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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fascinating Facade of Sorsogon Provincial Capitol

Sorsogon has the best tourist attractions to offer and commonly known for being a spot off the cost of the Pacific Ocean. Also known for the home of the famous " Butanding" or Whale shark watching. This was my first time to travel this province. A quick tour around the Sorsogon City, before heading to Legaspi City in Albay. I have a free time roaming around some places in the city. This capitol building was bulit in 1900 and I love the facade architecture of this building. They also have huge park at the center and there's a lot of places and restaurant to dine and unwind. 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

How to Get to Paguriran Island Lagoon in Sorsogon

Going to Paguriran Island Lagoon in Sorsogon:

Experience the breathtaking view of white powdery sand, blue crystal clear water, rocks foramtion and fascinating lagoon at the middle of the Island. About less than an hour travel from Sorsogon City. If your coming from Manila about 14-hours bus ride going to Sorsogon City or a 1 hour plane ride to Legaspi City, Albay the nearest airport in the province. From Sorsogon City take a jeepney going to Bacon, Sorsogon and fare is Php 44 per passenger. Tell the driver to drop you off at Paguriran Island, from the highway about 3-5 minutes walk towards at the center of Paguriran Island Resort. This lagoon can reached via small banca or walk to cross the beach area going to this lagoon. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rock Formation at Paguriran Island Lagoon in Sorsogon

The small island lagoon is amazing. One of the best lagoon I've been to with such a very laid back place, powdery white underneath shallow water and gigantic rock formation around the island lagoon. You can walk to cross the beach area going to this lagoon and no need to worry for those who are afraid to swim. During the low tide, the water does not even go past your waist. I also recommend some spot at the other side of the lagoon and you'll see clear waters of the ocean, deep cliff diving at the back, a small caves and the majestic view of Mount Mayon. The Paguriran Island Lagoon is a hidden paradise and just want to unwind because this place is not too crowded. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Get to Paguriran Island Beach Resort in Sorsogon

Going to Paguriran Island White Beach Resort in Sorsogon:

Located at Barangay Sawanga, Province of Sorsogon. Those are very good why a 14-hour road trip from Manila to Sorsogon will be worth the travel. Take a bus bound to Sorsogon City, ask for the jeeps going to Baron or Sawangan and ask to be dropped off in Paguriran Island Beach Resort. The first trip from Savemore in Sorsogon City is around 5:00am while the last trip from Paguriran to Sorsogon City is at 3:00pm. Its an hour and a half travel time and fare costs is Php 44 per passenger per way. You can also take a 1 hour plane ride to Legaspi City in Albay via Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. From Legaspi City Bus Terminal, you can take bus or van going to Sorsogon City. Travel time - 1 hour. Here's my travel tips.
1. No food and restaurants around so better bring your own packed foods and drinks.
2. The beach is low tide in the afternoon, you can cross and walk to the lagoon. Bring your slippers with you.
3. Try cliff jumping at the lagoon or get your selfie with you.
4. Videoke are available but available until 12midnight only.
5. Overnight cottages can be rented from Php 500-1,000

Breathtaking View of Paguriran White Beach Resort in Sorsogon

It was my first time to visit the province of Sorsogon. I arrived at 1pm here then I took a rest in awhile and eat my lunch at the nearby carinderia (mini  restaurant). The place is so laid back, calm waters, powdery white sand underneath shallow waters, a beautiful island lagoon at the center. There are no fancy resorts within the vicinity which really preserves the beauty of the place. This should be maintained by the local government and develop roads going there. I like the fact you can enjoy the low tide and high tide without worries and worth to visit again. The beach hut are all for rent ranging Php 250-1000 depending on the size. You can also enjoy an overnight stay in this safe place with it's hospitable local people. They offered basic accommodations with air conditioning and shared bathroom. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hidden Treasure in Barcelona Ruins of Presidencia Old Stone Building

