Thursday, July 26, 2012

Higantes Festival 2012 Schedule in Angono Rizal

Marked your calendar on November 23, 2012 at Angono in the province of Rizal. This is the time when people prepare themselves for the celebration of the Higantes.  There will be a lot of activities like Higantes Parade, Street Dancing, Higantes 2012 Festival Making Contest, Float Parade and many more. It will be a 2 weeks celebration, its usually start from November 10-25, 2012. Higantes Festival 2012 is celebrated in honor of their patron saint, San Clemente or San Clemence. which known to be the patron saint of fishermen. In addition, Angono Rizal is known to be the " Art Capital of the Philippines".

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

MassKara Festival 2012 Schedule in Bacolod City

Masskara Festival 2012 Schedule in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. There will be a two days street dance competition for this year. The 2012 MassKara Festival logo, which was unveiled at the Bacolod Government Center grounds last July 10, 2012 with a 10-minute fireworks display. The City Mayor Evelio Leonardia announced that the 2012 MassKara Festival is going to be the “biggest and the grandest MassKara ever.”

1. October 20, 2012 – Streetdancing Competition Schools Category
2. October 21, 2012 – Streetdancing Competition Barangay Category

The Electric MassKara is usually held from October 19  to 20 but it depends on the City Goverment of Bacolod. MassKara Foundation will release the final schedule soon but as of now the schedule is not yet available. Book your hotel as soon as possible.

My First Mindanao Trip: Goodbye Davao City

After 3 days vacation leave, Its time to say goodbye "Davao" but I definitely back again. No need to for words that all of us had a wonderful experience in Davao and these was the end of my Davao Blog Series. We are looking forward to meet again for our future trips. I want to explore some other part of Davao Del Sur and Davao Oriental soon. hehehe! It was a budget trip for me and my two travel buddies - ken and cha. See you again Dabaw! Thanks to Airphil Express for their sales promo!

Departure Area in Davao International Airport

The pre-departure area is simalar to NAIA Terminal 3 in Pasay, which is in the second floor of the airport. We had an early flight bound to Manila but our flight is delayed for one hour. So we decided to check their lobby area and free internet access from Globe Telecom.  The air conditioning unit needs some cleaning probably. And I like duty free shops most at the aiports.

A Glimpse at Abreeza Mall in Davao City

At Abreeza Mall in Davao City, we eat and dine at Mang Inasal which is located at the ground floor . Abreeza Mall is a shopping mall complex located at J.P. Laurel Avenue, in Davao City. It is the first Ayala Shopping Center located in Mindanao. The mall give you the best dining experience through music and great food.

For further inquiries, visit their Concierge at the ground floor or check out for more updates on events.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Visit at Davao Butterfly House

This was taken inside Davao Crocodile Park Complex. We all know that the butterflies come from caterpillars. You will feel comfort, such a relaxing place to be. It is also my first time to make a butterfly land on my hand. This is the house’s garden. Butterflies fly around here.  A lot of butterflies flying everywhere. It is just like being home to a fairy tale with a lot of butterflies fly around. It is a stress relieving instance in life – fresh and peaceful.

Pangil: Davao Crocodile Park's Largest Crocodile

I would agree, that for Pangil the crocodile, we are seen as his "Food". Huge Crocodiles like him were removed from their natural habitat & placed in captivity. The Davao Crocodile Park is home to Pangil, the largest living crocodile in the Philippines! Aside from the hundreds of crocodiles, the Davao Crocodile Park also plays host to other exotic species of animals such as monkeys, raptors, snakes, bear cats, birds, and other reptiles, which made my visit Pangil inside Davao Crocodile Park's largest crocodile at 81 Years Old.

Crocodile Show at Davao Crocodile Park

We choose Davao!

