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Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to Get to Baluarte in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

Going to Baluarte from Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
This place is great for kids and animal lovers like me. Free entrance (open to public) and with souvenir shops inside and outside the compound. From Manila take a bus going to Vigan City or Laoag City will cost you Php 750 per passenger. Travel time is 8-9 hours depending on traffic situation. From the public market of Vigan rent a tricycle going to Baluarte takes you around 10-15 minutes. Fare is Php 25 pesos per way. Operating Hours from 7:00am until 6:00pm only  - 7 days a week. Park Policy: Entrance is FREE & Rides is FREE as well. Trying to be respectful to me its like it is publicly accessible to a private zoo if that makes sense to other tourist & locals. It was so generous of the governor to share what he has with the visitors and locals. I also admired the owner's (Chavit Singson) house situated on top of the hill were golden building is stands tall and it served as a great photo opp as well. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Awesome Experience of Baluarte in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

This was the last part of my travel journey here in Ilocos Sur. It was a memorable experience to visit Baluarte for the first time which is privately owned by Chavit Singson with its special animals and free public viewing to all tourist and locals. The nature has been preserved in the area. Don't get me wrong, the area is very wide and amazingly unique from the other zoo & conservation area. You could see a few uncommon animals in the zoo but it was really the tigers, pony and ostrich were animals roam freely. Good place for kids and adventurer like me. I also like those gigantic dinosaurs sculpture at the center of the park.
However, taking pictures with the tiger will cost you Php 100 only good for 4 persons. Check their official website as well to learn more about Baluarte of Ilocos Sur. Overall, A family friendly place with lots of interesting animals to check out which makes the place a little bit smelly.

A Beautiful Facade of St Paul Metropolitan Cathedral or Vigan Cathedral Church

Also known as "The Great White Church of Vigan" really amazed me even when I saw it for the second time around. It is a beautiful church in a beautiful town of Vigan in Ilocos Sur, Philippines and was great wonderful for its age. I always wanted to know much more of the place I've been to like churches in the Philippines. I love the beautiful facades of the Cathedral and Bell Tower at the side are perfect spots for picture-taking. There are also some old effigies of saints and Mother Mary with a nice gold painted at the ceiling of the church. The church matches the lovely colorful flooring and with nice location near food stalls, restaurants and other tourist attraction of the city.
The history of the church has been written at the entrance on a large plaque. A taste of Spanish colonial era, for those who want a little bit adventurous you can try the local Ilocano delicacy called "Sinanglaw.

Touring Around the Heritage City of Vigan in Ilocos Norte

Vigan City is so special for me and considered as one of UNESCO Patrimonio Mundial World Heritage Site. This seal is located infront of Burgos National Musuem & facing at their Municipal Hall which is really quite amazing learning experience at the end of my tour. It was declared as one of the heritage town in 1999. You can also experience touring around the city on a "Kalesa" ranging Php 500 and above depending on the location you want to go & explore. More importantly, the old architecture design during colonial era of Vigan relates the story of Filipino. Be satisfied your eyes on how people of Vigan City maintained this world famous world heritage site. Did you know that during 8th day of September, local government celebrate "World Heritage Cities Solidarity Day" and keeping the wonders & history alive is apparently more fun in Ilocos Region where defines types of natural, cultural & modern architecture.  

Sightings in Vigan | Father Jose Burgos House - A National Museum

One of the historical old landmark in the heritage city of Vigan. Its consist of collections and memorabilia of Father Burgos like jewelry, clothing, photography of their family and antiques located near the Ilocos Sur Provincial Capitol. This was the ancestral house of Father Jose Burgos converted to a museum.  During my trip, Unfortunately I wasn't able to go inside because the museum was closed to visitors and this landmark is walking distance from town plaza & church. So, I just taking up photos at the opened window of the museum and proceed to Vigan Cathedral Church. Did you know that Padre Burgos House was built in 1788 and it will just cost you Php 20 pesos entrance fee to see real artifacts showing old Ilocano's way of living.

Another Attraction in Vigan City | Ilocos Sur Provincial Capitol

It's stands at the center of Plaza Salcedo facing Vigan Cathedral Church located at Quezon Avenue, Burgos, Vigan City with nearby tourist attractions like Vigan Musuem, Dancing Fountain, City Hall & Old Houses of Vigan. The whole building is painted with yellow-white color  and perfect for the architecture style of the city. I also noticed the big kamagong tress which known as one of the hardwoods trees in the country located at the side portion of the capitol building. Since its not my very first time here which I already knew where to go.

Surprisingly Vigan Dancing Fountain of Ilocos Sur

Located in front of Vigan Cathedral Church & at the center of Plaza Salcedo this additional attraction here is a must see attraction. It has a blue clear water during the morning and a light show presentation during the night. It starts every 7:30pm in the evening and last for 30 minutes and it is for free to all tourist while during weekend it doubles its presentation. Your kids will surely love it and fountains are synchronized with it. The area is huge, lots of fountain spouts, the area is clean and colorful lights at night. Anyway, surprisingly world class facilities, well maintained and an absolute favorite for those wishing to visit Vigan City and its probably great display but does feels out of place among the century old cultural townscape.

UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vigan City in Ilocos Sur

Also known as to be the "Heritage City of the North" were back to the old ages of Spanish Era. The place was neat and really amazing architecture houses design and great feeling standing on the cobble stones of the street.  I felt that sudden excitement on my 3rd day of Solo Backpacking Trip Up North because this is the place that I am really looking forward to when traveling old heritage landmark. I wish all cities in Metro Manila can have this feel and vibe and it is worth the shot for any camera click addict like me. This was my favorite UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Philippines and truly love this place because it shows how laidback those days I traveled the city of Vigan. I hope that they don't limit putting up more arts, antique pieces and book shop as well.
Did you know that Vigan City in Ilocos Sur as one of the finalist for New 7 Wonders Cities of the World. To Vote Vigan for the #New7WondersCities Here's the link: or you may vote via SMS: Text VIGAN to 29290777. Please vote guys. Thanks

Where to Buy Pasalubong in Vigan City

The experience was like travelling back in time and I really want to collect antique memorabilia and pasalubong to my family. The streets in callle crisologo is a one stop pasalubong bargain with a reasonable price. This is where all the classic Ilocano favorites can be found in one place  like longganisa, bagnet, chichacorn, bawang Ilocano, vinegar, empanada, bagnet and many more. Look for Quiel's meat shop with the authentic Vigan Longganica & Bagnet and Sag-Sagat Furniture for your additional antique items in affordable price range. I also recommend "Collado Souvenir Shop" for their wide variety of shirts, keychains, ref magnet, malong, wood pieces, home decors, bags and other choice in a reasonable price and the best thing about this is that everything is made from local materials where the bargain hunt makes it more worth it. Every time I traveled to other places in the country I make sure I bought pasalubong to my family which can promote or help locals to their business.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Calle Crisologo at The Heritage City of Vigan

Bring back the hands of time that is Calle Crisologo looks like with its unique heritage houses & old fascinating walkway. When you're standing at the center of the street its just as though suddenly travelled back into a different era and remarkable that the people & government of Ilocos  have preserved this place. They won't allow tricycles or other transportation to pass this street but only calesa can be found along the street. I was really amazed to see with my own eyes the very old Spanish colonial design architecture of those long ago houses in Vigan which is one of the most popular tourist attraction. There are a lots of antique pieces surrounding the main street that are sold in the area and nostalgic feeling is never lost.
Travel Tips: walk early morning when the crowd is still small or late night in the evening to experience romantic feeling of the lights and its old fashioned ambiance would be maintained for the years.

Vigan Food Trip: Good Food on A Budget

If you're looking for budget - friendly and affordable foods in Vigan, go to plaza burgos where the stall vendors put on a show of making-delicious and authentic recipe of Vigan Empanada and check out their public market to buy some pasalubong like Bagnet & most tasting Vigan Longganisa just get there early to try out fresh variety & sizes. A must try food in Ilocos Sur which is affordable for a budget traveler like me. Its really best to try places where locals frequently buying foods. On my third day of my trip in Ilocos Region, it was fun, adventure and really enjoyed Vigan food. Their food made Vigan more special, more tasty and you'll surely want to take home before leaving this province. Ilocanos has their best cuisine and authentic food in the country and definitely satisfy your gastronomic cravings which is a lot of local and foreign tourist do a bit of restaurant-hopping after a day of touring "The Heritage City of Vigan".   

The Historic St Augustine Cathedral Church in Vigan City

After visiting the bell tower, you can also see the church of St Augustine Cathedral and light some candies for your payer before heading to you next tourist destination. The locals say its one of the miraculous churches in the province and love this red brick of the church façade. There are five bells on the tower for everyday mass, christening, procession, funeral and wedding. The main cathedral has three alters, gorgeous stained glass windows and wood bench seating. Also with a high ceiling , nice architecture design and picturesque sight in the province.

Fascinating Bantay Bell Tower in Ilocos Sur Province

It's very interesting & historical spot in the province of Ilocos Sur  The bell tower watch originally built as a look out tower located at Bantay, Vigan City,Ilocos Sur and there are no fees in the area, just only donation at their tourist assistance desk. It's good uphill walk but it sure is nice seeing the view from up there. It has a great view when you get to the top portion of the tower and this tower serves as a "Bantay" or Guard during the Spanish era and alerts the guards of attack from enemies.  From Vigan it takes about 10-15 minutes ride via jeepney transportation, actually Bantay is another town district of Vigan. It is nice to see and know a little bit history and It  adds up knowledge to my work as a travel blogger. For those who like historic sites and place visit the place first before heading to other part of Vigan & Ilocos Sur. Next to the bell tower is at St Augustine Cathedral Church. It is yet another historic landmark and religious place of interest.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vigan Heritage Houses,Vigan Cathedral and Bell Tower in Ilocos Sur

 This magnificent three century old bell tower is situated only a few minutes from Vigan. The place we visited was the Vigan Cathedral Church & The world famous Vigan Heritage Houses as one of Unesco World Heritage Site in the Philippines. I tried to eat " empanada" infront of Vigan Cathedral along the way to Calle Crisologo.



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