Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How to Get to San Juan La Union - A Surfer's Paradise of Northern Luzon

Going to San Juan in La Union:

This town is the perfect spots in surfing because of the big waves and especially at the Barangay Urbiztondo area where you can find cheap accommodation and ideal for surfer. From Manila you can take a bus at Partas Transportation Company located both Pasay & Cubao which take you about 6 hours by land and they offers 24/7 operation with hourly trips to Laoag, Vigan & Abra passing through the road of Mc Arthur Highway,  La Union. The fare costs about Php 380 pesos for aircon bus. Options: Try other bus lines company over Metro Manila with different fares and discounts. From the public market of San Fernando La Union take a jeepney bound to San Juan and cost you about Php 12. 00. You can choose your budget accommodation and I prefer to try the San Juan Surf Resort which is offers great facilities and amenities. Happy Travel Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

San Juan: Surfing La Union 2013

Yes, La Union is the surfer's paradise, great waves and my 2nd time to do surfing without instructor. This is the famous surfing capital of the north,some resorts here are suited for budget travelers raging Php 300 to 1, 000 per night  and it is easily accessible by bus and your own car. It is no surprise that I really love on the beach and water. The ocean is healing when I'm stressed and bored or keep me grounded. Riding waves of San Juan, La Union is more challenging and I still don't know how to spot a wave but it was a good experience and fun-activity that I should paddle and after several try, I made it to stand on the board. The excitement continue after the 1 hour of surf, turf and swim. hahaha! I will definitely go back here!

Take Note: You can come here during the best season and enjoy perfect waves between July until February or a week after a strong typhoon. Surfing may seem like a nice, fun, safe sport and fulfilling activity. Looking forward to my next surfing experience next year, maybe in Bagabas in Camarines Norte, Zambales, Puraran in Catanduanes or Siargao in Surigao Del Norte! *cross fingers*

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nano Surf Board Rentals and Surf Lesson in San Juan, La Union

Where to rent a surf board and surf lesson in Barangay Urbiztondo, San Juan in La Union? 

When you arrive in San Juan, La Union which located about 15 minutes away from La Union's capital city of San Fernando would boasts a perfect spot for you both beginners and experienced surfers because I know a lot of people want to try surf & mostly they rent boards or some of the resorts offering surf lessons. If you want to try surfing in La Union, I probably recommend to you "Nano Surf Board Rentals" because of their fully trained personnel and instructor which I personally experienced during my trip there. They will charged you Php 200 pesos per person including rash guard in different colors/sizes, surf board (small & big) and a one hour surfing lesson. During my visit I can't catch up big waves & the water is calm because as per Kuya Nano (the owner) say you'll find strongest or highest waves anytime from July to December. This surf board rentals is located along the beach front of San Juan and one of the best traits of some local surfers are very friendly, accommodating and usually yell out a helpful tips for a beginner surfer. There's also mechanics and surfing technique provided by La Union Surf Club, Inc posted in different spot of the beach area. Happy Surf Everyone! Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My 2nd Surfing Experience in La Union

San Juan in La Union is the best paradise of surfer which is known to be the Surfing Capital of Northern Philippines, from my past experience in Baler, Aurora I always wanted to try different surf spots in the country.In Barangay Urbiztondo, San Juan La Union is one of the famous surfing area who loves riding the waves and anyone who just wants to have fun and experience extreme sports adventure. Yes, this is my 2nd times to handle strong waves and standing on my surf board. It was the first time to try on my own and there's no instructor by the way. I was a bit hesitant at first because I don't know how to swim.  The surf rental will takes about 1 hour duration including rash guard and surf board as well. The sand is gray and bottom of the sea is not filled with rocks, so it's safe to fall off the board if you're still learning. It was so cool and try more times for my next visit.

Although I did have stunning photos and standing shot, I had more happier than Baler surfing experience. The waves here are perfect for both pro-surfer and newbies. This area of the surfing island has a strip of many beach resorts to choose from. I decided to linger on for some more minutes to enjoy the cool breeze and after-sunset scenery. 

How to Get to Thunderbird Resort Poro Point in La Union

Going to Thunderbird Resort Poro Point in San Fernando City, La Union for a typical commuter:

This resort was so amazing and has a touch of Greece-Santorini inspired design which is located inside the Poro Point Freeport Zone. From Manila it takes 6-7 hours drive and around 277 kilometers north of Luzon, you can catch early trip at Partas Bus Terminal in Pasay (Tramo Street) or Quezon City (Cubao) from 10pm onwards bound to Laoag, Vigan and Abra. Fare is about Php 400 pesos per person.  Ask the driver to let you down at La Union City Hall or public plaza. From there you mat take jeepney bound to Poro Point Resort. Jeepney Terminal is located beside Bobby's Barber Shop near the public market. Fare is Php 8.00 each. Note: Hotel gate is on the left side and take a short walk going to the main hotel area. Here's the resort contact number: 632-6356699 or 9104206. Email Address: Website: Happy Trip Everyone - from Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point White Beach in La Union

I'm a fan of white beach sand, it was an awesome experience during my day tour at Thunderbird-Poro Point, Pennsylvania Avenue, San Fernando City in La Union. The long stretch of white sand beach was simply amazing and the rock formation is about a block away from the hotel above so you'd have to walk to the main beach area. They did not have much water sports activities but it was alright for me because I wanted more chill, relax and peaceful place. 