Inside Davao Crocodile Park, they have there circus-like shows which added to further visitors' experience inside the park. Every day the park schedules a Wildlife Park Show featuring an educational show for guests, crocodile feeding and program. The show at Davao Crocodile Park starts at 4:00 pm during weekends. It starts with a mini-bird show, followed by a yellow python, and an orangutan named Carlo. Afterwards, its the big croc Pangil splashing water to the spectators, feeding frenzy, and tightrope acts of 2 men above the crocs' area until 5:00 pm. 

Come Visit the Davao Crocodile Park

Our second day in Davao is more exciting and adventures with wildlife. This place is considered as one of the finest tourist attractions in Davao which located in Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road, Ma -a, Davao. The Davao Crocodile Park is an establishment that showcases a ‘state of the art’ crocodile farming system in the Philippines. It has the most recent crocodile farm design equipped with modern facilities and equipments. The presence of other exotic animal species like raptors, monkeys, bearcats, snakes, birds, and other reptiles makes it one of the most desired tourist destinations.

Ostrich Ranch at the Crocodile Farm in Davao

At the Philippine Ostrich and Crocodile Farms, Incorporated in Barangay Malanang in Cagayan de Oro City, visitors can try such famous ostrich recipes . Ostrich eggs are also popular in areas where the birds are raised. At the Davao Crocodile Park, where ostriches are raised next to the crocodiles, the eggs are sold at P500 a piece. A mother ostrich, from as young as 18 months to as old as 20 years, can lay three eggs a week.

Close Encounter of Philippine Davao Eagle

Davao has its own unique tourist attraction, one of these are the Philippine Eagle which may soon no longer be found in the wild. The Philippine Eagle Center is the place where the Philippines National Bird is bred in captivity in order to increase their numbers. It is also one of the more popular destinations in Davao. It is located at the Davao City Water District’s (DCWD) Watershed Park in Malagos.

Welcome to Tribu K 'Mindanawan Cultural Village in Davao

Welcome to the cultural village! They have showcase the richness of filipino cultures, empowering cultures. enriching the heritage which also highlights the unique styles, functions and designs of our indigenous architectural landmarks. One of the main attractions in the Crocodile Park complex in Davao City, the Tribu K'Mindanawan Village showcases the different Mindanao tribes, replica of their houses and statues. Apart from that, the Village also serves as the stage for the Tribu K'Mindanawan Cultural Dance Group and their performances. Catch them live every Friday-Sunday

For bookings and reservations, Call: (082) 221 7749 (082) 286 8883 0923 659 3727

Cheapest Claypot in Davao

You can find a lot of clay pots in Davao. They have a variety of clay pots to choose from. Different sizes and designs. Claypot can bought for Php 25.00 to Php 200.00.  You may contact them at 082-221 7749 for bulk orders.

Cheapest Fruits at Magsaysay Fruit Stand in Davao City

If you are buying ffordable Durian, Pomelo, Marang, Magosten go to Magsaysay Fruit Stand in Davao City. This is the road beside the Ramon Magsaysay Park and also the area where visitors of Davao go and buy their pasalubongs before going to the airport. Read more about Ramon Magsaysay Fruit Stand. Outside the Magsaysay Park is the Magsaysay Fruit Vendors Association which consists of a long row of fruit stands that sell Durian and other fruits abundant in Davao Region.

Affordable Pasalubong Items at Aldevinco Shopping Center in Davao City

Where to buy affordable pasalubong and souvenir items in Davao City. There's no place quite like Aldevinco Shopping Center infront of Ateneo De Davao University. This is the place to visit for all ethnic handmade products, t-shirts, homemade pasalubong. This is a modern and very attractive mall with a great variety of stores and products to choose from. The place is the largest shopping area for buying or shopping local crafts and cultural products in the whole davao region and they also sell other mindanao region Products plus items imported from Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Art Gallery at Ponce Suites Hotel in Davao City

At the second floor of the hotel, you can see the art exhibit of some artist and kublia's children. Filled with paintings and sculptures by a local artist, We arrived at Victoria Plaza, from there a 5-minute walk from going to Barangay Bajada, Davao City. It features a long stretch of paintings, art decors, sculptures, photos etc. The local called as the ARTBAHAY of Kublai Millan, multi-awarded artist (sculptor, painter, poet, illustrator, digital artist, musician) and philosopher.

