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Friday, June 13, 2014

How to Get to Dumaguete Airport via Public Transportation

Going to Dumaguete Airport and also known as Sibulan Airport:

Here's the quick information & travel tips going to the airport on a budget. You may take jeepney from Dumaguete Public Market near the church and look for the jeepney bound to Sibulan. Travel time is about 10-15 minutes away from the city. Fare is Php  10 per passenger. Every week, at least 56 domestic flight to Dumaguete & Manila via Cebu Pacific & Philippine Airlines. Or you can take a taxi or van with the high fare so if you want to experience traveling with the locals take jeepney ride and communicate with them. You can also charter tricyle going to the main proper cost you about Php 100-150 pesos per way. It's definitely, Negros Oriental were the fun starts here "Naturally". Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay Around the Philippines.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Favorite Tourist Destination | Til We Meet Again - Siquijor Island

Nothing compares with the beauty of the Island and I'm surely want to revisit the place soon. I just opted last trip bound to Dumaguete City via fast craft vessel around 5:00pm. The island of Siquijor offers many things & unexpected adrenaline during my solo backpacking trip to the island. " Is the island of Siquijor a creepy place? " My answer is no because the tales & mysteries about the Mystical & Island of Fire" got my favorite place to live & has it's unique beauty. But then again, I thought the scary place would make my first visit in the Province would make for a more relaxing & adventurous trip. Surely, I would recommend this place to my friends who wish to visit Siquijor.

Thank you very much Siquijor for a short stay & teaching me how to become more independent. A wonderful experience and I look forward for the next adventure in my life to complete the 81 provinces in the Philippines.

Where To Buy Pasalubong In Siquijor | Mar & Peck Souvenirs

One of the highlight of my travel in the place I've visited is to collect "I love shirt". After the trike tour around the island, my guide ask him where to buy pasalubong or souvenir? So he told me one in the public market & near at their municipal hall. I highly recommend Mar & Peck Souvenirs with good variety of bracelets,woodcrafts,  keychains, delicacies, shirts, antique memorabilia & many more items to choose from. Prices is reasonable. I got my "I Love Siquijor" shirt for Php 160 per item. The vendors are very nice, friendly & accommodating.

Siquijor Church | Saint Francis The Assisi Parish Church

I' am "Agree" about this island could be one of my favorite tourist spot located at Santa Fee Street, Siquijor, Siquijor.  This landmark is still be the first and last tourist spot you see when you arrive and leave Siquijor since it's just in front of the port ( Larena Seaport Terminal). It also built in 1500's which built up with stone corals and I like the church because of the caption signage of " Welcome to Siquijor" a perfect view because the background is the church and good spot where you can have a picture taking and post it to your facebook or instagram status. There's also a mini fountain area with a woman statue carrying a vase. Inside the church, it was a typical structure and a small side chapel. For additional travel tips: Habal-Habal (single motorcycle) or Trike tours can be arranged with the locals ranging 500-800 pesos and explore the beauty of Siquijor and for updates please click and like my Facebook fan page:

The Oldest Bell Town in the Province of Siquijor

This bell tower is near from Larena Pier (Siquijor Pier) and beside at church of Saint Francis the Assisi and has made up of coral sea stone & corals. Did you know that this bell tower was built in 1891 and it was believed by some locals that it's serve as a watch tower to warn residents of approaching danger & big tides. Along the road from bell tower you will saw the Municipal Hall of the Siquijor leading to their public market & establishment. The habal-habal driver told me that the blocks of cement & stone corals was bound using egg white and considered as a historical symbol in the Province. There has been some slight improvements like the roof but I don't think it looks nice. Also, I think it should be cleaned more without damaging its antiquity. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Coco Grove White Beach Resort & Swimming Pool in Siquijor

I loved Siquijor Island & the most amazing features of the resort is its beach, the garden & the swimming pool area with the overlooking view of the sea. The whole area is huge and the pool are nice and the villa is very pleasant and roomy as well. For me food is a little bit pricey for a solo budget traveler but the taste is above average. The best thing about this resort though is their staff because they are so very friendly, attentive and accommodating. Their resort's garden and coconut trees adorn the compound and has a wide stretch of beach front with good marine life just few meters from the shore. During my trip, the rains pour down which started in the morning but I want to enjoy every single minute in the resort. I like the nipa hut & their reclining bench if you just want to hang out on the beach to read your favorite books  or tablet games and listen to good music in your ipad & mp3 player. The pool area of Coco Grove Beach Resort have the swim up bar was a good place for me.

