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Monday, September 1, 2014

Say Good Bye to the " Sunshine City of Laoag" on My Last Day

Yes its probably that there's always a special place for special people like me for a place of unending fun and adventure. Going to start your Ilocos adventure, you are most likely start in Laoag. Take a quick & walking tour around the city & you will know how people here is accommodating & nice. It is much proud of an Ilocano the largest ethnic in the Philippines. I just ended up my tour here in Ilocos Norte at their public plaza fountain & city hall which is one of the best place to visit at the heart of Laoag. Did you known that the word "Laoag" means light in Ilocano dialect. It's truly a serene place to visit even perhaps to retire and invest as well. This is one of the best experiences of my life and some of my bucket lists were checked. Laoag is a quiet geared to a very simple living in the province and I make sure to going back again & again. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

A Day Trip at Robinsons Ilocos Norte During the Rainy Season

Also known as Robinsons Laoag located at Maharlika Highway, Barangay 1, San Nicolas, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. This is one of the biggest mall in the province which caters a various national and local food and retail tenants in the country. The mall has a department store, supermarket, appliances store and 3-state of the art movie cinemas. I love the lush greenery landscape outside the mall and wide parking space of Robinsons Ilocos Norte with the unique interior design at the ground floor. If your coming from city proper of Laoag, take a jeepney cost you Php 15 per passenger and travel time is 5-10 minutes. The location of the mall is part of a larger and bigger urban development of the area. Soon, hotel, residential and office buildings will rise to further boost growth.


Good View of Ilocos Norte Provicial Capitol in Laoag City

Walking towards the capitol building during the night is probably one of the good view because the lights facing in front of the building which is more unique than other establishments around the area. I just posted photo during the daytime because I have no battery at night before my departure to Laoag City. The façade has a very unique architecture and main ceiling of the capitol. I like their tile flooring at the main lobby so very unique & fascinating chandeliers above. It is located along J.P Rizal Street, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte the capitol was erected and was built in 1917 under the administration of Governor Florencio Castro. Ilocos Norte Provincial Capitol contact number: +6377-771-5631. Nowadays the province has always been Marcos territory and the family enjoy a moderate amount of popularity in the whole Ilocos Norte Province. To commute: Tricycle  is the main source of transportation around the city.

Disappointed with Museo Ilocos Norte in Laoag City

After eating a quick lunch I immediately go to the Museo Ilocos Norte near the Provincial Capitol & public plaza, but unfortunately the museum is closed. What a bad day for me on my second day in Laoag City. I wasn't able to go inside the museum to check out historical pieces and how people survive during the American Forces War. I like the green grass landscape at the center of the museum.  So I decided to go at the nearby Provincial Capitol and take photo inside before heading to their public fountain.

Where to Stay in Laoag City on a Budget?

Affordable hotel in Laoag City with a good service and cheap accommodation loacated at Abadilla, Hilagang Ilocos, Laoag City.  I just walked through their market and I saw this hotel called UKJ Ever Hotel then I immediately inquire to their front desk and ask for a 2 nights accommodation and they charged me for Php 600 per day without breakfast promo. They assisted me at the third floor of the hotel. The location is good and very strategic since it's near the town plaza, public market, supermarket, pharmacies , some fast-food resto and other places that can visit by merely just walking around the city proper. The room is comfy, toilet are clean and cable & air-conditioning system is functional.

Ilocos Norte | Saint William Cathedral or Laoag Cathedral Church

One of the landmarks in the city is Saint William Cathedral also known as Laoag Cathedral Church is small but lovely inside where you find a great view of the altar and it's centrally located. This amazing cathedral was constructed in 1580 as per the plaque posted at its front area. It has wonderful historical significance. The American Forces used it during the 1898 Revolutionary War and by Diocesan Congress. The columns at the side are embellished with gold-color paint with a unique chandeliers above the ceiling. 
Located near the Cathedral are the sinking bell tower, fastfood like Mcdonalds infront the church, Supermarkets & Hotels. Very accessible to the center of the city. I love to go places or side trip along the way with its historical value especially when its well preserved.  Be sure you will visit this landmark when you're in Laoag City.  

A Sinking Bell Tower at The Heart of Laoag City in Ilocos Norte

As part of my 3 days trip in Ilocos Norte, I find my self touring around the city proper and check out this heritage old bell tower of Laoag City. The place is busy with tricycles, restaurants and motor speeding near the tower. You can't get good pictures without the hanging electrical wires and crowded establishments around the area.   It's hard to have a good picture of it so I ended up to take photos at the vacant lot near the school. Is it amazing to know how it is really sinking. According to the people & locals around the place, the bell tower is not actually sinking. It is just that the main roads are getting higher and higher were the times & years passing by which is a symbol of the religious heritage of the people of Laoag City. This area is just not well maintained and look like a very necessary work in progress was abandoned by the provincial government.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Unesco World Heritage Site | Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte

Yes, definitely one of my favorite old church in the country and this is one of its kind because of a combination of unique architecture "Baroque Style" and amazing façade outside. It has a magnificent structure that stands still for a longest time and truly on of the world heritage named. The local government should ensure the cleanliness of the place. I like the huge bell tower at the side made out of coral stones. I wanted to go up the tower but the security said its nit possible to go up there because of the fragile stairs & the door was closed that time. Too bad! The church is in the heart of Paoay which is just 5-10 minutes ride via public jeepney in Batac highway cost you Php 10 per passenger. From Laoag City , about 30 minutes ride via public transport. I walked through the side of the church as per local they put efforts in preserving our old heritage site. Best time to go there is during sunset because the beauty of the church is really amazing and the limestone colors catches up with sun's light.
For a itchy traveler like me, your Ilocos Norte will not compete unless you come and visit this timeless creation while your still young. Next post will be the Laoag & Side Trip Tour.

Ilocos Norte: St Augustine's Church locally known as Paoay Church

It's been 3 years ago when we had a quick trip here in Ilocos Norte for an event in my previous company. That time, we missed to visit the incredible Paoay Church of Ilocos for some reason & a lack of time travelling this place where the church were located. I love seeing old & heritage churches in the Philippines because of it's unique architectures and I was not able to go inside because I went there on a Friday & heavy rains during the time. The church is stunning with its striking bell tower to the side and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Philippines. It's so historical and just looking at it outside gives you an  idea to search and know it's history more. Such a wonderful and my favorite church in the country so far next to Miag-ao Church in Iloilo. I was so excited to capture pictures while it's raining! Oh really heavy rains pours down. There is something special about it that make you want to sit on the grass and just stare at it. I feel like the old bricks and stone are telling me a thousand stories.
There is a nearby restaurant in front the church (Herencia), where you can try Ilocano food & delicacies.  It is definitely a must see place in Ilocos Norte and certainly a remarkable creation will truly amaze both local and foreign tourists.  

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pagudpud White Beach Resort & Bangui Windmills In Ilocos Norte

Bangui Windmills is one of my favorite destinations in Ilocos Norte during our roadtrip. Looking at these windmills at far made us say “WOW. Located in Bangui, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. The windmills, officially referred to as the NorthWind Bangui Bay Project. I  think i've counted 20 windmills there, if i still know how to count that is :)


Laoag City - Ilocos Norte



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