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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photowalk in Tagum City Davao Del Norte

I like the tricycle in Tagum City, very unique and friendly people as well.  Along the highway a lot of plam trees planted on each side of the road just before the entry to the city  Frommyshort roam around the city, I noticed that it is very clean and organized in a way that each street would be easy to go to and remember. It is not crowded like Davao City but I hope it stays that way. Their main mode of transportation is tricycle which is pictured below which I liked not only because it is cheap and comfy but it can take you wherever you want within the city for only P8 pesos. Its very more fun in Tagum just like jeepneys in Manila but more fun. Also, fruits are more affordable in Tagum City. I definitely go back to this place soon and explore and discover more about the province of Davao Del Norte.

Roaming Inside the Modern City Hall of Tagum

It was definitely beautiful when it will be accomplished this year because of modern interior design with a high ceiling. I saw a lot of photos and exhibit on how Tagum City has a rich cultures, traditions and tourist spots. Tagum City seems to be leading all other Mindanao cities in the area. This project might help generate jobs in Tagum City and other nearby provinces as well. The architectural designs inside and outside of the building is good.  A lot of people do their workout every morning because of the wide parking space. The 25 hectare park located in Barangay Apokon, Tagum City, Davao Del Norte. 

New Tagum City Hall in Davao Del Norte

Just take a jeepney or tricyle at Gaisano Mall of Tagum along the highway. Travel time is about 15-20 minutes. This new city hall of Tagum is very huge and has an artistic design. One nice view of the place is sculptures outside.  They could have considered having a filipino arhcitect which i believe na meron. I like the design and wide open space of the parking lot. And also the city's music lifestyle also gives a tourist-friendly destination. Tagum City has a lot of festivals this includes: Kaimonan Festival which celebrated every October that showcase the different tribal songs, dances, games, crafts and rituals. Pakaradjan Festival a traditional dances with a common goal of preserving and promoting their beliefs and traditions. Indayog Festival a festival gathering of dance performers, choreographers, directors and educators from all over Mindanao to celebrate the dance arts and culture and a lot more. Visit their website at

It's All About Tagum City: Palm Tree Capital of the Philippines

Why is it Tagum City?  The Palm City of the Philippines and the Music Capital of Mindanao as well. I want to explore the place and discover on it's culture.  Over the years there has been an effort to improve the city like the new City Hall of Tagum City.They have a lot of palm trees in the area. This palm trees is also visible along the highway, government establishment and mall. It is 53 kilometers north of Davao City. To get there, take a bus bound for Tagum City. Buses operate 24 hours a day.

Giant Rosary of Tagum City: World Largest Rosary by Guinness Book of World Record

The place is awesome and beautiful. This is located at the back of Christ The King Cathedral in Tagum City and about 85.5-meter-long rosary, made of linked beads, lines a pathway going to the giant bronze statue of the Risen Christ.  The city claims that the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest Roman Catholic rosary and just one of the attractions of Christ the King Cathedral. The Risen Christ towers over the rosary bead. You'll really feel the comfort and enlightenment your mind's looking for. The crucifix are really huge when you try to go closer. I also take more photos before going to Compostella Valley as part of my solo backpacking trip. 

How to get to Christ the King Cathedral Church in Tagum City

The newly constructed, Christ the King Cathedral Church is a must see place if your going to Tagum City from Davao City.Tagum has changed a lot. It has become one of the most progressive cities in Mindanao and worth visiting. How to get to there! From NCCC Mall in Maa Road, Davao City, take a bus going to Tagum City or Compostella Valley. Travel time is about 2 hours or less, that would you cost P50.00 per person. Then from Tagum City take a tricycle going to the church of Christ the King Cathedral. Transportation in and around Tagum is by bus, jeepney or tricyle. Tricyle is just like a taxi. You tell it where you want to go and they take you. Buses and jeepneeis have set route but a jeepney will go out of the way if you pay extra and they are not too full.