Gigantic Sculptures at Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel in Davao City

I just found this Hotel in a magazine which features pinoy travel blogger. Walang duda kaapelyido ko! db! hehehe!  At the entrance of the hotel it has odd statues that surround it. The statues are Mindanao-inspired with Kublai and has a gigantic sculptures which resonating local myths and  characters. The restaurant and bar called Kublai Café in the ground floor, serves local and international dishes. Guests can also enjoy their meals and drinks on the roof deck. Staff at the 24-hour front desk can arrange hotel reservation and inquiries. The property provides free Wi-Fi in public areas.

Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Get to People's Park in Davao City

There's always something to do in Davao City. Whether you prefer a quick ... Peoples Park statues by Kublai Millan photo by Jojie Alcantar. The park also has its built-in surveillance system which surrounds the area, 24hours security and definitely a no-entrance fee needed. From the Davao International Airport, take a taxi (P140) or jeepney (P15) going to People’s Park located at Palma Gil Street in the city center. It’s a known landmark because it’s one of the prime tourist attractions in Davao so asking for directions is fairly easy.

Sidetrip at People's Park in Davao City

The park that is most visited by the locals and international visitors wherein they could take pictures to the nature scenic. Davao City's four-hectare People's Park which was formerly known as the PTA grounds. I'm glad that Davao City never failed in putting recreational areas such as PARKS.

Touring Around the City of Davao

Going to Davao might be one of the things that I want to do before. Thanks to Cha and Ken for spending time with me. Our ticket was booked 1 month before our flight schedule. I was able to search some tourist attraction at the city center of Davao. The places of interest outside Davao City is quiet far from each. So I set the theme as “If you were to tour a first timer around Davao City. Taking pictures all over Davao City for the whole day.

Photo Session Outside the Davao City Hall

After touring city center of Davao, we arrived at their City Hall. We take some pictures and return to the hotel. The Old City Hall (formerly the Municipal Building) was constructed in 1926, some ten years before Davao finally became a city.  There’s strict discipline being implemented in Davao City—no smoking, no littering, curfew hours, no fireworks, among many others, and the city is known for its strict compliance. No other city in the country is as disciplined. Criminals stay far from it. These no nonsense policies and exacting implementation are all forged at the city hall of Davao.

San Pedro Church in Davao City

While waiting for the time to check in the hotel, We roamed around Davao City and accidentially took part into their mass and take some pictures inside the church. Among the davao churches San Pedro Cathedral is considered the oldest church in the city. Located at the corner of San Pedro Street and CM Recto Avenue in Davao City, this church was named after the patron saint of the city.

Polian Buddhist Temple in Davao City

In Quirino Avenue is a high-fenced property with the distinctive arched rooftop – the Polian Temple. And since it was the Chinese New Year, I’ve never been to a Chinese temple in Davao City and so I snatched the opportunity to go to Polian Temple.  It was built through the efforts of the Chinese community led by Lim Pi in the 1960s and has since been the refuge for prayers of Davao Buddhists, and even the Christianized ones who have grown up running around the small manicured garden of the temple. Like any Buddhist temple, there were the two kidney shaped wood that you will hold in each hand and drop to see if you have the permission to go ahead and shake the container full of bamboo sticks, to seek guidance from the centuries old wisdom of the Buddha.

How to Get to Samal Island in Davao Del Norte

Going to Samal Island in Davao Del Norte:

The only bus company that services the island, Island City Express is owned by the Davao-Samal Ferry operator. This is the only option for the public land commuter to ride on when travelling from Davao to any major Samal destination. The ferry won't take passengers unless these are passengers of vehicles crossing with the ferry. Bus fares are inclusive of the ferry crossing. Most common ride you would find in the island of Samal is the Habal Habal - a motorcycle. They charge P200 per ride depending on where you are going. In our case we hired the man almost half of the day to bring us to some unusual spots in the island.

