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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How to Get to San Juan La Union - A Surfer's Paradise of Northern Luzon

Going to San Juan in La Union:

This town is the perfect spots in surfing because of the big waves and especially at the Barangay Urbiztondo area where you can find cheap accommodation and ideal for surfer. From Manila you can take a bus at Partas Transportation Company located both Pasay & Cubao which take you about 6 hours by land and they offers 24/7 operation with hourly trips to Laoag, Vigan & Abra passing through the road of Mc Arthur Highway,  La Union. The fare costs about Php 380 pesos for aircon bus. Options: Try other bus lines company over Metro Manila with different fares and discounts. From the public market of San Fernando La Union take a jeepney bound to San Juan and cost you about Php 12. 00. You can choose your budget accommodation and I prefer to try the San Juan Surf Resort which is offers great facilities and amenities. Happy Travel Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

San Juan: Surfing La Union 2013

Yes, La Union is the surfer's paradise, great waves and my 2nd time to do surfing without instructor. This is the famous surfing capital of the north,some resorts here are suited for budget travelers raging Php 300 to 1, 000 per night  and it is easily accessible by bus and your own car. It is no surprise that I really love on the beach and water. The ocean is healing when I'm stressed and bored or keep me grounded. Riding waves of San Juan, La Union is more challenging and I still don't know how to spot a wave but it was a good experience and fun-activity that I should paddle and after several try, I made it to stand on the board. The excitement continue after the 1 hour of surf, turf and swim. hahaha! I will definitely go back here!

Take Note: You can come here during the best season and enjoy perfect waves between July until February or a week after a strong typhoon. Surfing may seem like a nice, fun, safe sport and fulfilling activity. Looking forward to my next surfing experience next year, maybe in Bagabas in Camarines Norte, Zambales, Puraran in Catanduanes or Siargao in Surigao Del Norte! *cross fingers*

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nano Surf Board Rentals and Surf Lesson in San Juan, La Union

Where to rent a surf board and surf lesson in Barangay Urbiztondo, San Juan in La Union? 

When you arrive in San Juan, La Union which located about 15 minutes away from La Union's capital city of San Fernando would boasts a perfect spot for you both beginners and experienced surfers because I know a lot of people want to try surf & mostly they rent boards or some of the resorts offering surf lessons. If you want to try surfing in La Union, I probably recommend to you "Nano Surf Board Rentals" because of their fully trained personnel and instructor which I personally experienced during my trip there. They will charged you Php 200 pesos per person including rash guard in different colors/sizes, surf board (small & big) and a one hour surfing lesson. During my visit I can't catch up big waves & the water is calm because as per Kuya Nano (the owner) say you'll find strongest or highest waves anytime from July to December. This surf board rentals is located along the beach front of San Juan and one of the best traits of some local surfers are very friendly, accommodating and usually yell out a helpful tips for a beginner surfer. There's also mechanics and surfing technique provided by La Union Surf Club, Inc posted in different spot of the beach area. Happy Surf Everyone! Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My 2nd Surfing Experience in La Union

San Juan in La Union is the best paradise of surfer which is known to be the Surfing Capital of Northern Philippines, from my past experience in Baler, Aurora I always wanted to try different surf spots in the country.In Barangay Urbiztondo, San Juan La Union is one of the famous surfing area who loves riding the waves and anyone who just wants to have fun and experience extreme sports adventure. Yes, this is my 2nd times to handle strong waves and standing on my surf board. It was the first time to try on my own and there's no instructor by the way. I was a bit hesitant at first because I don't know how to swim.  The surf rental will takes about 1 hour duration including rash guard and surf board as well. The sand is gray and bottom of the sea is not filled with rocks, so it's safe to fall off the board if you're still learning. It was so cool and try more times for my next visit.

Although I did have stunning photos and standing shot, I had more happier than Baler surfing experience. The waves here are perfect for both pro-surfer and newbies. This area of the surfing island has a strip of many beach resorts to choose from. I decided to linger on for some more minutes to enjoy the cool breeze and after-sunset scenery. 

How to Get to Thunderbird Resort Poro Point in La Union

Going to Thunderbird Resort Poro Point in San Fernando City, La Union for a typical commuter:

This resort was so amazing and has a touch of Greece-Santorini inspired design which is located inside the Poro Point Freeport Zone. From Manila it takes 6-7 hours drive and around 277 kilometers north of Luzon, you can catch early trip at Partas Bus Terminal in Pasay (Tramo Street) or Quezon City (Cubao) from 10pm onwards bound to Laoag, Vigan and Abra. Fare is about Php 400 pesos per person.  Ask the driver to let you down at La Union City Hall or public plaza. From there you mat take jeepney bound to Poro Point Resort. Jeepney Terminal is located beside Bobby's Barber Shop near the public market. Fare is Php 8.00 each. Note: Hotel gate is on the left side and take a short walk going to the main hotel area. Here's the resort contact number: 632-6356699 or 9104206. Email Address: Website: Happy Trip Everyone - from Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point White Beach in La Union

I'm a fan of white beach sand, it was an awesome experience during my day tour at Thunderbird-Poro Point, Pennsylvania Avenue, San Fernando City in La Union. The long stretch of white sand beach was simply amazing and the rock formation is about a block away from the hotel above so you'd have to walk to the main beach area. They did not have much water sports activities but it was alright for me because I wanted more chill, relax and peaceful place. 

