going to Mambukal Mountain Resort in Murcia Negros Occidental:

Here's are some tips to get there! This road trip is a suggestion of my friend who lives there!. From the Bacolod-Silay Airport take a bus bound to the city terminal of Bacolod then ask the driver to drop you off where the jeepney going to Libertad Market , about 20-30 minutes travel from Silay City where you will find mini-bus bound to Mambukal. This is non-conditioned bus going to Mambukal which costs P35 pesos per person. Just tell the conductor that you’ll get off at Mambukal Mountain Resort in Murcia Negros Occidental. Travel time is about 1 hour and a half, which the bus stops in front of Mambukal Mountain Resort.  Go inside the resort and pay some entrance fees. I stopped at their Tourist Information Office to get a brochure and map as well. Enjoy and happy travel. :-)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Second Waterfalls in Mambukal Mountain Resort, Negros Occidental

On my way to the second waterfalls. It is beautiful and relaxing ambiance.  I'll take this advantage of traveling our beloved Philippines. See my next post which I tour the city proper of Bacolod City. 

First Waterfalls in Mambukal Mountain Resort,Negros Occidental

Mambukal Mountain Resort is at the foot of Kanlaon Volcano located at Murcia, Negors Occidental, Philippines.I  had my first trek in the resort. This mountain resort is a 24-hectare pleasure park popular with family groups. It is popular for its seven falls. I'm almost certain that I will love the place and I was not mistaken which is surrounded by trees and plants. The trails is awesome and except that it's sometimes slippery and uphill but otherwise, it's like a walking in the park. I reach the first falls at last, I take some photos and proceed to the second falls. Continue. . .

Trekking at Mambukal Falls in Murcia Negros Occidental

Trekking in the falls is more fun in the Philippines. There are 7 falls in Mambukal Mountain Resort, I want to share some of my treks there.  After eating my brunch at their restaurant. I walked towards the falls but I visit just the first and the second waterfalls but sadly, swimming was prohibited because the pool was 15 feet deep and cold water. In the trekking experience, I saw a lot of trees and you can also find their canopy walk and zipline.  There is no additional entrance fee when you are going to the falls but  optional you can hire a tour guide and it's your choice to give the guide for a tip. It was an awesome experience for me and I really want to go back soon. 

Sulfur Dipping Pool in Mambukal Mountain Resort

Mambukal Mountain  Resort is one of the best sulfur pool in Negros Occidental and 1,200 feet above sea level and serves as gateway to Mt. kanlaon. The area can accommodate as many guest at the same time. Dipping in the water will refresh your body and has a smooth feeling, this part of the resort will charged you P50 pesos for the adult and P20 pesos for 11 years old below. The water comes out naturally clear and odorless as well. I think the temperature  is about 38-43 degrees at the time. I’m not sure if it gets any higher.  Visit the Mambukal Mountain Resort and expect it's nature loving ambiance. 

Swimming Pool at Mambukal Mountain Resort

The resorts has two swimming pools, which is one of their facilities inside. Cottages has its own outdoor barbecue pit which people can enjoy their foods.  It also has an artificial lagoon and beautifully landscaped grounds. It was a nice place to stay especially for kids who wants to swim in the pool all the time The area has a shower room and covered area. The resort has  a functional halls which is available for guests traveling on business purpose or in a group trip, as it can accommodate up to 200 persons. Offering comfortable accommodation and friendly services with a full range of amenities. For my experience the resort is accessible and good value for money, best for family with children. The staff are fast and accommodating with smile and lifeguards are all around so its safe for children to play and explore. 

Welcome to Mambukal Resort in Murcia, Negros Occidental

The place is perfect for a solo getaway because of the nature's hidden getaway like  waterfalls, hot springs, swimming pools, sulfur pool and food tripping as well. The resorts is one of the famous resort in Negros Occidental, about 45 minutes to 1 hour travel from Bacolod City. As I enter the resort, I saw a lot of trees, plants and flowers. There is an entrance fee going inside the resort.I charged P30 pesos for the whole day tour. There are seperate entrance fees for other amenites.

For inquiries, visit or call: Mambukal Resort Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia Province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. Telefax: +63 (34) 710-0801.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to get to Old Ruins of Talisay City, Negros Occidental

Going to The Ruins from Bacolod City or Bacolod - Silay Airport:

From the aiport in Silay City ( Bacolod-Silay Airport ) take a tricyle outside the airport which cost you about P10 pesos. Then from Silay City national highway take a jeepney bound to Bacolod City Proper will cost you P15 pesos. Ask the driver to drop you at Barangay Bata (Bangga Pepsi). At the left side of the road you will signage " This way to the Ruins".Take a tricyle or hire tricyle which cost you P30-P50 pesos (for special trip but normally people pay P10 pesos only). You will enter that narrow street leading to Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens. Follow the small red and yellow signs on the electrical posts which will lead you all the way to The Ruins. Entrance fee at the Ruins in Bacolod will cost you P50 pesos for adult, P40 for senior citizens/student with id's and P20 pesos for children or in group.

