Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Famous Bacolod Sweets: Calea Pastries & Coffee in Robinsons Bacolod

This is definitely the home for a sweet tooth like me. Being the capital of sugarland, you would expect that the people in Bacolod would know how to make and appreciate good sweets and pastires. So, I take a cab from Bacolod Seaport going to Robinsons Place Bacolod located at Lacson Street, Mandalagan which is the way going to Bacolod-Silay Airport. Upon arriving the store, I immediately ordered chocolate cake the prize is really good and worth it. I also brought Napoles & C2 from the supermarket. There are so many cakes & pastries to choose from that it is a test of discipline to get just one slice. Hahaha! I'm really satisfy my sweet tooth cravings, it is one the best cake shops I have ever tried. Thumbs up indeed! During my visit there are a lot of people in the store, simply because they have the yummiest cakes you will ever get to taste.If you want to dine there, better be there early. People line up just to get a table. The interior design of this branch is very relaxing and is done tastefully with their best seller cakes.

So make sure to drop and try one of their cakes if you visit the province of Negros Occidental and make it happen. Happy Travels Everyone!

Quick Side Trip in Iloilo City & College Friends Meet-Up

I advised my friend a week before that I'll be in Iloilo for a solo backpacking trip. We had meet up at Green Mango Restaurant near the Iloilo City Hall with Paul & Weng and then ordered their famous canton guisado, fried chicken, fish fillet, rice and braso de mercedez for the dessert. The prize range is affordable and service is good. Just visit their place at Zamora Street ( fronting Iloilo City Hall & Plaza Libertad) Iloilo City.So I make sure to get a full tummy before heading to Bacolod City on my 2nd blog anniversary. After a quick lunch with college friends, we take photos in front of Plaza Libertad (formerly Plaza Alfonso) & City Hall. The plaza is clean and beautifully organized. It is a some 5 minutes walk towards the Iloilo port via 2go Travel bound to Bacolod City, Negros Occidental continuing my solo journey to Dumaguete & Siquijor.

Iloilo International Airport : One of the Best Airport in My 2013 Travels

I have a 9:30am flight bound to Iloilo City then en-route to the Province of Capiz (my hometown) via Cebu Pacific Air. The new airport have modern technology, service and accredited as a qualifier for internationals standards which is determined by the International Civil Aviation (ICA) Organization. I also wondered when I first heard of it so I pushed through my booking via Iloilo, in order me to experience this first class facilities which the airport is offers and I am happy that their maintain the good service to the passengers. I think the new airport is definitely way better than the old one. The arrival area is clean and modernized facilities while outside the airport, I have a good view with the green plants and tall trees. About the transportation in Iloilo International Airport? You don't need to go to the main road to get a cab. There are a lot of taxi & van services upon getting out the area which is some agents are offering taxi/van services in a minimal charges and they are organized. They will drop you off at SM City Iloilo where you can take a lot of connecting routes around the city like jeepney, multicab & van hire. No hassle!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Panagbenga Festival 2014 in Baguio City

Panagbenga 2014 in Baguio Highlight on February 22 & 23, 2014 ( Street Dancing & Float Parade) | City of Pines and Summer Capital of the Philippines is one of the most colorful festival and grandest gathering for this year.  So if your looking for a great festival to unwind from a rough and tough day of work this is the time you waiting for. Here's the schedule of this year's " Baguio's Panagbenga Festival 2014 or known as Flower Festival " and photos from last year's event. Calendar of Traditional Events & Highlights:

Februaray 1 - Opening Ceremonies & Grand Parade 
                   -  Drum and Lyre Band Competition

February 1 until March 2 - Baguio Blooms Landscaping & Exhibits
                                      - Competition and Exposition

February 9 - Fluvial Float Parade - Burnham Park Lake

February 14 to 15 -  Philippine Military Academy Alumni Homecoming

February 16 - Handog ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya Baguio
                   - Let a thousand flowers bloom