Take note: There's also no lifeguard in the beach, so please take care of your things and there are condominium construction all around the resort was quite eyesore. If you are looking for an average resort during the weekend experience then this is the place to go. Yes, the sunset views is spectacular especially if you are into photography like me and nice view of bay walk area going to the beach front. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Luxury Swimming Pool of Thunderbird Resort Poro Point in La Union

Our next stop is the luxury swimming pool area facing the South China Sea with a great blue sky background and very picturesque site as well. This pool side of the resort is reasonably big but with little fantasy in the design and from far to shallow to be enjoyed by swimmers, although it was funny that it was all the same depth all around. I think this place is more suitable for couples who just want to get away from everything else because of the romantic ambiance.There are a lot of trees around the pool area, greece-inspired pieces is also present on their architecture and you have to walk under the sun.

Overall, I had very good memories of Thunderbird Poro Point. The place was so lovely, quiet and relaxing which will take you to another place. It's kind of far from Manila but if you are on your way to other places like Ilocos or Baguio well this is a great stop-over. The scenery makes you feel it was worth the long drive. 

About thier Amenities & Accomodation at Thunderbird Resort-Poro Point in La Union

Thunderbird Resort -Poro Point is simply wonderful, great place to relax and a stress-free weekend getaway spot up north. From accommodation to food was satisfying, a long stretch of white sand, fascinating swimming pool, a unique interior design of their restaurant, a comfortable and elegant room you wouldn't ask for more. I was able to tour around the amenities and facilities of the hotel and Miss Angie take care of me during my first visit at the place. The rooms are more spacious, with 30 inch colored television, free snacks, drinks, coffee at the side table and fully air-condition.

The hotel still has that very special feel that I felt the very first time and the staff has been absolutely spot on and very accommodating. The overlooking sea from their window adds to the beauty of the room. I consider this place as one of the romantic place I've ever been. Hope to come back soon! I don't have idea about the pricing because it's a day tour activity. Thanks to the management of Thunderbird Resort-Poro Point for the wonderful experience. Thumbs Up - from Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Love Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point in San Fernando City, La Union

I was excited to arrive at the resort being that I heard good reviews about the place and it is one of a kind in the Philippines because of its world class theme and amenities. It's really amazing and elegant resort which is inspired by Santorini of course with the combination of beauty of the place and it is breathtaking indeed. Yes the resort is clean, Yes the rooms are nice and Yes staff and very friendly & accommodating as well.

Despite the 6-7 hours bus ride one way going to this resort and I can say that I have been to the resort with the most breath taking view ever. What I love the most aside from the view and amenities is the great service that the men and women of the five star hotel gave me. Thunderbird I shall return. Check out my other post about the amenities like swimming pool area, white beach and accommodation.  Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Thunderbird Resort Poro Point - A Santorini Greece-Inspired Hotel in La Union

I've heard so many times about Thunderbird Poro Point in La Union from friends, facebook and instgram photos of some celebrities and how amazing is it.  Yes, this is definitely a santorini greece-inspired hotel and elegance-expensive resort at the heart of San Fernando City, La Union with a great view of the South China Sea and blue-white color structure which is located along the Poro Point Freeport Zone. I'm alone that day and supposed to surf first before getting here so I changed my mind and took a tricycle at the main proper of San Fernando then bound to Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point.  I like the ambiance of the hotel, a very nice landscape outside the main lobby, it's good for family getaways. and was designed to look like a Mediterranean resort , hence white colored walls and big blue-dome. I know they are trying to imitate it like in Greece . I also remember about the island of Bellaroca Resort in Marinduque with the same theme as well. 

They have a golf course and also a casino which is outside the resort premises but don't worry because they do have shuttle service from the hotel to casino building. Indeed, It was a real breath taking experience to be in this paradise and it is one resort which will be at par with international getaways. And of course, I couldn't stop taking pictures  because it's the perfect place for photographer and photo addict like me( hahaha). I definitely going back again sometime maybe next year.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sunset Beach Resort along the La Union Airport Road

This resort is one of the nearest resort along airport road in San Fernando, La Union. They have a good amenities and service. The hotel restaurant has a good architecture design with a stunning ocean view, the food is delicious and the pool was small but decent enough for swimming. About the service, it was generally good and fast but the other amenities are simply too aged and I think they need some improvement. It's better to come up with other amenities because the location is really nice since it is beach front with the long stretch of powdery-white sand.

Other than the hotel's friendly staff and nice pool area, there is nothing that would make me stay there because of their expensive rate than other resort within the city proper of San Fernando, La Union. There may be other more decent resorts in the area. The resort itself was too small for me.

Relaxing Sea Park White Beach Resort in La Union

Sea Park Beach Resort in San Fernando, La Union is one of the resort made my stay a really relaxing one and they have available nipa huts to stay is actually okay for a budget traveler like me. My first impression is that they have a powdery-white sand, cottages along the beach front and gazebo looks decent enough and restaurant was clean with polite staff. The resort doesn't get that busy although the picnic tables do get a lot of visitors both local and foreigners. Its a lovely deep sandy beach front and the blue sea water is clear. Just enjoy the sunset, reading books, swim and stunning waves or hear the peaceful and calm waves of the sea. 

The location of the resort is near the other places of La Union like Thunderbird Poro Point and Airport. I highly recommend this place to my friends and family and also try there spa services, snorkeling and other resort facilities. All in all, It was a great experience for both relaxing, fun and adventurous at the same time. Would love to go back here. Happy Trip Evryone :-)



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