The Ruins also known as the Taj Mahal of Negors

Another great tourist treasures in Negros! Perfect spot when you are coming to Bacolod City, about 15-20 minutes drive from the city proper and boundry of Bacolod City and Talisay City. Nowadays the ruins is accessible from many jeepney along the highway of Barangay Bata. The Ruins is a photo-enthusiast’s haven. It is also an ideal for pre-nuptial shoots at meron ako nakita sa loob na mga sample photos. You can buy a lot of souvenirs at the Old Ruins from t-shirts, keychains and the mansions’ miniature replica as well. I’ll provide a short information on how to get to The Ruins in my seperate post.I am not lucky to see the ruins by night, many people getting there because of the romantic ambience and colorful light.

Roaming Inside the Ruins of Silay City, Negros Occidental

When you're inside the ruins, I saw a lot of paintings and old furnitures. It also has a cafeteria inside, which you can order great foods and drinks. But that time, the cafeteria is closed, and it will open from 9:00am ( Monday to Sunday ). Aside from picture taking inside the ruins, a lot of plants and flowers at the side of their cafeteria. I enjoyed looking at their old chairs and tables. These was a perfect destination when you are travelling alone. Malayo sa city at nakakarelax ang ambience!. They have also clean comfort room inside with a grafitti artwork, I also seen a lot of pictures taken from and outside the Old Ruins. Siguro pagbabalik ako ng Negros Occidental, I would  probably touring my family and friends in the future.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Ruins of Bacolod: Magestic Spots in Talisay City

A place full of history, many stories we could tell for. The ruins is the most famous tourist spot in Negros Occidental and about 30 minutes from the City Proper of Bacolod. It was a very beautiful place to take some pictures and this was a pride tourist attraction of Talisay City. The ruins is also known as Hacienda Sta. Maria which located in the borders of Talisay and Bacolod City, it is one of the best old ancestral home in the province. Today, the mansion or “The Ruins” is a must-see attraction in the Island of Negros. Wedding, birthdays, and other events are also held in that mansion.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Heritage Houses in Silay City

The heritage houses are not just landmarks of a golden civilization. They are footprints of Silaynon achievers who made Silay what it is now, I really like the place. This is the chapter of Silay's golden age, when the sugar industry. The Hofileña Heritage HouseSilay City's first home to be opened to the public, is celebrating its "50th year of service to the people". 

Hello Silay City Hall in Negros Occidental

Last May 2012, I had a solo backpacking trip in the province of Negros Occidental and my first stop is the one of the highly urbanized City of Silay. Early morning I decided touring the city before going to Bacolod. Silay City Hall is located on the same location as that of the cathedral along Zamora and Rizal streets. 

I wasnt able to go inside the building because its too early! Hehehe! So I decided to roaming first at their heritage or old houses and establishment. Infront of the City Hall you will see a fountain with the sculpture of a boy riding the carabao. The building is not too big and has its simple architectures outside. The tourism office is closed, I cant inquire about the City. You may check their contact details: CITY ADMINISTRATOR'S OFFICE. Office of the City Mayor, 2nd Level, East Wing, City Hall of Silay City Tel. No.: (034) 4955269. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Inside San Diego Church in Silay City

Every November, San Diego Church in Silay City is celebrates their annual fiesta. This church must have been social, historical, cultural and has blended with the architectural design. I had more fun roaming around inside the church, many people coming inside every morning and during mass schedule. The altar is very wide and European touch with the combination of Italian design with a great lighting inside. It is also known as St. Didacus which is the patron saint of the church which one of the most beautiful interior design in the province.

San Diego Cathedral in Silay City, Negros Occidental

Silay City in the one of the beautiful spot if you are going to the province of Negros Occidental. San Diego Cathedral is left beside of Silay City Hall. The church is painted as white and has a great photo backdrop, if your going to have some photos in front of church. I take more photos outside the church. It is a very quiet place. It is the only Pro‐Cathedral outside of Metro Manila. It was built in 1920 and designed by Italian architect Lucio Bernasconi. Before I really want to travel Negros because of many tourist attractions, which I made it last May 22, 2012.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Balay Negrense in Silay City, Negros Occidental

From the airport I headed to Balay Negrense which is located near at Silay City Hall. This old house showcase old lifestyles and heritage. They has a four-meter high ceiling and large windows with ventanillas, smaller windows beneath the large windows with sliding panels that can be opened to admit the wind. The lower storey itself is elevated from ground level by a meter-high crawlspace, allowing the wooden foundations to be aired, preventing dampness from rotting the wood.



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