February 22 - Street Dance Competition (Main Event) Panagbenga Park to Athelic Bowl

February 23 - Grand Flower Float Parade (Main Event) Panagbenga Park to Athelic Bowl

Thursday, January 9, 2014

5th Philippine International PyroMusical Competition 2014

Pyromusical 2014 Schedules in SM MOA is up every saturday from February 15 until March 22, 2014! Let us celebrate the annual fireworks competition in our country with among the top manufacturers around the world.  The best experience ever which is a synchronizes music to fireworks to the beat. Tickets prize would be P1,500 / P500 / P300 & P100.  It was magical and this is worth watching guys. Here's the schedules:

February 15, 2014 - Australia & Philippines (Opening Exhibition)
February 22, 2014 - Spain & United Kingdom
March 1, 2014 - France & Japan
March 8, 2014 - China & Germany
March 15, 2014 - Finland & Canada
March 22, 2014 - USA & Philippines ( Closing Exhibition)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Moriones Festival 2014 Schedule in Marinduque

Moriones Festival 2014 will be on April 13 to 20, 2014 in Boac, Marinduque which highlight the holyweek events of the province. Come and experience the unique traditions of Marinduquenos. Here's the schedules of their week-long celebration:

April 13, 2014 - PALM SUNDAY
5:00 am - Holy Mass
6:30 am - Holy Mass
7:00 am - Blessing of Palms
             - Hosanahan & Procession (a celebration of Christs Entry to Jerusalem)
8:00 am - Holy Mass
3:00 pm - Holy Mass
4:00 pm - General Station of the Cross

Pahiyas Festival 2014 Schedule in Lucban Quezon

Yes, Pahiyas Festival 2014 is dated on May 15, 2014 ( Thursday ) celebrates the feast of San Isidro Labrador.  One of the biggest, happiest, loudest and colorful festival in the country. For this year's event one of the highlight are:

* Parade - featuring the Adgiants or higantes, marching and lyre bands, street dancers , floats , sunduan ( ladies in unique costumes made of indigenous materials).
* Float Design and Construction - a mobile Pahiyas decorative (both public & private companies)
* AdGiants (also known as Higantes) - giants mascots that run, walk, dance, bow and roam around the town center to excitement of both the young and old.
* Cultural Shows - featuring rondalla music ensemble, cultural daancers, singers, fashion shows, beauty competition, film/video showing, art and photo exhibits.
* Live Demonstration - kiping making, coconut dehusking , longganisa-making and other unique activities native to Lucban. 

Island Hopping Adventures Continue at Ivisan, Capiz

This trip was so fun, adventures and we were truly able to see the beauty of some nearby islands in the area. One of those are unspoiled beaches, small islands and rock formation. It is situated western part of Panay and approximately 1 hour travel from Roxas City. If you're looking for an awesome weekend beach bumming adventure, this is the place to be with. The water is so clear and a lot of corals around the reef . We enjoyed taking photos in our banca and some of my friends looking forward to our next beach experience soon. Two of the most popular town spots in Capiz with a great view of beaches and islands are Ivisan and Sapian. Take note that there is no life vest, snorkeling gear and diving equipment in the area. After a long day of island hopping, we headed back to the fish port and bought some oyster. This is my highlights of my year 2013 and I explore picturesque islands of my hometown, wander quiet beach, swim and enjoy the sun.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Mabaay Rock Formation In Ivisan, Capiz

Rock Formations & Small Cave in Mabaay Island or Martelinos Island. It is must side trip from the beach area to the rock formation. Although some area has a stiff rock formation, the beauty of this island would be definitely a rewarding trip for me. It's fun to imagine how long it will takes to built this area of the island. One of the adventures I would love is trekking and along the way beating the rocky and steep trails is a challenge. This is a perfect venue for outdoor enthusiast and travelers like me. In Addition, I also enjoyed the cool breeze and calm water of the place. We took a lot of photos with my friends and cousins. It is definitely a great summer vacation to all who wants a nature tripping and bonding with friends. The activity was tiresome but you will surely forget the exhaustion one you reach this area of the island. 