Take note: There's also no lifeguard in the beach, so please take care of your things and there are condominium construction all around the resort was quite eyesore. If you are looking for an average resort during the weekend experience then this is the place to go. Yes, the sunset views is spectacular especially if you are into photography like me and nice view of bay walk area going to the beach front. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Luxury Swimming Pool of Thunderbird Resort Poro Point in La Union

Our next stop is the luxury swimming pool area facing the South China Sea with a great blue sky background and very picturesque site as well. This pool side of the resort is reasonably big but with little fantasy in the design and from far to shallow to be enjoyed by swimmers, although it was funny that it was all the same depth all around. I think this place is more suitable for couples who just want to get away from everything else because of the romantic ambiance.There are a lot of trees around the pool area, greece-inspired pieces is also present on their architecture and you have to walk under the sun.

Overall, I had very good memories of Thunderbird Poro Point. The place was so lovely, quiet and relaxing which will take you to another place. It's kind of far from Manila but if you are on your way to other places like Ilocos or Baguio well this is a great stop-over. The scenery makes you feel it was worth the long drive. 

About thier Amenities & Accomodation at Thunderbird Resort-Poro Point in La Union

Thunderbird Resort -Poro Point is simply wonderful, great place to relax and a stress-free weekend getaway spot up north. From accommodation to food was satisfying, a long stretch of white sand, fascinating swimming pool, a unique interior design of their restaurant, a comfortable and elegant room you wouldn't ask for more. I was able to tour around the amenities and facilities of the hotel and Miss Angie take care of me during my first visit at the place. The rooms are more spacious, with 30 inch colored television, free snacks, drinks, coffee at the side table and fully air-condition.

The hotel still has that very special feel that I felt the very first time and the staff has been absolutely spot on and very accommodating. The overlooking sea from their window adds to the beauty of the room. I consider this place as one of the romantic place I've ever been. Hope to come back soon! I don't have idea about the pricing because it's a day tour activity. Thanks to the management of Thunderbird Resort-Poro Point for the wonderful experience. Thumbs Up - from Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Love Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point in San Fernando City, La Union

I was excited to arrive at the resort being that I heard good reviews about the place and it is one of a kind in the Philippines because of its world class theme and amenities. It's really amazing and elegant resort which is inspired by Santorini of course with the combination of beauty of the place and it is breathtaking indeed. Yes the resort is clean, Yes the rooms are nice and Yes staff and very friendly & accommodating as well.

Despite the 6-7 hours bus ride one way going to this resort and I can say that I have been to the resort with the most breath taking view ever. What I love the most aside from the view and amenities is the great service that the men and women of the five star hotel gave me. Thunderbird I shall return. Check out my other post about the amenities like swimming pool area, white beach and accommodation.  Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Thunderbird Resort Poro Point - A Santorini Greece-Inspired Hotel in La Union

I've heard so many times about Thunderbird Poro Point in La Union from friends, facebook and instgram photos of some celebrities and how amazing is it.  Yes, this is definitely a santorini greece-inspired hotel and elegance-expensive resort at the heart of San Fernando City, La Union with a great view of the South China Sea and blue-white color structure which is located along the Poro Point Freeport Zone. I'm alone that day and supposed to surf first before getting here so I changed my mind and took a tricycle at the main proper of San Fernando then bound to Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point.  I like the ambiance of the hotel, a very nice landscape outside the main lobby, it's good for family getaways. and was designed to look like a Mediterranean resort , hence white colored walls and big blue-dome. I know they are trying to imitate it like in Greece . I also remember about the island of Bellaroca Resort in Marinduque with the same theme as well. 

They have a golf course and also a casino which is outside the resort premises but don't worry because they do have shuttle service from the hotel to casino building. Indeed, It was a real breath taking experience to be in this paradise and it is one resort which will be at par with international getaways. And of course, I couldn't stop taking pictures  because it's the perfect place for photographer and photo addict like me( hahaha). I definitely going back again sometime maybe next year.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sunset Beach Resort along the La Union Airport Road

This resort is one of the nearest resort along airport road in San Fernando, La Union. They have a good amenities and service. The hotel restaurant has a good architecture design with a stunning ocean view, the food is delicious and the pool was small but decent enough for swimming. About the service, it was generally good and fast but the other amenities are simply too aged and I think they need some improvement. It's better to come up with other amenities because the location is really nice since it is beach front with the long stretch of powdery-white sand.

Other than the hotel's friendly staff and nice pool area, there is nothing that would make me stay there because of their expensive rate than other resort within the city proper of San Fernando, La Union. There may be other more decent resorts in the area. The resort itself was too small for me.

Relaxing Sea Park White Beach Resort in La Union

Sea Park Beach Resort in San Fernando, La Union is one of the resort made my stay a really relaxing one and they have available nipa huts to stay is actually okay for a budget traveler like me. My first impression is that they have a powdery-white sand, cottages along the beach front and gazebo looks decent enough and restaurant was clean with polite staff. The resort doesn't get that busy although the picnic tables do get a lot of visitors both local and foreigners. Its a lovely deep sandy beach front and the blue sea water is clear. Just enjoy the sunset, reading books, swim and stunning waves or hear the peaceful and calm waves of the sea. 