New Cathedral of Christ The King Church in Tagum City

This was taken last September 23, 2012 during my solo backpacking trip to Davao Region. I wake up early in the morning to get in touch with the first bus trip going to Tagum City in Davao Del Norte. In infront of NCCC Mall of Davao where you can find provincial bus going to Tagum City, it was a cloudy morning that time. I arrived at Tagum City by 8:00am and about 2 hours travel from Davao City. Yes Finally! Tagum City - The City of Palm Trees! A fastest-growing cities in Mindanao and in the Philippines, Tagum City has become a bustling hub of culture, commerce, health services, and entertainment in the Davao Region and in the southern Philippine region. I take a tricycle going to Christ The King Cathedral which is located at Rizal Street Tagum City, Davao del Norte. Telephone No: (6384) 218-1801 Fax No: (6384) 400-1312. That's one of the must-see places when you visit Tagum City. This is my first time to visit the place.It is looks like a castle to me and has nice landscape as well. It was a very beautiful church with a Sacred Heart Jesus. I was amazed of the design of the church and beautiful sculptures adorn the frontage of the church. The altar inside is so unique.  Next post is the world largest rosary which ca be seen in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte.

Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Get to Samal Island in Davao Del Norte

Going to Samal Island in Davao Del Norte:

The only bus company that services the island, Island City Express is owned by the Davao-Samal Ferry operator. This is the only option for the public land commuter to ride on when travelling from Davao to any major Samal destination. The ferry won't take passengers unless these are passengers of vehicles crossing with the ferry. Bus fares are inclusive of the ferry crossing. Most common ride you would find in the island of Samal is the Habal Habal - a motorcycle. They charge P200 per ride depending on where you are going. In our case we hired the man almost half of the day to bring us to some unusual spots in the island.

Samal White Beach Resorts in Davao Del Norte

Island garden city of samal has many resorts in with cheap and affordable accommodations. The island offers exciting features that pristine white sand beach resorts and watersports adventure. Bar , Fish Feeding , Island Hopping , Trekking , Samal Island Tours , Davao Inland. Its white sand beach as well as its surroundings are clean and peaceful environment. 

Bluejaz White Beach Resort: Experience Tourist Attractions in Samal Island

Experience BlueJaz Beach Resort & Water Park with its finest. Loving water so much? their beach is yours! overnight room to stay on? name it they have it … It’s a plus having 3 swimming pools for adults and children right? but there’s more, smell the refreshing breeze of the air, while you are relaxing and eating to their international cuisine restaurant. Located 100 feet off shore is the coral reef for snorkeling and diving. Daily deep water diving and fishing trips can be arranged with the in-house dive instructor. After a day in the sun and surf enjoy an evening of relaxation on the beach

Infinity Swimming Pool at Bluejaz White Beach Resort in Samal Island

 Aside from its beach, its facilities include three swimming pools and slides. If you are looking for relaxation I suggest swimming in the clear blue waters of one of our fresh water pools or enjoy the pearly white sands of our resorts private beach in the other side. Most of the resort's amenities are not yet finished but the main pool and the pool with the mini-slide are now fully-operated. 

Bluejaz White Beach Resort in Samal Island, Davao Del Norte

The island has numerous resort, one of the best white beach resort in Samal Island is the Bluejaz White Beach Resort & Waterpark. Facilities include water ski-ing, kayaking, wakeboarding and diving. don’t forget the longest waterslides in the Philippines are here in Bluejaz. If you are looking for relaxation we suggest swimming in the clear blue waters of one of our fresh water pools or enjoy the pearly white sands of our resorts private beach. The day tour entrance costs only P90 but, if you think P90 is too much compared to other beaches in Samal, better think again with all its amenities and the place itself is all worth it. For more information call: 082 302 8411 ; 082 303 1117.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Get to Hagimit Falls Nature's Park in Samal Island, Davao Del Norte

How to go to Samal Island, Davao

From Davao city, there are buses that goes to Samal Island through RORO(ferry). Pickup point is at Agdao, Davao.
Detail of Bus companies going to Samal
Pick up point : Magsaysay Park or at the Gasoline Station under the Agdao Flyover in Davao City.
-from Agdao(Davao)-Babak(Samal) = P30.00
-from Agdao(Davao) – Penaplata(Samal) = P40.00
Fees: Environmental Fee - P5.00 / Falls Entrance Fee - P40.00 / Shower Fee - P10.00 / Dressing Room Fee - P10.00 each person.