Trekking Around Mabaay Island in Ivisan, Capiz

After a great boodle flight lunch with friends, we proceed to trek around the island of Mabaay and also known as " Martelinos Island". I think this is a private property. hmm! Anyway, don't forget to wear proper shoe or slippers during your trip because of a sharp rocks and corals along the way. If you plan to do hiking or trekking in the island, bring extra water and towel. The island maintains its unique beauty and the shorelines is calm. We passes through the rocky mountains and cave at the back portion of the Island. I was surprised on how the island is preserve and maintain. They also have a lot of trees and unknown fruits scattered in many parts of the island and a very relaxing place to a very fresh tourist destination in the Province of Capiz. You have to trek for about 30 minutes or less. 

How to Get to Mabaay Island in Basiao, Ivisan

Going to Mabaay Island is also known as Martelinos Island in the western part of Capiz. Here's the tip and budget:

Take a tricycle ride from Roxas City Airport going to Ivisan Terminal located at Punta Tabuc, Roxas City in front of Iglesia Ni Kristo, cost you from Php 15-20 pesos per passenger. From there take a multicab going to Ivisan town proper. Ask the driver to drop you off at Ivisan Public Market where you can find jeepney bound to Basiao. Travel time is 45 minutes  to 1 hour. Fare is Php 25 each. It's best to take the first trip which is 6:00AM, especially if you have a limited time to stay in Mabaay Island. From LA Beach Resort in Basiao, Ivisan you can hire motorized boat ranging Php 300 to 500 pesos for the whole day. Bring your own foods and drinks during your trip. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

A Day Spent in Mabaay Island and White Beach Sand in Ivisan, Capiz

A pristine white beach with crystal clear waters which is only a 15-20 minute ride by a motorized banca from LA/ Basiao Beach Resort in Ivisan, Capiz and water is calm ideal for swimming. It was amazingly and picturesque place to be with. Take note: the white beach area is low tide during morning and high tide in the afternoon. The white sand cannot be seen during high tide and was a little rough with tiny pebbles and corals but in the water, it was smooth. Take nothing but a souvenir pictures with the ground, indeed it was amazingly clear and just swim and float in the cool clear water. Boat rental for the whole day is ranging Php 300-500 pesos for a maximum of 6 persons. You may contact boatman Kuya Reniel or Miss Edrelyn Umiten - +63935-7417614. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Lunch by the Beach in Mabaay Island in Ivisan, Capiz

Well, this island has a lots of thing to offer you like snorkeling, diving, trekking around the island, fishing, lunch by the beach, swimming and many more. You need to bring your own foods and drinks during your trip. We bought some fish, crabs, lobster and oyster at the fish port before heading to the Island, grilled it in side part of the Island. Most visitors who come here just eat, lie down on the beach, take a swim and then leave. The island filled with tall green trees and cogon grass. We enjoyed our lunch very much and thanks to Kuya who cooked for us. Then after eating, we take a dip into the crystal-clear water and took a lot of photos. 

Approaching Mabaay Island & Little White Sand Beach in Ivisan, Capiz

Mabaay White Beach Island in Ivisan is one of the several white sand of Capiz. Located at the western most part of Panay Island which is surrounded by the coastline & reef  of Aklan & Sapian, Capiz. It is a small island where some visitors flocked during summer time and powdery white sand of the beach front. The crystal- clear water of this Island attracts many visitors per year and some fishes at the side part of Mabaay Island. This island can be reach by a motorized banca located LA/ Basiao Beach Resort ranging Php 300-500 which depends on number of person. I did not need to dive or snorkel to see the corals up close. I had to do was lower my camera from the banca and takes pictures of the coral. I love being in the beach with friends. You can bring your own foods for lunch by the beach.