The location of the resort is near the other places of La Union like Thunderbird Poro Point and Airport. I highly recommend this place to my friends and family and also try there spa services, snorkeling and other resort facilities. All in all, It was a great experience for both relaxing, fun and adventurous at the same time. Would love to go back here. Happy Trip Evryone :-)

Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Get to Tara Tara Falls in Bolinao

Going to Tara Tara Falls in Bolinao, Pangasinan:

From Bolinao town proper, ride a bus bound to Dagupan or Manila route and ask the driver to drop you off at Barangay Tara crossing which you can find the sign board going to the main falls. Fare cost is about Php 15-20 pesos for an ordinary bus. Travel time is 15-20 minutes. Then from the main highway of barangay Tara about 20 minutes walk along the rough road pavement. Options is a round trip tricycle ride from the town to the waterfalls will cost about Php 400-700 depends on number of passenger. Negotiate with the driver for how long you want to stay and give yourself at least an hour or two if you love being in the water. Note: No entrance fee is being collected and a few bamboo picnic cottages and tables were still functional.

A Hidden Paradise of Tara Tara Falls in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Tara Tara Falls is a small and cozy falls perfect to dive and swim. Located at Barangay Tara, Bolinao Pangasinan, there is no entrance fee in the area and they have a series of mini pool but they were very small. The pool below the falls is about 2-3 meters deep with easy access for swimming and the sculptured rock above the falls are up to 1 meter deep and perfect for sitting in. 

There were also picnic tables and chairs so if you have plan to eat lunch while watching people diving from the falls or also you can just hearing the sounds of flowing waters. Overall, this is the place to relax in cool clear water and  a few bench huts for sitting at in the shade and its all for free. Check out my next post about - How to Get to Tara Tara Falls in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Binungay - Bolinao's Famous Delicacy

As part of my trip I want to taste authentic delicacy of the place I've been to. At the front of Saint James The Great Parish Church where vendors of binungay sold here. I bought one piece to Manang Jovy to try what is in it. Meanwhile, it tasted like our delicious "suman" the ingredients are rice mixed with coconut cream and filled a little salt and sugar as well. The bamboo must have added a special favor to it which is wrapped in either banana or coconut leaves. This is only in Bolinao, Pangasinan! Unique and very yummy. 

So If you want to have a taste of it or buy lots for pasalubong to your family, rather buy only in the morning. Oh well, here's my pricing tips for you Php 25-35 per piece depending on the diameter. The Php 35 per piece can be bought for Php 100 for 3 pieces.

Old Church of St James The Great Parish Church

It is also known as Bolinao Church, before going to Dagupan City I decided to visit the church and took photos and buy "binungay" famous delicacies of Bolinao. Located at the town center and one of the picturesque spot along the highway. The architectural design and old Spanish facade of the church makes it unique and amazed me. At the very right of the church, you will see the face of Jesus Christ. It became a new story before and the locals call it miraculous and it will depends on how you see it but I think it's kind of cool and unique as well. 

Did you known that the church tower of Bolinao measuring seventy five ( 75) feet was then the tallest in the whole Pangasinan if not in the entire Northern Luzon. However , an earthquake in 1788 toppled about half of it. then in 1819 the Church Convent was also accidentally burned but the church now is looks great and fascinating rock sculpture.

How to Get to Patar White Beach in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Going to Patar White Beach Resort in Bolinao:

I choose Five Star Bus -Pasay City on this trip but there are a lot of buses across Metro Manila like Victory Liner, Dagupan Bus and Other ordinary bus from Pangasinan. I took first trip at 10:00pm and 5-6 hours travel period and this bus runs almost hourly and stops in Dau, Tarlac and Alaminos. Fare is Php 450 (one-way trip) and make sure you bring some snacks during your trip.

Once you arrive in Bolinao (end station) call a tricycle and  ask him to bring you to the famous golden-white beach resort of Patar. From there proceed to their cottages along the beach front and pay for the cottage fee between Php 100 to 500 pesos depending on the number of person.  Note: There's no entrance fee in the beach premisses because this area is operated by the local government of Bolinao, Pangasinan

Five Star Bus Terminal located at #222 Tramo Street, Pasay City beside Winston Hotel. 
Five Star Bus Pasay Contact Number: (02) 851-6613, 833-4772, 851-6614 and make sure you have a reserve seat or book in advance to avoid hassle during your trip. Happy Trip Everyone - From Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines. 

Where to Buy Pasalubong & Souvenirs in Bolinao Pangasinan

Make sure that you buy pasalubong to your love ones and family. One of my favorite pasalubong/souvenir and collection as well is the "I Love Shirt" in different provinces and city which I could really use it during my-day-to-day activities. It will cost you from Php 100 to 200 pesos.  This is located along entrance beach area of Patar Beach Resort. There are a lot of stores, items to choose from and different variety of local made in Pangasinan. I know that there are a lot of tourist attraction in Bolinao and I had a great time spending my weekend there.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Golden White Sand of Patar Beach in Bolinao, Pangasinan

From the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, I asked manong tricycle driver to drop me off at the famous golden white sand beach of Patar. One of the best beach attraction in Pangasinan with the pristine fine golden-like sand and this is open free public without the amenities of a private resort, it become a favorite tourist destination of both locals and foreign tourist. You can also rented an open cottage for your food, drinks, things and enjoy the rest of the day. The water current here can sometimes be very strong. Waves are ideal for surfing. I really like the place because it does not have any of the developed resorts except for one. Some part of the beach is mostly limestone rock formations. 

