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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pahiyas Festival 2014 Schedule in Lucban Quezon

Yes, Pahiyas Festival 2014 is dated on May 15, 2014 ( Thursday ) celebrates the feast of San Isidro Labrador.  One of the biggest, happiest, loudest and colorful festival in the country. For this year's event one of the highlight are:

* Parade - featuring the Adgiants or higantes, marching and lyre bands, street dancers , floats , sunduan ( ladies in unique costumes made of indigenous materials).
* Float Design and Construction - a mobile Pahiyas decorative (both public & private companies)
* AdGiants (also known as Higantes) - giants mascots that run, walk, dance, bow and roam around the town center to excitement of both the young and old.
* Cultural Shows - featuring rondalla music ensemble, cultural daancers, singers, fashion shows, beauty competition, film/video showing, art and photo exhibits.
* Live Demonstration - kiping making, coconut dehusking , longganisa-making and other unique activities native to Lucban. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Get to Lucban Quezon from Manila via Pagsanjan in Laguna

Going to Lucban Quezon from Manila via Pagsanjan in Laguna, about 1 hour and 55 minutes away from Metro Manila and approximately 160 kilometers. Take a bus at Alabang City Terminal of Buendia Bus Terminal. You will pass to South Luzon Expressway, Calamba, Los Banos, Victoria, Bay then Sta. Cruz in Laguna. Cost about P220 - P180 pesos per passenger then ask the driver to drop you off at Sta. Cruz Laguna highway where the jeepney bound to Lucban is located along this road. Travel period is about 30-45 minutes depending on stop over of the vehicle passing through Cavinti, Lusinana and Lucban poblacion proper. The Sta. Cruz route is much more nearer than the Lucena, Quezon way. Please check this other routes to Lucban from Manila via Antipolo: Manila - Pasig - Cainta, Rizal - Taytay - Antipolo (1 hour drive) then Antipolo - Teresa - Morong - Baras - Tanay - Pililia, Rizal - Mabitac, Laguna - Famy - Sinoloa (1 hour drive as well) passing through Sinoloan - Pakil - Paete - Kalayaan - Lumban - Pagsanjan - Cavinti - Luisiana (another 1 hour) after about 20-30 minutes from Luisiana, Laguna to Lucban Quezon. 

Where to Buy Best Lucban Longganisa in Lucban, Quezon?

Well, I always want to try special food pride of the province or town during my trip. Beside the Lucban Church, you'll find this specialty shop called " Eker & Ely Lukban Longganisa and Pasalubong" which is known to be the best longganisa and famous in the town of Lucban since 1958 and located at 114 A. Racelis Avenue, Lucban, Quezon, actually this is an old store along the road of Lucban. This is the one stop pasalubong store, bring some homemade food, snacks, delicacies and many more. The smaller size longganisa sells for P120 pesos per dozen while the larger longganisa sells about P140 per dozen. Eker & Ely Longganisa Contact Numbers: (042) 540-3304 and (0920) 237-9056. Happy Food Trip - Bisayang Manlalakbay.

My favorite Buddy's Pansit Lucban Restaurant in Quezon Province

Have you been to Buddys Pansit Lucban in Quezon Province? Another food trip in Lucban, Quezon at Buddy's Pansit Lucban Restaurant, serve good food and place to eat. I was craving for pansit lucban, so I decided to drop by at Lucban in Quezon and try my favorite food in town. Bestseller talaga nila ang pansit lucban with vinegar which I pay 200 good for 2 person. It's somewhat sweeter and less salty than pansit habhab with a thicker noodles and more vegetables as well, this restaurant became one of my favorite place to eat, unwind or relax whenever I go to Lucban. Overall, I am very satisfied with this restaurant. This town is one of the place I always coming back, not just because of the Pahiyas Festival during the month of May but off course the taste of their special delicacies. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pahiyas Festival 2013 Schedule in Lucban Quezon

Pahiyas 2013 Festival Schedules and Activities:  Fiesta Month!  Explore the province of Quezon and experience the grandest and colorful highlight of Pahiyas Festival 2013 or Festival of Harvest of Blessings, Miracles, Fun and Love which is held every 15th of May in honor to their patron saint of farmer " San Isidro Labrador" and expect a lots of events, activities, concerts and product display.