Our First Time at Tuwad Island in Ivisan, Capiz

Island Hopping in Ivisan | Capiz. Most people get around by boat because it so much easier for them to travel to different island of Capiz. We were  lucky to have our friend's own banca and they charged us with a minimal fee. The island has a great view of lighthouse in the center, water is so clean and many corals along the reef. You can enjoy snorkeling in a crystal-clear water or even swimming to the reef of island. At the nearby island of Ivisan, there were also a lot of boulders and interesting rock formation and the waves is a little bit strong and continuous crashed onto the island's shores. It had less people compare to other part of the island. This is my unforgettable experience in my hometown province, I was able to explore unique places, island and white beaches.

The Lighthouse of Tuwad Island in Ivisan, Capiz

This lighthouse is newly build by the municipal office of Ivisan. About 20 feet high and painted with white color. This is our first time here and I was amazed about the hidden beauty and unspoiled place like this. Upon arriving at Tuwad Island, we took about 2 minutes walk towards the top portion of the lighthouse. There are a lot of cogon grass and an overlooking view of the ocean. I have noticed this the white sand portion in the island and some of the corals are a live too. It is no surprise that we have a lot of lighthouse and nice view of an unspoiled island in our country. Few tourist ventures or come here because it can access by a motorized banca. We meet locals from Ivisan and Roxas City, they just come here because of the clean environment and a clearer blue-water of the place.

Mahabang Pulo Island in Basiao, Ivisan Capiz

As part of your Island Hopping Adventure in Basiao Ivisan, don't miss to check out this island called " Mahabang Pulo", a small portion of white-sand corals and a rock formation around it. This island can be reach through motorized boat. You can hire boat at Basiao/LA Beach Resort ranging from Php 300 -500 depending on number of person/boat. The water is clear and seaweeds scattered all over the place. Overlooking view of Marukol "Gamay" and "Daku" at the side and it was a cloudy morning during our visit that time. The island also have mangroves behind the rocks and it is fun during summer with your friends. For me Basiao & Ivisan, Capiz has a very unique and attractive island and you can see more tourist attraction here.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

First Stop of Island Hopping: Marukol Island in Ivisan Capiz

This is Marukol Gamay & Dako Island ( a visayan word which mean "Small & Big") which is one of the great scenic view from Basiao Beach Resort. We took about 5 minutes travel and I was amazed with the rock formation surrounding the island. Did you know that you can walk towards this Island during low tide but it is dangerous for you to take this route because of rocky corals under the water. The water is so clear, trees are surrounded in the area  and corals are too alive. I think it has a great view under the water and I love this little island. Some parts of Ivisan in Capiz is well-known to its white sand beaches, relaxing and beautiful island across Roxas City & nearby Aklan. Experience the beauty of the Island now and best time during Summer together with your family and friends. Our next destination is Mahabang Pulo & the perfect white sand of Mabaay Island or Martilenos Island.

A Quick Stopover at Basiao White Beach Resort in Ivisan, Capiz

Basiao Ivisan Capiz | It was a cloudy morning when we arrived and the beach resort has not so fine white sand but a clear blue water which is located in Sitio Marangkalan, Basiao, Ivisan Capiz. The place has a great view of the ocean facing the 3 Island of Mahabang Pulo Island, Marukol Gamay & Dako Island.  About 1 kilometer stretch of white sand. The resort composed of two big cottages and other small nipa hut. Ranging Php 100 to 500 pesos per cottage. Let's experience the beauty and relaxing ambiance of the place, about 30-40 minutes away from the town proper of Ivisan. Discover the nature beauty of Ivisan and relax yourself on a clean environment and not crowded beach resort in Capiz. After a quick time in the beach, we decided to take our boat going to Marukol Island for the first time.

Ivisan Fish Port in the Province of Capiz

Ivisan Fish Port | Basiao, Ivisan in Capiz. Before heading to our island hopping trip, we bought fish, crabs and lobster at their fish port. They are all fresh and a live. The price is so cheap not expensive versus in the market. The town of Ivisan is become the most dynamic port in the region because of the high volume of seafood. My cousin's friend is very helpful and friendly. She also arranged our boat for the island hopping. The boatman uses a big "lambat" for fishing and the water is so clear. Check out my next blog post about our island hopping escapades.