Perfect for your weekend getaway because you can do everything here like swimming, sun-bathing, snorkeling, picnic with family or friends, ride a banca for island hopping, photo shoot, meditate away from people on the shore, or simply strolling around the beach front and not as expensive as of some high end hotels here. There are a lots of thing to enjoy in Bolinao. Happy Trip Everyone and check out my next related blog post. 

Fascinating View of Cape Bolinao Lighthouse in Pangasinan

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse is a scenic view for photo ops or a romantic sunset views. it is good that there is a concrete road going into the facility.  Due to numerous storm it endured the past years this lighthouse is not fully-functional anymore. But take note there is no entrance fee in the area. There's also a set of solar panels used by the locals before and also a deck portion that offers a view of the ocean. Truly fascinating view and spectacular dramatic effect against the blue sky light with the overlooking view of the white beach sand of Patar and other hotels. The tower overlooks the turquoise waters of Patar and the place is so serene. Did you known that Cape Bolinao is the 2nd tallest light house in Luzon, this is next to the light house in Ilocos Norte.

However, the whole area is not beer properly maintain and improved with some of paints peeled off. Vandal is everywhere which is very sad to state. Climbing the stairs going on top of the lighthouse is no longer open for visitors. This is for the visitor's safety according to the vendors living beside the area. Overall, your Bolinao trip was ever complete without seeing the famed Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. Next post is the golden-white sand beach of Patar. Happy Trip Everyone!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Magnificent Bolinao Rock Formation in Pangasinan

Bolinao Rock Formation is also known as "Coral Mountain of Bolinao". I appreciate the natural beauty of the place and cool breeze of the wind. It was so very relaxing and not touristy place from other resort or tourist attraction in Bolinao. You can captured the wonderful seascape and rock formation looks mystical. There are a lot of local movies, travel shows and telenovelas was shoot here. I am on the top of cliff and beautiful shorelines. There are a minimum entrance fee of Php 50 pesos as payment for those who are keeping the place clean and secured place to the locals. From the highway you will see the small signs with " Rock Formation". This area is operated by some of local, you can also check in on their cottages. One of the place to have your photography as well as beach lover like me with this magnificent coral rock formation and the pristine water was alluring. I admit that this place is good for people who enjoy silence and just listening at the sound of the waves crashing on the rock formations with the perfect blue sky and blue water background.

They also have a small white beach sand area so you can enjoy the beach life there. Overall, my weekend trip was a blast. I would love to share this on your friends and family. Happy Trip Everyone!

A Water Under The Cave of Enchated Cave in Bolinao, Pangasinan

This is the best tourist destination in Bolinao, Pangasinan located at the tip most of the province. A nice underwater adveture and the cave pool is refreshing but during peak  season the are is so much crowded of many people. They have a wide open parking space for the guest. I entered that compound and greeted by huge coral rock formation and almost fossilized remains of giant clams but sad to say the coral was already dead.  Also, they have a mini water falls at the side of the area. It's so gorgeous and you'll bet it's enchanted.

Here are some rates for Enchanted Cave of Bolinao:

Entrance Fee - Php 90
Swimming (including entrance fee)  - Php 120
Parking Fee for Bus - Php 50 , Mini Bus - Php 40, Cars - Php30, Tricycle - Php 20 & Single Motorcycle - Php 10.

Arriving at Enchanted Cave of Bolinao in Pangasinan

About 2 kilometers away from Wonderful Cave, this famous cave pursue me to visit the place. Upon entering the area, there will be an entrance fee to be collected and I was greeted by the owner of the cave. There will be a few steps up to the entrance of the cave but first thing I do is to take photos at their ark sign of " Enchanted Cave". I'm very much excited to witness the coral rock formation and crystal clear blue water of the cave, it was so much inviting because inside the cave, it was so humid  The whole area of the cave was below seawater. Amazingly! Be careful of the sharp rocks and the water looks shallow but it's really very deep that you can also dive around 6-7 feet high as per caretaker. There has a rope along the edges of the cave so you can enjoy and swim even if your not the best swimmer. It's worth the entrance fee I paid and the effort of going down and going out of the Enchanted Cave of Bolinao. Only in Pangasinan!

The place is well-developed because of nice cottages, clean comfort rooms and there are lights on the cave. Definitely, you will miss half of your life if you came here and don't go for a swim.  Getting into the heart of the cave is much challenging but worth the effort as well. 

Trekking to Wonderful Cave of Bolinao in Pangasinan

From Puerto Del Sol Resort, I immediate proceed to other tourist attraction in the area. There are 3 caves in Bolinao namely Enchanted Cave, Wonderful Cave and Cindy Cave. But one of the accessible cave between this three are Enchanted Cave & Wonderful Cave which  is normally nearest cave along the national road of Patar. This privately-owned cave has an entrance fee of Php 50 pesos and experience the wonderful clear water. About 30 minutes walk from the national road, you will entering the rough road, tall coconut trees and rock formation along your way. Amazingly, the cave has its own electricity to provide lights in the cave. The cave has a low ceiling and above you will saw this coral rock formation. There are some children in the cave during my visit, the water was about waist high, so deep enough to swim but my guide tells me the history of the cave about 12th century old cave. Reminders: Pay your entrance fee before entering the cave, Drop your garbage in designating area/trash bin, Don't swim if you're drunk, No food, alcoholic drinks and smoking inside the cave - By the Management!