Pahiyas Festival 2013 - Events and Highlight: 

  • Morning Mass at San Isidro Labrador Church.
  • Cultural Shows - features art and photo exhbit.
  • Kiping and Lucban Longganisa - Live demonstration and other unique activities of native products.
  • Grand Parade- featuring the higantes, marching bands and lyre, street dance and kalabaw parade.
  • Float Parade- with colorful float design by local from different municipalities.
  • Awarding of Best Colorful House Design and Decors during the afternoon.
  • Best Lights Design during the evening.
  • Fireworks Display & Band Performance.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Amazing Noah's Ark in Quezon Province

For this trip to Quezon Province, it will be done at Noah's Ark in Quezon Province. Noah's Ark is really a building with an exterior made to resemble the ancient boat where Noah's family took refuge from the Great Flood along with pairs of animals. It is not a museum nor a gallery for art exhibits and most of all, there’s no carnival inside of it though it is surrounded by life sized animal statues that makes it a tourist spot. This Noah’s Ark is incredibly built for spiritual healing place where retreats can be held.

The Healing Church at Kamay Ni Hesus, Lucban Quezon

Healing church is one of the must-see destinations for pilgrims during Lenten Season or Holyweek . It also offers healing masses led by Fr. Joey Faller, located over view of Mt.Banahaw. Shown here are the interior and exterior of the church, so nice and well constructed. The paintings behind the altar are very amazing. It is the side entrance that is used by visitors and some people who have found blessings through Father Faller and the Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center.

You may contact them:
Address: Kamay Ni Hesus Healing Church, Brgy, Tinamnan, Lucban,Quezon
Email address:
Contact number: (042) 540-2206

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Get to Kamay ni Jesus in Lucban Quezon Province

How to get to "Kamay ni Hesus Shrine" by commute:
For typical commuters going to Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban Quezon, if you are from Manila, just take any Bus bound to Lucena at LRT Buendia Bus Terminal on Taft Avenue, Cubao Bus Terminal or Muntinlupa Alabang Bus Terminal. Until you reached Lucena Grand Central Terminal, transfer on a jeepney bound to Lucban and perch at the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine.

A Trip to Kamay Ni Jesus in Lucban Quezon Province

I was surprised about the size of the shrine. I had a chance to go up throungh the 293 steps and it was avery tiring day, if your going to Kamay ni Jesus you must bring umbrella, towel and water. "papawisan ka ng sobra" hehehe! The five-hectare religious complex located in Barangay Tinamnam, some two kilometers away from the town proper of Lucban Quezon, is one of the popular Holy Week destinations in the country. Actually, going there is so easy because its is only along the highway if you are going straight to Lucban, Quezon. The place is popular and you can ask any bystander or driver and they will guide you.

Rosary Hill or Luklukan Ni Maria in Quezon Province

This tourist attractions is one of my bucket list when I went ot Lucban Quezon. The grounds leading to the summit is called "Footprints at the Park". It is a reserve one-square meter spot for each donor as a record of their generosity for the improvement and development of the shrine.This place is for meditative prayer is Luklukan ni Maria which found at Kamay ni Jesus, Lucban Quezon with various life-size Marian images and Depictions of the 20 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

How to Get to Palaisdaan Restaurant in Tayabas Quezon Province

Going to Palaisdaan sa Tayabas in Quezon Province:

From Muntinlupa follow the national highway until Calamba.

Turn left to Los Baños,Proceed to the coastal towns of Bay, Victoria, Pila, Sta. Cruz until you reach the junction at Pagsanjan.Turn right going to Cavinti.Proceed to Luisiana the last town of Laguna.You will then reach Lucban, Quezon.Take the road going to Tayabas.After passing the big bridge (Puerto Princesa), the Palaisdaan restaurantis approximately 300 meters to your left before the uphill road.