How to Get to Christ the King Redeemer in Ivisan, Capiz

Going to Christ the King Redeemer Statue of Capiz in Barangay Malocloc Norte, Ivisan:

Upon arriving in Roxas City Airport , take a jeepney bound to Pueblo De Panay Terminal (new) where you can find jeepney going to Sapian western part of Capiz or bus/van going to Kalibo and Caticlan. Ask the driver to get you off to Barangay Malocloc Norte and travel time is 30-40 minutes. This is just right part of the national road highway and facing the Church of Sto. Domingo. There is no entrance fee at shrine, just ask the caretaker that you would take photos on it. Best time to visit the place during morning because of the great shot facing the sunset. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Christ the King Redeemer Statue of Capiz in Malocloc Norte, Ivisan

I've been to Monasterio De Tarlac and they had also similar statue here in Capiz. This shrine is located along the highway of Ivisan going to Aklan & Sapian, Capiz road and one of the iconic man-made statue painted with white about 130 feet tall. According to the caretaker beside the church of Sto. Rosario, these is a privately owned by Inday Ruth Gamboa. They also had a waiting area cottage along the main part of the shrine. We took a lot of photos before heading to Mambusao (hometown). The area is become one of the tourist attraction in the province of Capiz and the shrine area has a great view of natures and tall trees above a hilly/rocky surface of the mountain. I was appreciate the beauty & scenic view from the top. This statue is build a few years ago to attract people or tourist going to Boracay and other parts of Panay Island. Check out my next post about " How to Get to Christ the King Redeemer in Ivisan, Capiz.

The Adorable " Mantalinga Island" in Baybay, Roxas City

Mantalinga Island | Roxas City. What a lovely view at Baybay, Roxas City in the province of Capiz. I grew up looking this small island every year during my childhood days in my hometown province. Well, this black grey sand beach of Baybay and backdrop island of Matalinga Island would make yourself relax and calm under the heat of the sun. One of thebest tourist destination in the province of Capiz.  You'll see this island during a plane ride at Roxas City Airport or hire a banca to get there at Dumulog or Culasi for an island hopping, snorkeling and diving as well. I have no idea about the tour rate but you can check with the Tourist Assistance Center located at People's Park. I really enjoyed the day and the food as well. Maybe someday I can get here and explore behind this island. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baybay Park | The People's Park in Roxas City, Capiz

This is the new seaside food stalls in Roxas City which offers best seafood in town. One of the tourist attraction in the province with a great view of Roxas City Bay & nearby Mantalinga Island which is a kilometer away from the shoreline of La Playa De Roxas or People's Park. At the center of the park you'll see this Tourist Assistance Center will provide you information and tourist attraction of the whole province of Capiz. This area is open and free to tourist to enjoy and unwind all over the day. Some portion of the area is now developed and made into bars and restaurants in order you to have a night life during the day. They also have a wide open parking space and good view during the night.

Capiz: Where to Buy Seafoods in Roxas City?

I'm a fan of fresh seafood! So my sister and I took a 1 hour jeepney ride from Mambusao (hometown) to Roxas City. Upon arriving at the Albar Terminal, we took a tricycle ride going to Baybay Roxas City where you can find a lot of seafood's choice. Look for the "Seafood Court at People's Park Plaza:. Travel time is 20-30 minutes and cost you Php 15 per head. You could see a lot seafood stalls here, but we decided to have it at Japinu Seafood Stall with great view of Baybay Beach. The service staffs were great and the foods are delicious. What we had were sinigang Blue Marlin, baked oyster with cheese & toasted garlic sauce, grilled squid and we just added pork barbeque. It is best to eat with your hands and the place is an open place with chairs and tables outside. We just waited for a 20-30 minutes and then the food is served. The money spent is worth the good and good service as well which is perfect for group meals and family gathering. I can assure you that you will not regret having one of your meal in here. 