Samal White Beach Resorts in Davao Del Norte

Island garden city of samal has many resorts in with cheap and affordable accommodations. The island offers exciting features that pristine white sand beach resorts and watersports adventure. Bar , Fish Feeding , Island Hopping , Trekking , Samal Island Tours , Davao Inland. Its white sand beach as well as its surroundings are clean and peaceful environment. 

Bluejaz White Beach Resort: Experience Tourist Attractions in Samal Island

Experience BlueJaz Beach Resort & Water Park with its finest. Loving water so much? their beach is yours! overnight room to stay on? name it they have it … It’s a plus having 3 swimming pools for adults and children right? but there’s more, smell the refreshing breeze of the air, while you are relaxing and eating to their international cuisine restaurant. Located 100 feet off shore is the coral reef for snorkeling and diving. Daily deep water diving and fishing trips can be arranged with the in-house dive instructor. After a day in the sun and surf enjoy an evening of relaxation on the beach

Infinity Swimming Pool at Bluejaz White Beach Resort in Samal Island

 Aside from its beach, its facilities include three swimming pools and slides. If you are looking for relaxation I suggest swimming in the clear blue waters of one of our fresh water pools or enjoy the pearly white sands of our resorts private beach in the other side. Most of the resort's amenities are not yet finished but the main pool and the pool with the mini-slide are now fully-operated. 

Bluejaz White Beach Resort in Samal Island, Davao Del Norte

The island has numerous resort, one of the best white beach resort in Samal Island is the Bluejaz White Beach Resort & Waterpark. Facilities include water ski-ing, kayaking, wakeboarding and diving. don’t forget the longest waterslides in the Philippines are here in Bluejaz. If you are looking for relaxation we suggest swimming in the clear blue waters of one of our fresh water pools or enjoy the pearly white sands of our resorts private beach. The day tour entrance costs only P90 but, if you think P90 is too much compared to other beaches in Samal, better think again with all its amenities and the place itself is all worth it. For more information call: 082 302 8411 ; 082 303 1117.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Get to Hagimit Falls Nature's Park in Samal Island, Davao Del Norte

How to go to Samal Island, Davao

From Davao city, there are buses that goes to Samal Island through RORO(ferry). Pickup point is at Agdao, Davao.
Detail of Bus companies going to Samal
Pick up point : Magsaysay Park or at the Gasoline Station under the Agdao Flyover in Davao City.
-from Agdao(Davao)-Babak(Samal) = P30.00
-from Agdao(Davao) – Penaplata(Samal) = P40.00
Fees: Environmental Fee - P5.00 / Falls Entrance Fee - P40.00 / Shower Fee - P10.00 / Dressing Room Fee - P10.00 each person.

Nature Beauty of Hagimit Falls in Samal Island, Davao Del Norte

Hagimit Falls is a series of water falls with varying degree of sizes. The whole resort is divided into portions. Some parts are well-maintained while the others are just plain unattractive. It is very natural there, no artificial lighting or even a restaurant. If you want food, you should bring your own! You can rent a table to sit at, and you can even rent a hut for the night. The falls are nice, although the water not so clear. But the surroundings are very peaceful. The Hagimit falls is two kilometers away from Penaplata proper. It is accessible by car or a motorcycle. To get there you need to hike more or less 15 minutes. The local community collects P40.00 each for developments plus environmental fee of P5.00 each for the City Governement of Samal. Most of the first timer to see this place got a jaw dropping experience.

Mendez Resort at the Center of Hagimit Falls in Samal Island

Mendez Resort is now under construction, there is a big bridge with man-made stone creation. On our way to the falls we passed by many signs that said Hagimit Falls – printed on the signs was the face of salon owner Jessie Mendez. Apparently, he owns a part of the resort.  Guests at the resort may bring in food and can swim in the area.