A Luxury White Beach Sand in Siquijor | Coco Grove Resort

One of the best & well-known pristine white sand in the Island of Siquijor. From my last tourist destination in the Island, I'll make sure to visit this luxury beach resort before heading to Dumaguete City that day and I was amazed about the interior, ceiling and architectural design of their veranda & cottages as well.The view from the beach front is so tempting & very nice place to unwind. I am truly impressed with the lay out of the resort that allowed privacy for all the guests. The staff seemed very nice, friendly, accommodating and the resort & their resort garden are lovely & unique. 

I would definitely recommend it to my friends, office mates &  family as well, had I knew how beautiful the place is and one of those upscale resort in the island. Also, they offers diving & island hopping tour to nearby islands and attractions in Siquijor.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oldest House in Siquijor Island | Cang Isok House of Enrique Villanueva

This old house is located at Barangay Libo in the Town of Enrique Villanueva. When you're coming from Salagdoong Beach Resort, estimated time is around 20-30 minutes away. I was surprise on how this house survive over the years along the coastline of Siquijor Island and built in the 1800's. Nipa hut is little bit destructing due to several typhoon in the past years. I'd also love a wooden house made of Molave which is abundant in the province. This old house must have been one simple and beautiful bahay kubo by the sea. Nowadays Cang-Isok House survives and remains its true beauty & structure standing today. There was no caretaker & owner in the house so I decided to take closer. It's a refreshing feeling that day and I promise to go back there soon.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Unspoiled Beach of Salagdoong Resort in Siquijor

Also, they have swimming pool area but that time this facilities is not functional during my trip. Just like the water in Larena Port, it is clear and clean which is separated by a huge limestone rock where slides and diving platform were installed. They are also making so many improvements with their facilities that it makes it look so commercial already. No worry for the foods and cottages at the beach as you can have it very cheap right in your budget. Some family enjoying the whole day but I need to go back to the port to catch the last trip ferry going back to Dumaguete City. The place is really a bit unspoiled but the beauty of the place is so amazing & I will suggest it to my friends. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay Around the Philippines.

A Scenic View of Salagdoong White Beach Resort in Siquijor

This place is very awesome and I like the clear blue water perfect for a real getaway which owned by the government as per my guide driver but the beach is really inviting. So I immediately grabbed my things and take a quick swim & dive on the water. Also, saw the limestone mountain, white sand cove and coral littered in the beach area. The facilities like restaurant, cottages, comfort room and swimming pool but not functional that time but I think a lot of people would love & enjoy the place every single moment of your stay. There's no entrance fee during my visit and one of the non-touristy beaches in the Philippines, though this is a public beach. It's not crowded and doesn't have a party atmosphere, you can enjoy & relax all the way. From the other side of the mountain cliff is a platform constructed where you can dive or slide on the side.

Overall, a very nice place to unwind and relax from all the bustle of city life or from the busy work environment.  You can also stay for a night there because they provide rooms and tent for you ranging 800 to 1500 depending on number of person per room.

Passing Through Salagdoong Forest in Maria, Siquijor Province

I love the scenery going to the white beach resort of Salagdoong in Maria, Siquijor. I'm riding habal-habal or single motorcycle during the trip and luckily the weather is fine & sunny. The area is consist of different trees like ipil-ipil, coconut, molave & many more which forming like a tunnel shed.  It is a rough road track going to the main beach area. A man made forest is a part of the local government in Siquijor reforestation program which conserving the nature location of the area. Did you know that the name Salagdoong was taken from a bird's nest which is abundant in the town of Maria. I experienced one of the kind adventure!

The Famous Statue of Santa Rita De Casia or Black Magic Mary

I saw this place from my co-blogger and I immediately push through my visit to Siquijor from my Dumaguete Trip. As per my habal - habal driver the statue thought to be a ghost by some tourists because her eyes is so creepy and holds a small human skull and a crucifix. It's enclosed in a glass situated at the right side of the altar. Before it was hidden from the public view because of some attempt to steal the antique statue. After visiting the place we proceed to Salagdoong Beach Resort and continue my solo day-trip to the Island of Fire - Siquijor Province.