I really enjoyed my short stay here, it's really interesting cave with so much history, natural beauty of the area and I would highly recommend this to everyone.  

Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Get to Puerto Del Sol in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Going  to Puerto Del Sol from Manila:

On my opinion, it's nice to travel on weekdays because no much traffic towards the Alaminos, Anda and Bolinao. There are a lot of buses plying to Bolinao and Alaminos, but I choose Fivestar Bus in Pasay City located at the back of Winston Hotel along Tramo, Pasay City. Travel time is 7-8 hours and fare is Php. 469 pesos per person. The bus will take you to Bolinao with around 3 stop evers. Best time to travel is during night. Upon arriving at Bolinao Bus Terminal, proceed to tricyle terminal bound to Ilog Malino which cost you Php 10 pesos. This terminal is located infront of Saint James The Great Parish Church or Bolinao Church. Ask the driver to drop you off at the main gate of Puerto Del Sol Resort. Happy hassle free trip everyone.

Swimming Pool Area of Puerto Del Sol: One of the Best Resort in Bolinao

This is my first time here in Bolinao but one of my favorite resort is Puerto Del Sol located along Barangay Ilog Malino, Bolinao Pangasinan. They have kiddie pool, jacuzzi and main pool. The architecture design of the pool area is good, they are all black and white furniture. All of the materials used are native, classy, abaca and rattan or bamboo. I love this hanging rattan chair with the overlooking spot of the swimming pool. The garden is well-maintained and organized with table and chairs at the side of the pool. They have also floating bar and comfy bench. I also appreciate that there is a place that smoking is not allowed because I'm not a smoker.  For more infomation and reservation. Contact them at (632) 631-2861 or you can email them at or

Thumbs Up to Puerto Del Sol in Bolinao, Pangasinan

The moment I arrived in the place I felt that it was worth it and I found the perfect view of the sea, so very relaxing. I love the Mediterranean inspired villas and their swimming pool area of the resort. The only people you'll see on the pool area are resorts. Unfortunately, I'm just a walk in guest that day. The place is very private but low wifi connection. Bad! One thing that I don't like in this resort is the grasses are everywhere that covers the beauty of white sand but the beach area is not to crowdy with people so you can say that the beach is all yours.   The sea front was cool since it was low tide that time I visited the place. There were other fun activities being offered by the resort but I don't have enough time to avail of them. They just need to improve their room facilities.This resort is accessible and its near town attractions like Enchated Cave, Cape Bolinao Light House, Bolinao Rock Formation, Wonderful Cave, Patar White Beach and other places around Barangay Patar. 

It is very peaceful and not too crowded but the resort is very strict on occupancy and no food from the outside is allowed. I ordered bicol express, 1 cup of rice and a glass of ice tea. The serving is good but maybe lessen their food price. So guys, I will definitely go back to this place next summer. A sure feast of senses which you would never want to stop taking photos of the beach front and pool area. Keep it up and Thanks Puerto Del Sol!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sea View White Beach Resort in Bolinao, Pangasinin

Bolinao, Pangasinan - Fourth Stop: A stunning white sand beach front and crystal clear water of Sea View Beach Resort located along the road of Barangay Ilog Malino will indulge your senses and probably a perfect vacation trip. The part I liked the best was the strong waves and noisy wind of West Philippine Sea. For day tour trip, you can bring your own foods and do picnic the pinoy style. They have a good accommodation rates along with a nipa hut and open cottages of the resort. Surprisingly, the room are less than 1 year old and the owner is also nice and friendly. Overall, money is not the issue here but customer's satisfaction as well as management coordination. So, come and see yourself because the resort is not too expensive, free to scream or what ever you want to do, enjoy the nature and enjoy their relaxation ambiance along the white beach sand. My side trip here was too short and enjoy every single minute of my stay, but I guess it was the best time of the day to be here is during sunset.

SCL Garden Paradise Resort in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Bolinao, Pangasinan - Third Stop: SCL Garden Paradise Resort located at Barangay Ilog Malino has a great view also of white powdery sand and calm blue water. They have a nice nipa hut accommodation ranging Php 300 to 1000 per night. I surely recommend this resort because of the simplicity living at their nipa hut and a beautiful view during the sunset. There's a lot to see in this resort with friendly staff and accommodating owner. Though the road is bumpy and it took me about 30-40 minutes before heading off to the resort from town proper of Bolinao but it's worth it because the place is very nice and roomy. 