Mahal Forest Resort in Hagimit Falls, Samal Island

Mahal Forest Resort is beside Hagimit Falls & Nature's Park. This was a privately owned resort at the center of the park. Enjoy the beauty & relaxing place. The place is not yet fully developed, the forest was unspoiled. Attractions of the resort was the floating cottages, wide parking space, restaurant and overlooking view of hagimit falls. The water is very cold. This waterfall is definitely an excellent site for camping since there are some campsites available. It is suitable for those who want to have been relaxing moments and quick dip to fresh water.

How to Get to Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary in Samal Island

Going to Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary from Davao International Airport:

From Davao International Airport,take a jeepney bound to Sasa Ferry Terminal  the fare is Php.8.00 or you may take an Island Express Bus going to Samal Island then drop off Babak District. From Babak, take a single motorcycle (habal-habal) or tricyle going to Barangay Tambo where Monfort Bat Cave is situated. No worries, all Samal Folks and habal-habal drivers knows the place. We haggle the price for 100 pesos good for 3 person. Note: Environmental Fee is Php 5.00 and Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary is Php 100.00 each.  Bring foods and water.

Beach Area at Monfort Sactuary - Moonrise Wonders

MONFORT BAT CAVE is truly a great pride of the Island Garden City of Samal. A great place worth to visit. After all, who wouldn’t, it is a Guinness World Record holder. After the 1 hour tour in the bat sanctuary, we decided to go at there beach front area to take some pictures and see what is in there. The place look-like a hidden beach area with a lot of coconut trees ang gumamela flowers.  .There is camping area in front of the beach area and its got a great view of the beach.

Monfort Bat Sanctuary: Guiness World Record Holder

You can discovered a new place worthy to take a look-the Monfort Bat Sanctuary in Samal Island, Davao Del Norte.  According to our guide, the Monfort Bat Cave is some sort of a sanctuary for these night creatures. Whether old bats or young bats, they have their place here. Our first cave was a space for the oldies. The Monfort Bat Cave is a Guinness World Record holder having almost 2 million bats. Visit the caves at Samal Island in Davao and help for it's preservation and conservationWe enjoyed our stay here, and I hope you can come visit, too! Up next: Higimit Falls In Samal Island.

Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary in Samal Island, Davao Del Norte

We are all excited to see the cave, the road is under construction going to the main cave. There are 5 openings of the bat sanctuary. The Monfort Bat Cave located inside the Monfort Eco Park at Brgy. Tambo, Babak District, Davao Del Norte, which is privately-own and is the world’s largest colony of Geoffroy’s Rousette Fruit Bats (Rousettus Amplexicaudatus) with an estimated 1.8 million bats living in the five remaining caves of Samal Island, to a density of 645 bats per square meter. This distinction was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest colony of Geoffrey’s Rousette Fruit Bat in the world. Monfort Bat Cave Entrance fee of Php. 100 per person plus Environmental fee of Php. 5 per pax.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Giant Durian Sculpture in Davao City International Airport

One thing you have to see in Davao International Airport when you arrive is the huge Durian sculpture built by one of Davao’s highly respected sculptor, painter and artist Kublai Millan. The biggest durian in Davao can be seen not in the market… but at the Davao International Airport! I’m talking about the giant durian statue. The Durian sculpture unfolds to reveal the tri-people of Davao: the Lumads, the Muslims, the Settlers.. Departing or arriving at the Davao International Airport, don't forget to take a pictures with your family and friends. Come and visit Davao City now.
You can see another work of Kublai here

Inside the Davao International Airport 2012

A lots of stores and restaurants inside the terminal. Davao International Airport is the only airport where you get your shoes x-rayed twice before you can pass. Transportation outside the airport are jeepneys ply from Barangay Buhangin, Sasa where the Davao International Airport is located to Davao’s city center where tourist attractions including San Pedro Cathedral nearby Sangguniang Panlungsod ng Dabaw, and Museo Dabawenyo are located. The jeepney fare is about P15 per person. Taxis are available inside and outside the airport 24 hours a day. Taxi fare from the airport going to the city center is about P100-P150.