In front the church of Saint Joseph Parish is the old ruin building structure associated with the century long ago facing the Pacific Ocean and Gubat Bay. It also had a tunnel leading to the church of Barcelona ( Saint Joseph Parish Church) across the street but was closed during my visit and a nice seawall where someone could enjoy and relax in a while. This area are serves as children's playground and local's park & recreational activities. As posted at the place where the ruins located " This old building ruins , over One Hundred Thirty Eight (138) years old was practically made of stone, sea corals and lime, simultaneously constructed with the " La Presidencia" in 1874 during the Spanish period. The building was originally intended as a school building for the children of the " ilustrados" or the wealthy Spanish conquistadores and very few Filipinos with Spanish heritage and connections. During the old Spanish colonial, the poor and common Filipino folks or the " Indios" were not allowed and accepted in this school before. " From the town of Barcelona, I opted jeepney going to the town of Gubat - a jump off point going to Paguiraran Island Beach & Rock Lagoon. 

Barcelona in Sorsogon: Old Church Saint Joseph Parish

Next Stop: Commonly known as Barcelona Church in Barcelona, Sorsogon. About 30 minutes away from Bulusan Lake Nature Park. The church was preserved from years ago and well-maintained with it's uniqueness &  historical colonial inspired architecture. I rode a jeepney from the highway of Bulusan Lake Nature Park, you just got to love the ambiance along the countryside of the province. When traveling within the whole towns of Sorsogon, most efficient and accessible way to travel is by tricycle and jeepney (one of their common public transportation). For religious folks, the place is real solemn with the great interior design inside the church and the walls are made of coral stones which are part of the original structure. It is very picturesque fascade and the church is so charming & fascinating old colonial structure. I'am probably recommend this place to visit where you can include in your itinerary.   I really love to see old churches in the Philippines that are still alive. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to Get to Bulusan Lake in Sorsogon By Commute

Going to Bulusan Lake at Bulusan Bulusan Volcano Nature and Park:

There are a lot of buses coming from Manila bound to Sorsogon located at the terminal of Cubao, Pasay and Alabang. Travel time is around 12-13 hours depending on traffic condition etc. Fare is Php 600-800 for ordinary and aircon buses. Or by air via Legaspi City Airport from Manila, they have a daily flights via Philippine Airlines & Cebu Pacific Air. Check out promo for a lesser airlines fee & ticket booking. From there take a van or bus that goes to Sorsogon City which travel you 2 hours or less. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Sorsogon Jeepney Terminal going to Irosin for shorter travel. Then from the town proper take a jeepney going to Bulusan. Travel time is 30-45 minutes. These jeepney passes through the highway of  Bulusan Volcano Nature & Park, just make sure you get there by 3pm or so as this is supposedly the last trip going to Bulusan Town. For a budget traveler like me, I walked towards the concrete road going to the lake for about 15-20 minutes which I'm not able to see those tricyle or jeepney going inside the park. Here's the updated entrance & parking rates: 
Adult Entrance fee - Php 20 per day & Elderly/Children fee - Php 15 per day.
Vehicle Paking Fees for those who have there own vehicle & car - Motorcycles - Php 5 / Tricycles - Php 10 / Cars or SUV - Php15 / Vans or Jeepneys - Php 20 & Truck or Buses - Php 25.

Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kayaking at Bulusan Lake Nature Park & Resort in Sorsogon Province

This province in the Phillipines is not one of the list for everyone's must-visit place. There is so many unspoiled beaches, old churches & rivers or lakes and one of those is the  Bulusan Lake which belongs to Bulusan Volcano & Mountain which is located at the southern most part Luzon. The lake is green because of the reflection of many trees surrounding it. It was an awesome trip around the lake is very calming and relaxing ambiance. Rental for kayak is Php 200 pesos per hour  Also, you can do paddling and canoes where guests can rent to tour approximately 27 hectare lake. There are plenty of interesting flora and fauna that can be observed in the whole area and can encountered several species of wild birds, butterfly or even snakes probably because of the lake's rich natural resources and well-preserved animals & plants as well. No worries about the long stay here because there are a lot of accommodations in Irosin. There are many other places to explore in the Province of Sorsogon. Check out my blog post soon.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Adventurous Trek at Bulusan Lake Nature Park in Sorsogon