For your accommodation choices here are the tip for your vacation in Bolinao, Pangasinan:
1.) if you go to this area, make sure you have car or rather hire a tricycle from the town proper.
2.) bring your own food or make sure you reserve before you go so that you will be counted in the food inventory of the resort ( during high season between March  to May)
3.) prepare your own hygienic supply and wait for low-tide before swimming because the waves to be pretty strong.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Villa Carolina Y Juan Beach Resort in Ilog Malino, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Bolinao,Pangasinan - Second Stop: Villa Carolina Y Juan Beach Resort with a huge swimming pool in Bolinao, Pangasinan and consider to have a unique ocean view on a private white beach front. Located nearby resorts like Punta Riviera & Punta Del Sol. This resort has a complete amenities like nipa hut, spa, swimming pools, billiard table, jacuzzi and clean comfort rooms/shower. The owner Ms Carolina is very friendly and welcoming  to their guest. There's  a lot to see in this resort and you can just simply walk along the beach and you will discover something, its like a hidden treasure under the water which is perfect for snorkeling.

Make your vacation trip during low season to enjoy, stay quiet and peacefully wonderful trip. Room rates are also reasonable but nonetheless worth the extra few minutes away from the city proper of Bolinao. There are not a lot of people during my solo trip and the weather was nice. Definitely, a perfect weekend getaway for your family and friends. Happy Trip Everyone.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Infinity Pool at Bolinao Pangasinan: Punta Riviera Resort

The resort has a great view with an infinity pool at one side of the property. You can spent your day in the pool, they also have 2 jacuzzi and another one is near at the lounge area. Their seafront is wide open space that the breeze blows right through the gardens of the resort. The infinity pool was just lovely, clean and overlooks a wide beach front perfect for a refreshing vacation. It's the only resort with access to the Ilog Molino which is cool for kayaking as well as to the beach front. About the ambiance, lots of coconut trees around the area and other plants and flowers, decent landscapes and good to known they have a wooden bridge from the resort to the white beach.

Over all, I had a great experience and amazing time would I gladly return to Punta Riviera Resort. Here's the contact number where you can check of their rooms availablity: (075) 696-1350 

Bolinao Pangasinan: Punta Riviera Resort & White Beach Front

Punta Riviera Resort in Bolinao, Pangasinan is where the river meets the sea on a stunning coastline which brings perfect sunrise during the morning. Its quite long way from the town proper but it does not seem that long because of the scenery along the way. Tricycle is available in front of  Bolinao Church. Fare is Php 10 per person. Located at Barangay Ilog Molino, a way going to Patar Beach end point of Bolinao White Beach coastline. This is my first stop over during a solo trip in Bolinao. The place is indeed beautiful and perfect for a whole relaxing day off. The resort looks elegant, very clean and beautifully plant landscape. If I can add about this resort is they should have a plenty of directional signs leading to the resort but this resort have a good guest-services and friendly staff as well. Checking your Facebook status is not a problem because they have wifi available but only till certain areas and does not cover the whole resort.

For me, it seems to have the best ocean view and cool breeze from the resort veranda.  Overall it is a well-managed resort. See you again Bolinao - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines. 

How to Get to Baler from Cabanatuan City

Going to Baler, Aurora from Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija:

Travel time from Cabanatuan City to Baler is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, sometimes long journey really test your patience but traveling around Baler is most unforgettable-fun experience.   Terminal is located at Barangay Padre Crisostomo, City Proper of Cabanatuan. There are UV Express plying to Baler but I recommend Renzie Renz Epress Inc. Fare is Php. 280 pesos or you can try to catch up jeepney during your trip.

Did you know that Cabanatuan City is the " Tricyle Capital of the Philippines" and known to be the " Gateway to the North part of Luzon". Happy Trip Everyone :-)

A Short Stay at Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija

There are a lot of interesting places and stories behind the province of Nueva Ecija but we should have to leave bound to Manila from a trip in Baler, Aurora.  It was not my first time to visit Cabanatuan City in particular but I am happy to set my foot again. Normally, buses coming from Baguio is the main route passing through the Gapan City & Cabanatuan City national road. While waiting, we ate at the carinderia beside Cabanatuan City Central Transport Terminal where mostly buses and van stop-over and awaits passenger to/from to Benguet & Aurora Province. The terminal is composed of carinderia, shops, dry goods and sari-sari store. Nueva Ecija is Tagalog-speaking province, so there is no problem about communication. We are all excited for this trip bound to Baler in Aurora Province.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guest Post: Five reasons to ecotourism in the Pantanal

A Guest Post from Rafael Shiroma

Last year I had the opportunity to travel to Bonito, which this year received the title of best city to do ecotourism. Getting you realize that the city really deserves the title, but Pantanal is not only Bonito, there are many other great places to visit. I decided to make a short list of the main reasons for you to know the Pantanal.

Parque Nacional do Pantanal

In this park with more than 135 000 hectares, established in 1981, we know the rich fauna of the region that includes animals such as reptiles and small mammals. With luck, it is still possible to see ocelots and jaguars. The park is in Poconé in southwestern Mato Grosso, and the best time to visit it is during the dry season that lasts from May to October.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to Get to Baler in Aurora Province

Going to Baler, Aurora from Cubao, Quezon City:
Here's the tip and transportation going to the province of Aurora. There are two bus company from Cubao traveling to Baler. 1.) Genesis Transport Inc - Php 450 pesos 2.) Joy Bus Transport - Php 650 pesos which is located along EDSA corner New York Street, Cubao, Quezon City. Travel time is 6-7 hours. During peak season the early trip is 10pm until 7am the next day. We took the 10pm bus schedule so that we arrive to Baler around 7am in the morning. The bus passes through the North Luzon Express Way, exits at Dau, Pampanga, enter Subic-Clark Express Way and last toll plaza of Tarlac. Then keep right going to Cabanatuan in Nueva Ecija which the buses stop to eat breakfast and refuel at their terminal. From there, the bus go directly to Baler passing through the rice field and mountains of Aurora Province. The final stop over at Baler Central Terminal beside the public market where you can hire tricycle going to Sabang Beach and other tourist attraction of the province.
Genesis Bus Transport Contact Number: 02-7090544-45 or 02-4416834. Book your trip a head of time. Happy Trip Everyone!