Touch Down at Davao International Airport, Davao City

Hello! Davao International Airport, formerly known as Francisco Bangoy International Airport, is Mindanao's international gateway to countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia; and to the rest of the Philippines: Cebu, Zamboanga, and Manila. It is the busiest airport in Mindanao. is the main airport serving Davao City in the Philippines.  Eventually a new, larger terminal building which would consolidate the two existing terminals. In planning since 1992, construction of the new Davao International Airport began in 2000, and was subsequently inaugurated on December 2, 2003, with a capacity double than that of the old airport terminal. The terminal has four units of these boarding bridges for passengers.

Bound to Davao City Via Airphil Express

We had a trip last June 15 via Airphil Express, our first time to ride that airline. Early flight at 4am, so we had to go as early as 2am sharp. It has a smooth travel which approximately 2 hours travel time. I booked this flight 2 months ago. As low as Php. 1,474 (roundtrip) per person inclusive of taxes, fuel surcharge, web fee etc. This is the latest promo fare announced by Airphil Express. This flight allows as to have a 10 kilos per person.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to Get to Sampaguita Gardens Resort in Aklan

Ttrip from Kalibo to the town of New Washington just about 20 minutes away on mostly breezy beach and seascapes along the way. There are even resort-like restaurants by the roadside Hire a tricyle from Aklan International Airport us that this strip of highway only gets busy when there are the big passenger ships arriving from or departing for Manila, There are even 2 seaports in this town that is only about 10 kilometers from Kalibo. You must not miss it if you are to take a vacation at Boracay. Its just a 1- 2-hour ride from Caticlan to New Washington, Kalibo. Another thing that makes your visit or vacation at the resort so overwhelming is the warm treatment of their staff. Even if you are just an ordinary person entering the resort, you are very well accommodated and assisted by their staff.

Doll Musuem and Jojo's Christmas Cottage in Kalibo Aklan

Precious Moments Gallery showing early editions of Precious Moments choice items from bisque figurines and dolls. It is likewise a mini-museum of select memorabilia such as personal items belonging to Sam Butcher (paint-spattered work outfits) juxtaposed with a display of select gift items given to Sam Butcher. The Precious Moments Gallery is open from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Other Galleries are currently being developed to add to the many interesting and very educational amenities of Sampaguita Gardens.  onder how come there is anything like this in such a remote town like New Washington. There is even the Italian-styled “Sir Sam’s Ristoranti” which we learned generally serves as the breakfast area for the resort’s guests. But a portion in the area also serves as front desk and business center. A very nice place for both young and old.

Asian Village in Sampaguita Gardens Resorts,New Washington Aklan

Oriental Flavors is a fine dining restaurant that serves a fusion of Asian dishes, primarily Thai and Chinese cuisine. The interiors are decorated in a tasteful mix of ornaments: jars and porcelain vessels, larger-than-life statuary, silk flowers and crystal chandeliers. The tables and chairs were designed and created exclusively for Oriental Flavors. The Oriental Flavors Fine Dining Restaurant is open from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. In the heart of the Chapel Garden is a Bird Bath amidst angel flowers, hibiscus flowers in different colors, the ever popular Calachuchi (Frangipani) and palm trees.Coffee Town is a European-style café that serves hot and cold coffee concoctions as well as cakes and pastries. Coffee Town is open from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

Swimming Pool at Sampaguita Gardens Resort in Aklan

Today, Sampaguita Gardens is recognized as a landmark in the Travel & Trade Industry. My PhP50.00 consumable entrance fee for our food. I took lunch at the poolside and thought their food were very expensive but the price was reasonable enough.hahaha! The Spa is a place of tranquility, rest and recreation with a calm and soothing ambiance. Come in and inquire about available services, from massages, body treatments and other services. Please note that children are not allowed inside the Spa, which is open from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Last call for treatment is at 10:00 p.m. Appointments are encouraged.  