Visiting The Santa Maria Church in Siquijor

It is also known as the Church of the Divine Providence in the town of Maria. Around 20-30 minutes travel from Lazi town and seeing the most controversial statue of named as " Black Magic Maria" located in Poblacion, Maria, Siquijor Province. Its entrance looks to be made of old limestone & sea corals which is still looks sturdy however was stained with black due to its old century church was built in 1880. The church is simple yet interesting to explore and made me one of the best church in the country.  There's also a stations of the cross paintings on the wall. What is interesting about my first visit inside the church is the famous Sta Rita De Cascia of Siquijor or Black Magic Maria which holds a small skull of human and a crucifix. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to Get to Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor

Going to Cambugahay Falls Siquijor:

From Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental take a ferry boat & fast craft. Travel time is 1 hour. Upon arriving to Larena Port in Siquijor you can hire habal-habal or tricyle going to the town of Lazi. From Lazi Town you can divert to a new scenic road that traverses Siquijor through the area. It's about 10-15 minutes travel and it's worth visiting. Passing the main roadside parking area where some locals selling drinks and foods. You need to pay for the entrance fee of Php 30.00 per person. You'll reach the sign board at the side of the road. When you get there, you have to pass 136 steps going down to the main falls and worth the many steps down to get there and some area has muddy surface without stones so be careful going down.

Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor | My Favorite Spot & Attraction

After visiting the impressive Church of Lazi & Old Convent. We proceed to Cambugahay Falls which is one of my favorite spot in the province. From the parking area, I pay for the entrance fee of Php 30.00 per head at the roadside some locals selling cold drinks & foods. There are 135 steps without a guardrail  down to this fast flowing of water in the main area. It is nice to swim and great spot for photography. Also, there are small pools of water where one can set and have a spa type affect as the water rushes pass you. It's so enchanting and just marvel the beauty of the falls which has 3 levels and really fantastic sight. The surroundings are very green and water is plunging down in few stages of the falls. 

The only thing that they should install is a safe handle going down & up for senior citizens. Dont miss it when traveling the province of Siquijor because it is really beautiful and you will forget your stress.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

St Isidore Church or Lazi Church in Siquijor

This church is a tentative list for the UNESCO World Heritage Site and worth visiting if you're looking for the old churches in our country. There are tall acacia trees shade the street in front of the church. It was cool inside although the temperature outside was pleasant and I saw that has wooden flooring using hardwood and make sure you do the island tour visiting old heritage site or local sighting including their fascinating church on the list of places you visit. I also like the pinkish facade of the church. I took the whole photos image inside where I'm in the second floor of the church. Also the church was built in 1857 and considered as a historical symbols. The walls were originally made of sea corals and put together by egg white shells and this church is very interesting place when visiting the island of Siquijor. 

Siquijor Province | Old Lazi Convent

This is the oldest convent in the country which is turned into a museum and school. You'll pass by this structure on your way to the Cambugahay Falls and infront of St Isidore Church which one of the tourist attractions in the town of Lazi. The structure was maintained and stand still after how many years had passed. I feels like I'm going back to history and the interior which are made of wood is great for photos. I just took some photos before heading to Cambugahay Falls. As per habal-habal driver, this place is said to be the largest convent in the Asian Region and the construction of this building was completed in 1891. If that's not really you thing or you're not interested to explore the whole area, you might go right across another old church of Lazi and that is also worth a visit.

Siquijor | Century Old Balete Tree & Fish Spa

This is the 400-year old balete tree at the town of Lazi. I was amazed with the huge tree's roots at least to just how ancient the tree is and at the foot of the tree is a pool filled with small fish which ideal for fish spa in a while. Some local says that you can go swimming if one want but you don't be noisy in the area and just be careful as the pool steps can be a slippery. Nevertheless the trees still looked creepy to me. To the local resident in the area, it was a good area to do their laundry just keep an eye out for the fish swimming in the pool. 

Also this place is a gem in the Island of Siquijor, you can relax and enjoy every minute of the time. There is no fee but only a donation box which I think is fair enough and they have to maintain this nature creation it in some way or another. 

A Rainy Day at Capilay Cold Spring | San Juan, Siquijor

It was rainy morning when we arrived at the town plaza of San Juan. I immediately take photo before the rain pour down. The spring is consists pf pools with three chambers, the first chamber is the cold spring area where some locals get water to drink , the second chamber is ideal for swimming of locals and the third chamber is the laundry area or the river which found by the road. There is a lot of cottages, sheds and tall trees around the place with a nice green blue water. I also saw some rock formations on the side, plants, flowers and vegetables. Travel Siquijor and all your worries will be swept away.

Refreshing Capilay's Spring Park in San Juan, Siquijor

From the port of Larena, I immediately took a habal-habal going to the south part of Siquijor. Imagine that this place is in front of their municipal hall and at the center of the public plaza. I enjoy fish feeding & relaxing cold water spring from the mountain. Well, it is nice to see a body of nature at the center of town plaza and at least there's no more need to trek or walk long minutes for this and the lake is simply amazing. The place is clean, well-maintained and also it's free - no entrance to be collected and everyone is welcome to plunge into the water. The area have provided with picnic table with chair and enjoy the nature spring. 



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