Surfing Baler & Unexpected Interview of TV5

It was a cloudy morning in Sabang Beach, we took a 1 hour surfing lesson with my friends Eds and Sally. There's a one lady approach us to take an interview as a beginner surfing in Baler, so we agreed to take us video footage of surfing lesson and actual demo together with our surfing instructor. They made a quick interview after the surfing lesson. It was a great time spending together with my friends and I love the awesome waves of Baler with the famous beach of Sabang. Really a good experience and waves can get so playful and unpredictable at times.
Below are the photos of our unexpected interview with the crew of TV5 & Aksyon TV.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My First Surfing Experience at Baler in Aurora Province

Let's do this! It was my first time to surf, luckily the instructors was patient and the board was huge enough that I was able to stand a few times before giving up! Hehehe! Fist thing you need is to register and fill up the waiver and get your instructor. The instructor teaches you the basic movement to balance, handle of surf board and perfect timing. This long stretch of black sandy shoreline, consistently great glassy big waves of Sabang Beach which is a perfect surfer's paradise. Did you know that the best time to go here is from October to February for the ultimate surfing experience. Perfect riding all day long. Great for beginners and waves are nice. I was able to ride the waves for about 8 times because my instructor would position at the back of the board.

It was so tiring and aching body but still it was a fun experience. Thanks to Baler Surf for your Surf Lesson, Surf Board Rentals and Tours. Php 300/hour surf board rental with instructor, so no hassle of bringing your own surf boards.

Haler Baler: The Famous Tagline of Travelers

This was the trending tagline all over the blog community. Because indeed this province offers a high quality waves and stunning rock formation. They have also a lot of tourist attraction in the place like Ermita Hill, Museo De Baler, Manuel L. Quezon Monument, Dona Aurora House, Baler Catholic Church, Dicasalarin Beach, Cemento Beach, Diguisit Beach, Aniao Islets, Lukso Lukso Falls, Diguisit Falls and other places around Baler. This is ideal summer vacation and known for all surfer in the world. If other countries can do surfing Filipino's can do the same thing also, you can catch at Sabang Beach most of the surfer's are instructors they having a practice everyday thats why a lot of people also tempted, just like me because surfing is my first love. We flocked to baler in aurora just to have experience in this kind of sports.

Sun, Sand and surfing are the ingredients of the most wonderful places but it takes people to make it more awesome  and perfect vacation.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Learn to Surf at Baler Surf or Mahdox Surf Lesson School

These two lesson surfing school is one of the best ideal offer school during your trip in Baler. Board Rentals with guide fee is abot Php. 300 pesos per person, luckily the manager had agree that this would be for two person rental with 2 guides and 2 surf board with free drinks and use of rash guards. as the sun rose and people began emerging at the shore. We were ready for a new experience and challenging water activity. Let's go Surf, Turf and Swim!

The locals here are warm, hospitable and plenty surfing instructors to choose from. It is also generally safe to go around.

The Famous Sabang Beach of Baler in Aurora

Looking for a place to escape from all the stresses? Worry no me Travelers! One of the best surfing destination in the Philippines. Baler in Aurora Province is about 6 hours travel time from Metro Manila. The weather was nice when we got there and the waves of Sabang Beach were consistent. It was my first time to surf here, while waiting for our time to surf. We took photos along the shoreline of Sabang Beach along with friends Sally & Eds. The place isn't developed for night life since surfing is really done at dawn to early morning . The beach sand isn't white and the water isn't blue either but a surfer's paradise indeed.  Next post is about My First Time to Surf & TV5 Interview for Beginner's Surfer. 

Stunning Aniao Islets in Baler, Aurora Province

I was still amazed and surprised by its magnificent scenery.  This two rock formation is a grotto-like sea stacks in the center of sea. Make sure you have an extra clothes or least towel to dry you up after enjoying the cool water and nice atmosphere as well, just be careful of the sharp rocks all over the place. A good place to take photos close to sunset. Please take note that you should wear shoes or sandals where you visit the place for it's literally rocky and sharp coral. A different kind of experience that I love to share with my friends and family. I really love the ambiance of the resort and it's very serene. Water supply is available in the area.

You could most likely request to spend  a day there, the place is reachable if you have you own car and hire a tricycle at the town proper or at Sabang Beach. Happy Trip Everyone- Bisayang Manlalakbay Around the Philippines.

Aniao Islets & White Beach Resort in Baler, Aurora Province

Aniao Twin Islets in Aurora Province. With this stunning rock formation, white sand and crystal blue water. This is the perfect spot in Aurora Province and less crowd like in Sabang Beach which is a lot of surfer there. It's a kilometer white sand beach resort, great nipa hut cottages, and restaurant in the place. Nice pebbles at the beach and take pictures of blue clear water and swaying coconut trees. We dried ourselves off under the heat of the sun so we decided to take a rest in a while. Chill and Relax!