Red Horse Beer Muziklaban 2014 Grand Finals on February 1, 2014

2014 is the year of the Horse! Dre, Let's do this! Now, here's the schedule of Red Horse Beer Muziklaban 2014 Grand Finals. One of the grandest, loudest and longest running rock band challenge competition in our country.  Here's the details below:

Venue: World Trade Center, Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City 
Gates Opens: 5:00pm
RHB Muzikalaban 2014 Ticket Prize: VIP - Php 400 with 2 free beer & 1 dickies shirt / General Admision: Php 100 with 2 free beer (500ml)
RHB Muziklaban 2014 Guest Bands: Pepe Smith, Slapshock, Razorback, Even, Mayonaise, Kjwan, Queso, Wilabaliw, Greyhoundz, Gayuma,Hatankaru, David vs Goliath, A Music Theory and other surprise guest.

Ed and Dat Mini Resort in Mambusao, Capiz

Affordable Swimming Pool in Capiz | Ed & Dat Mini Resort is one of the pool resort in Barangay Poblacion Tabuc, Palje, Mambusao in Capiz. They have a 1 medium swimming pool and 2 kiddie pool. Entrance Fee for Kids & Adults is Php 20.00. For Swimming Pool Fee: Kids - Php 50 and for Adults - Php 80. They also have air-conditioned rooms, cottages and function hall for all occasions with the capacity of 50 person with a minimal fee. We enjoyed the use of their facilities like shower room, playground for kids, riverside cottages, mini canteen and their pool area. About their pool design they have distinct color of aqua blue and depth varies from 3 to 5 feet with a view of Mambusao River at the left side of their cottage. If you want a quick relaxation, family bonding and get together with friends, well this is the place for you. Here's the rates: Umbrella Type - Php 50 / Riverside Nipa Hut - Php 100 / Medium Size Cottages - Php 150.

How to Get to Talon Adventure Park in Roxas City, Capiz

Going to Talon Adventure Park in Roxas City Capiz | New Tourist Attraction in Capiz

From Ayagao White Beach Resort we took a 10 minutes drive going to Talon Adventure Park. Zipline and ATV ride is also available for your extreme adventure experience. This area is located just right ahead towards Roxas City -Ivisan road. At the national highway of Barangay Balijuagan (landmark - Balijuagan National High School & Elementary) take a tricycle going to the park which cost you Php 8 pesos per head. You may take jeepney at Roxas-Ivisan Terminal located at Barangay Punta Tabuc Roxas City. Travel time is 30 minutes and cost you abou Php 12 pesos per hear. Please check out my blog post here - http://jeffponce.blogspot.com/2014/01/how-to-get-to-ayagao-white-beach-resort.html and Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

I Love Capiz Signage at Talon Adventure Park in Roxas City

Photo ops at the big signage "HEART CAPIZ" at Talon Adventure Park in Roxas City makes my vacation fulfilling and enjoyable day with college friends. We took a lot of group photos at the big signage before leaving the area. This is my hometown province and I am proud to be Capiznon. Did you know that this Talon Adventure Park in Capiz has compose of seven areas like Zipline, Camp site, Zoo, Orchid Farm, Fishing, Mahogany plantation and Welcome garden or waiting area. Park hours is from Tuesday to Sunday only. Opens - 10AM to 6PM. Check out their website at www.talonadventure.com.

Zipline at Talon Adventure Park in Roxas City, Capiz

Talon Adventure park is the newest tourist attraction in Capiz which provide extreme sports adventure.  My nephew and I was able to try their new facilities for Php 100 pesos/person with a minimum speed of 60km/hr as you soar up to estimated 100 feet off the ground on a scenic view of mountains, plants and trees. I'm really afraid of heights but the staff assured me that this activity is safe. I am nervous at first but when I saw the view at the top it is really worth an experience. It all looked a bit scary at first as the safety standards are available like harness, tie rope, helmet and hip strap. These are some safety measures that needs to be taken care of by the management. This is one you must do and a great adventure experience for a first-timer.  It was a great outdoor experience and the weather was nice and sunny bonding with my college friends. I would recommend this place for families or group of friends. Talon Adventure Park is located at Barangay Talon, Roxas City in Capiz.