Palaisdaan Restaurant in Tayabas Quezon

From Tayabas Church, I take jeepney ride bound to Lucban which cost me Php 10.00 and approximately 15 minutes ride.  Palaisdaan Restaurant is a well known food destination in Tayabas with cheap foods and relaxing ambience. It is ideal for travelers who loves great seafoods experience. Palaisdaan has catered to its locals and tourist alikes with its Pinoy-style grills and with unique nipa huts propped above a huge pond with fish.  For this visit I ordered their chopsuey (with shirmps, pork and Liver), ripe mango shakes and fried fish! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Get to Lucban Quezon from Alabang

Going to Lucban Quezon from Alabang Muntinlupa 

From Alabang to Lucena Quezon to Lucban Quezon route:
Take bus ride at Alabang Muntinlupa Bus Terminal. From there you can ride N. Dela Rosa Bus Liner with cost you Php180.00 for aircon bus bound to Grand Central Terminal Lucena. Then take a jeep ride to Lucban Quezon which cost Php 30.00 per person.

From Alabang to Sta. Cruz Laguna to Lucban Quezon route:
From Stamall Bus Terminal ride at HM Liner bus to Sta. Cruz, Laguna, and ask the conductor to drop you off at the Town Plaza in Sta. Cruz. From the Sta. Cruz Town Plaza, ride a jeep to Lucban which cost Php 40.00 to 60.00

Old Lucban Church in Quezon Province

I was amazed with the architectural design inside. This was my solo backpacking trip to Lucban Quezon last May 15, 2012. Lucban Church is dedicated to their patron saint commonly name as San Isidro Labrador and a truly a great example of old classical architecture in the Philippines.The first one was built in 1595 and was destroyed in 1629, and a second church was constructed between 1630 and 1640 but was seriously damaged by fire in 1738. What I heard is that the people in Lucban don’t like the exterior part to be repaired or repainted to maintain the church. On the right side of the church is the site of the La Casa de Doña Ana, a big "bahay na bato".

Pahiyas Festival 2012 in Lucban Quezon's Grand Parade

It's look cool, fresh and being called the Summer Capital of Quezon Province. The town's natural scenic spots and colorful float and add to the charm that both foreign and local tourists to visit the place. The San Isidro Pahiyas Festival held every May 15 has become one of the country's tourist attractions and the Department of Tourism to list down Lucban as a tourist town and a cultural heritage site. They have also colorful " Higates", horse and carabao parade with decorative float, festival floats from different barangays and some sponsors. The fiesta color of summer come alive again as Lucban celebrates the SAN ISIDRO PAHIYAS FESTIVAL 2012 which referred by many people who witness as a fiesta to end all fiestas.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pahiyas Festival 2012 Photos: San Isidro Labrador

May is the month of fiesta!This was my first time to witness Pahiyas Festival 2012 in Lucban, Quezon Province last May 15, 2012 and these was part of my solo backpacking trip in the province. The festival of Lucban is the most colorful fiesta in the Philippines. Pahiyas Festival is also known to be the “Festival of Harvest and Blessings”. The festival’s make comes from the Filipino terms hiyas (jewel) and pahiyas (precious offering). Each household in Lucban are decorating the wall with "Kiping" and agricultural harvest is what "PAYAS" or "PAHIYAS" literally means. No wonder we have lots of festivals that we celebrate from different part of our country.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pahiyas Festival 2012 Schedule in Lucban Quezon

Pahiyas this coming May 15, 2012 and we will bring you to one of the most colorful festivals in the Philippines. And even the Pahiyas falls on a Tuesday, expect lots of events, activities and concerts.

 1.  PARADE - featuring the ADgiants or higantes, marching and lyre bands, street dancers, floats, Sunduan (lovely ladies and their escorts in Filipiniana costumes) and Parikitan (ladies in unique costumes made of indigenous materials).

2.  FLOAT DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION - a mobile Pahiyas decorative

3.  ADGIANTS (HIGANTES) - giants mascots that run, walk, dance, bow and roam around town to the excitement of both the young and old.

4.  CULTURAL SHOWS featuring rondalla music ensemble, cultural dancers, singers, fashion shows, film/video showing, art and photo exhibits

5.  LIVE DEMONSTRATION of kiping-making, coconut dehusking, longganisa-making and other unique activities native to Lucban



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