Nature Beauty of Hagimit Falls in Samal Island, Davao Del Norte

Hagimit Falls is a series of water falls with varying degree of sizes. The whole resort is divided into portions. Some parts are well-maintained while the others are just plain unattractive. It is very natural there, no artificial lighting or even a restaurant. If you want food, you should bring your own! You can rent a table to sit at, and you can even rent a hut for the night. The falls are nice, although the water not so clear. But the surroundings are very peaceful. The Hagimit falls is two kilometers away from Penaplata proper. It is accessible by car or a motorcycle. To get there you need to hike more or less 15 minutes. The local community collects P40.00 each for developments plus environmental fee of P5.00 each for the City Governement of Samal. Most of the first timer to see this place got a jaw dropping experience.

Mendez Resort at the Center of Hagimit Falls in Samal Island

Mendez Resort is now under construction, there is a big bridge with man-made stone creation. On our way to the falls we passed by many signs that said Hagimit Falls – printed on the signs was the face of salon owner Jessie Mendez. Apparently, he owns a part of the resort.  Guests at the resort may bring in food and can swim in the area.

Mahal Forest Resort in Hagimit Falls, Samal Island

Mahal Forest Resort is beside Hagimit Falls & Nature's Park. This was a privately owned resort at the center of the park. Enjoy the beauty & relaxing place. The place is not yet fully developed, the forest was unspoiled. Attractions of the resort was the floating cottages, wide parking space, restaurant and overlooking view of hagimit falls. The water is very cold. This waterfall is definitely an excellent site for camping since there are some campsites available. It is suitable for those who want to have been relaxing moments and quick dip to fresh water.

How to Get to Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary in Samal Island

Going to Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary from Davao International Airport:

From Davao International Airport,take a jeepney bound to Sasa Ferry Terminal  the fare is Php.8.00 or you may take an Island Express Bus going to Samal Island then drop off Babak District. From Babak, take a single motorcycle (habal-habal) or tricyle going to Barangay Tambo where Monfort Bat Cave is situated. No worries, all Samal Folks and habal-habal drivers knows the place. We haggle the price for 100 pesos good for 3 person. Note: Environmental Fee is Php 5.00 and Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary is Php 100.00 each.  Bring foods and water.

Beach Area at Monfort Sactuary - Moonrise Wonders

MONFORT BAT CAVE is truly a great pride of the Island Garden City of Samal. A great place worth to visit. After all, who wouldn’t, it is a Guinness World Record holder. After the 1 hour tour in the bat sanctuary, we decided to go at there beach front area to take some pictures and see what is in there. The place look-like a hidden beach area with a lot of coconut trees ang gumamela flowers.  .There is camping area in front of the beach area and its got a great view of the beach.

Monfort Bat Sanctuary: Guiness World Record Holder

You can discovered a new place worthy to take a look-the Monfort Bat Sanctuary in Samal Island, Davao Del Norte.  According to our guide, the Monfort Bat Cave is some sort of a sanctuary for these night creatures. Whether old bats or young bats, they have their place here. Our first cave was a space for the oldies. The Monfort Bat Cave is a Guinness World Record holder having almost 2 million bats. Visit the caves at Samal Island in Davao and help for it's preservation and conservationWe enjoyed our stay here, and I hope you can come visit, too! Up next: Higimit Falls In Samal Island.

Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary in Samal Island, Davao Del Norte

We are all excited to see the cave, the road is under construction going to the main cave. There are 5 openings of the bat sanctuary. The Monfort Bat Cave located inside the Monfort Eco Park at Brgy. Tambo, Babak District, Davao Del Norte, which is privately-own and is the world’s largest colony of Geoffroy’s Rousette Fruit Bats (Rousettus Amplexicaudatus) with an estimated 1.8 million bats living in the five remaining caves of Samal Island, to a density of 645 bats per square meter. This distinction was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest colony of Geoffrey’s Rousette Fruit Bat in the world. Monfort Bat Cave Entrance fee of Php. 100 per person plus Environmental fee of Php. 5 per pax.



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