Friday, January 3, 2014

How to Get to Ayagao White Beach Resort in Roxas City

Going to Ayagao White Beach Resort in Roxas City:

From Roxas City Airport you can take tricycle right away which is cost you about Php 150-200 pesos one way going to Barangay Balijuagan crossing a jump off point to Barangay Talon which is depends on number of person. But if you are on a budget, you can take tricycle from the airport going to Roxas City-Ivisan multicab terminal. Fare is Php 15 pesos per person. Ask the driver to drop you off to crossing Talon & Balijuagan.Travel time is 20-30 minutes.Landmarks is Balijuagan National High School.  From there take a tricycle going to the main beach. Fare is Php 10 pesos. Other options from Iloilo bus bound to Roxas City.  You can drop at the road crossing of Ivisan, Capiz & public plaza.  Take a short walk at the Gas Station & Health Center where the terminal bound to Roxas City is located. Ask the driver to take you off at crossing Talon Adventure Park. Passing through the cemented and rough road area of Barangay Talon to the main beach area. Happy Travel Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines. 

Floating Balsa of Ayagao White Beach in Roxas City

We really enjoyed the picnic on balsa (raft bamboo) with built-in tables/chairs and those floating kubos along the crystal blue water as one of the attraction in the place. You can rent them from Php 500-1000 pesos depending on the size and capacity but we haggle it to 300 for a smaller balsa. A good view from our balsa to the shoreline of white sand in Ayagao White Beach. We bring our foods and drinks in the area, something easy to eat that doesn't need to cook and we love to go to the beach. While waiting for other friends to arrived I got to take more photos and swim at the side of our balsa. The water is calm and cold. Swimming just becomes more fun when there are kids around, specially my nephew and college friend's kid. Happy Travel Everyone!

Ayagao White Beach in Roxas City, Capiz

Aside from Olotayan Island covered with white beach sand, one of the newest beach destination of Roxas City is located in  Barangay Talon about 20-30 minutes away from the city proper. I've been waiting for this trip since the beach resort was opened a year ago. The place has a nipa hut cottages ranging for Php 150 to 400 pesos and floating balsa for Php 300 to 1000 pesos. So we choose a smaller balsa that can accommodate 8-10 person.   This is my first time to experience floating balsa with college friends. You can also play volleyball in their beach area, snorkeling and hiking up the mountain at left side of the resort with a good view of long stretch beach area and a blue water. It can be clearly seen during the early morning when  the water is clear and the tide is high. It is a full of natural landscape that a beach lover like me will have to enjoy great scenery and relaxation. On the other hand, some of the fishermen offers island hopping at the nearby island of Ivisan, Capiz ranging Php 600-800 pesos depending on number of persons per boat. Check out my next blogpost on How to Get to Ayagao White Beach.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bisayang Manlalakbay | Best of Travels 2013

The year that was for Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines Edition showcasing the best & unexplored spots in our country! It's the time for me to looked back the most memorable travels, events, beaches, springs, waterfalls, churches and landmarks I've visited this year.  Almost 11 new provinces & 15 re-visited provinces this year and about 472 Facebook followers, Total Pageviews of 208,670 and 44 Google Followers.   For this year when I started to enjoy traveling alone and I really enjoyed doing a do-it-yourself (DIY) trips and budget traveling. The best part of my yearender trip in Baguio City & Benguet Province is to having been able to spend time with my family which we celebrated my sister's birthday.

Here's a quick roundup on one of my best travels I've had the year 2013, I dedicate this to you guys.




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