Head here if you have some time to spare during your visit to Baler. Just take a tricycle from Sabang Beach or Baler Town. Ranging from Php. 100-300 pesos for the whole trip.

Diguisit Beach & Rock Formation in Aurora Province

From Lukso-Lukso Falls, we proceed to Diguisit Beach And Rock Formation which about 1 kilometer away and this spot is overlooking view from the Ermita Hill, located at Barangay Zabali the eastern part of Aurora Province with pictures-tic  spot with crashing waves and one of the best spot in our tour. Make sure to use slippers or aqua shoes during your visit because there are a lot of rock and coral all over the place. Yes, there are a lot of big rocks here where you could strike a pose and feel the nature's ambiance which we did. We just dipped at this small basin or pool at the center of big rock before heading to Aniao Islets & it's white beach sand which ideal place for snorkeling and diving during a calm weather. This is the perfect spot to unwind, relax, swim and have some quiet time without having to go too far from Metro Manila. The clear blue sky and waves are truly a sight to behold and remember.

I think this is the place to take photos close to sunset. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay Around the Philippines.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Bayler View Hotel: Accommodation in Baler, Aurora Province

Accommodation & Hotel in Baler. This hotel was a great find which is referred by our tricycle driver.  Bayler View Hotel is one of the most perfect spot-hotel in Sabang Beach, Baler Aurora which is the center of famous surfing, good food, good service, unique interior design and expect a lot of people in the area. Staying in Bayler View Hotel is worth the price, with affordable beachfront view of the beach and accessible to all places that needs to be visited in the area. About the foods? For me its okay, great and also reasonable priced. The staff and manager was very accommodating and friendly.  You can also watch the waves of Sabang Beach splash against the sand,  perfect sunset, or see beginner surfers struggle to stand on their surf boards like what we experienced on our second day. At the back of the hotel there are a lot of on going construction and it looks like it going  to be developed at the end of the year.

Overall, we had a great experience and stay here. I highly recommend staying & dining here especially if you have in a big group of friends and family. See you soon again Baler!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lukso Lukso Falls in Aurora Province

We informed our driver to drop off to this falls along the highway. We had a quick dipped at Lukso-Lukso Falls before heading to Diguisit White Beach & Rock Formation. The falls has a small basin and cool water perfect to unwind. The height of the falls is estimated to 10 to 15 feet and good thing there is no visitor during our trip. This area is composed of three islets off the coast of Barangay Zabali, Baler  in Aurora Province. I love the waterfalls which is one of interesting place to visit. It was a fun and adventure time with Sally & Eds, enjoying the cool breeze and water. There is no entrance fee at the area but please maintain the cleanliness of the area.  

Ermita Hill: One of the Famous Spot in Aurora Province

From overlooking spot at the top of Ermita Hill, we took about 5 minutes down to this famous statue at side of the hill and can easily determined along the highway and leading to main entrance. This is a life-sized statue of 7 survivor from a tsunami in 1735 which is wiped the old town of Baler and killing hundreds or even thousand people as per Manong/Tricyle Driver. You'll also found this tidal wave sculpture known as " Tromba Marina".  The area is well-maintained and serves as one of the famous tourist spot in the Province. Did you know that Ermita Hill is also known as "Point Baja Hill"  and located just outside Baler town. After taking photos at this monument we proceed to Aniao Islets, Lukso-Lukso Falls and Diguisit Falls & Rock Formation.

Overlooking Baler at Ermita Hill in Aurora Province

Yes, finally got a perfect shot of Baler situated at Ermita Hill, about 2,700 feet above sea level and one of the highest mountain in town which is perfect to unwind, relax & enjoy. Aside from the overlooking view there is a wide open space that is used for some of their activities and festivals and surrounded with cottages that you can rest in. On the top you can experience best scenic view of Baler Bay & Sabang Beach or just witness the sunset during the afternoon. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay Around the Philippines.

The White Cross at Ermita Hill, Aurora Province

Sorry if this post took quite some time since I am busy of planning and conceptualizing event in a corporate company. This was the start of our tricycle tour around Baler in Aurora Province. We're passing through the road of Sabang Beach which is the surfing area of Baler is located. Just about 20 minutes away from the town proper and the uphill road is quite steep which our tricycle service might not be able to go up, so you will have to do an extra effort and a few climb going up to the hill. This area is open to everyone from 6:00AM to 7:00PM and no entrance free.  About 280+ steps up to see this big white cross facing the town of Baler & nearby areas of Aurora Province. Did you know that this gigantic white cross is being lighted by night. A long walk to the top of the hill is worth it and challenging, we saw this helmet crab passing through our way down to the hill. Next post: Ermita Hill & Overlooking Spot etc...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Awesome Chysler Limousine at Doña Aurora House

At the side of Doña Aurora House is a glass garage which you'll saw this 1936 Black & Silver Chyeler Limousine. It's look beautiful and expensive car that time. I don't know if the car is function-able or can still be driven. As per caretaker, this is the official car of the President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines and certified by the Vintage Car Club of the Philippines with the plate number 1.



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