Sampaguita Gardens Resort in New Washington, Kalibo Aklan

To ask what else can I see in and around Kalibo since I was about to go heading to Antique that time. I was gladly told of many things, and Sampaguita Gardens was one of them. Sampaguita Gardens was originally owned by an American named Samuel Butcher, the creator of Precious Moments artworks. Mr. Butcher, who owns Precious Moments Park in Carthage, Missouri, put his ideas into action in December 2001 and in June 2003, the resort began commercial operations. There are gardens everywhere. And they’re all well-maintained. Figurines and statues dot the gardens. Two life-sized horses made of bronze by the entrance to what they call the oriental garden are a fantastic photo-op. 

President Roxas Church Parish of St. Joseph the Worker

The church has a simple beauty that charms many people to visit the place. It has unique interior which includes simple interiors, low ceiling and great lighting. Here are the short description of the church.

St. Joseph the Worker Parish
President Roxas, 5803 Capiz

Population: 40,001
Catholics: 39,501
Fiesta: St. Joseph the Worker during May 1
Parish Priest: Very Rev. Msgr. John A. Luza, PC
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Fr. Jeffrey Estrella

Photowalk at President Roxas in Capiz (Lutod Lutod)

It's my first time to visit President Roxas (formerly known as Lutod Lutod by locals). Which is the 4th class municipality if Capiz. People of President Roxas celebrate their Sinaot Festival every 1st of May. At yun ang hindi ko nasaksihan! Bad! Every city has some sort of a festival or tradition that is celebrated every year. In the Philippines almost all barangays that are predominantly populated by Christians celebrate fiesta. Tell us about the festivals, fiestas and traditions of President Roxas. 

Treat Yourself at Panulce Bakeshop in Roxas City

ABS-CBN's Travel show, Trip na Trip featured Panulce Bakeshop in Roxas City. Panulce is one of the leading pastry shops in the city, where you can buy some of these good foods. Its bestseller is the Biscottini – toasted bread glazed with caramel on top. It is light and crispy and it will definitely tickle your sweet tooth. It is a perfect entertainment snack that goes well with a cup of coffee or chocolate frappe. Aside from Biscottini, you can also take home other delicious pastries from Panulce, like ensaymada, polvoron, and rocky road bars. There are also mouth-watering cakes that will surely suit your cravings.

Panulce is located at Magallanes Street and at Gaisano City – Roxas.
Panulce Contact Numbers:
(036) 621-6144
(036) 621-0488

Shangrila's Mactan Resort and Spa By Night

It was once the Philippines largest resort and the best white sand beach area. They are located in two wings: the Ocean Wing and the Main Wing. All of the rooms are decorated with a terrific combination of contemporary Filipino furnishings with materials like capiz, banana leaf. Dining is also an interesting experience at the Shangri-la Mactan Island with the six restaurants and bars available at the site including the brand new Acqua restaurant, which offers Italian cuisine to family favorites like the Cowrie Cove. Whether on the beach, pool or the E-Zone entertainment center, visitors can enjoy a cocktail at the Chill Out Bar. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nino & Khisty Dried Fish Stall in Taboan Market, Cebu City

Wow Danggit! The famous dried fish is Danggit. A small and thin fish available as salted or unsalted. I prefer both as both salted and unsalted taste good to me. Taboan Market is a place in Cebu where you can buy sweet delicacies and known in our country as public dried fish haven as pasalubong. I bought dried danggit for only Php300.00 You'll get a lot of dried fish when you buy 1 kilo. Taste good specially when you dipped it to a vinegar with garlic and have a best fried rice - a very tasty breakfast. Aside from dried fish, other Cebu's delicacies can be found there like dried mangoes, otap, chicharon car-car and other delicacies.             



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