It was a great day for me just trekking towards the way going to the main crater of the lake which I did not expect to see such a serene like this & a wonderful place to unwind. Whether you are a thrill seeker, nature lover or simply looking for a quiet place to relax and collect memory by yourself. But remember not to swim in the water for you will not know what is under because the water is green and full of algae. You can also do hike up in the mountain if you like to see the whole view of the lake. I also admire how the place is being conserved and protected by the government of Sorsogon that can experience by both locals & tourists. You can rent boats to roamed around the lake, kayaking and tripaddling as I call it. They also have gazebo and shed cottages within the area where you can have your lunch or snack. So be prepared for the beauty that nature has to offer and I'am highly recommend to local and international tourists because the place is worthy coming back and forth. 

Sorsogon: Bulusan Crystal Spring Resort And Farm

It's a quick lay-over at Bulusan Crystal Spring Resort & Farm located beside the main gate of Bulucan Volcano Nature Park, National Highway, Barangay San Roque, Bulusan, Sorsogon Province. The water of the swimming pools contain mineral water from Bulusan mountains with a great backdrop of greenery of trees & plants around the resort. This eco-resort is one of nature oriented resort in Bicol Region because of limited usage of water & natural resources, it's also a sort of backpackers style class and you'll found it impressive. The place is like communing with the natures and you will surely create a moment worth posting via social media, so please dont come here if you have no dslr or mobile phone with camera to have your "selfie" done. Cottages & rooms is available in the resort. Reminders to all the guest & visitor during your stay in the resort. Please dispose garbage properly in waste can, Fishing and feeding the fish are not allowed, No picking of fruits and destruction of plants and wildlife & management will not be responsible for lost belongings. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to Get to Mateo Hot Spring & Cold Spring in Irosin, Sorsogon

Going to Mateo Hot Spring & Cold Spring in Irosin, Sorsogon

Travel to Sorsogon City via ordinary or air-conditioned buses from Manila around 11-12 hours travel located at Pasay & Cubao Bus Terminals. Fare is around Php 600-800 per passenger. This can be a long trip, make sure you have enough foods and drinks during your trip. From Sorsogon City Terminal, take a jeepney bound to Matnog or Bulan Port because all of them pass by the town of Irosin. Tell the driver you will drop off to Sitio San Benon, Brgy Monbon. From there either to walk towards the resorts or ride a tricycle about 3 kilometers away from the highway. 

Mateo Hot Spring & Cold Spring Fees, Cottages & Amenities:
Entrance: Day Tour - Php 25 & Night Tour - Php 30
Umbrella Shade Rentals: Small - Php 80 & Big - Php 150
Rooms ( Air conditioned) - Small - Php & 1,500 Big - Php 3,000 (24 hours)

Address, Sitio San Benon, Barangay Monbon, Irosin, Sorsogon.

A Dip at Mateo Hot & Cold Spring in Irosin, Sorsogon

From Bulan Port, I proceed at the jeepney terminal going to Irosin, Sorsogon where the hot & cold spring is located. It's a bit out of way but the road going there is more interesting & great scenery because of tall trees, unique nipa hut & wide rice fields. The entrance fee is affordable and I didn't rent a table or cottages since I just came to have a quick dip. There are three pools in the area of resort - cold, lukewarm & hot from the mountains of Bulusan. The heat relaxes muscles, opens pores and the pebbles under the pool press my feet in a relaxing manner. This is one of the reason why I should go to Sorsogon to experience & stress reliever activity. Don't doubt yourself to visit this tourist attraction in Sorsogon. There is so much to do and see here. In addition, I love the place very much surrounded by the forest & big trees which gives it  a secluded.



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