Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to Get to Baler in Aurora Province

Going to Baler, Aurora from Cubao, Quezon City:
Here's the tip and transportation going to the province of Aurora. There are two bus company from Cubao traveling to Baler. 1.) Genesis Transport Inc - Php 450 pesos 2.) Joy Bus Transport - Php 650 pesos which is located along EDSA corner New York Street, Cubao, Quezon City. Travel time is 6-7 hours. During peak season the early trip is 10pm until 7am the next day. We took the 10pm bus schedule so that we arrive to Baler around 7am in the morning. The bus passes through the North Luzon Express Way, exits at Dau, Pampanga, enter Subic-Clark Express Way and last toll plaza of Tarlac. Then keep right going to Cabanatuan in Nueva Ecija which the buses stop to eat breakfast and refuel at their terminal. From there, the bus go directly to Baler passing through the rice field and mountains of Aurora Province. The final stop over at Baler Central Terminal beside the public market where you can hire tricycle going to Sabang Beach and other tourist attraction of the province.
Genesis Bus Transport Contact Number: 02-7090544-45 or 02-4416834. Book your trip a head of time. Happy Trip Everyone!

Surfing Baler & Unexpected Interview of TV5

It was a cloudy morning in Sabang Beach, we took a 1 hour surfing lesson with my friends Eds and Sally. There's a one lady approach us to take an interview as a beginner surfing in Baler, so we agreed to take us video footage of surfing lesson and actual demo together with our surfing instructor. They made a quick interview after the surfing lesson. It was a great time spending together with my friends and I love the awesome waves of Baler with the famous beach of Sabang. Really a good experience and waves can get so playful and unpredictable at times.
Below are the photos of our unexpected interview with the crew of TV5 & Aksyon TV.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My First Surfing Experience at Baler in Aurora Province

Let's do this! It was my first time to surf, luckily the instructors was patient and the board was huge enough that I was able to stand a few times before giving up! Hehehe! Fist thing you need is to register and fill up the waiver and get your instructor. The instructor teaches you the basic movement to balance, handle of surf board and perfect timing. This long stretch of black sandy shoreline, consistently great glassy big waves of Sabang Beach which is a perfect surfer's paradise. Did you know that the best time to go here is from October to February for the ultimate surfing experience. Perfect riding all day long. Great for beginners and waves are nice. I was able to ride the waves for about 8 times because my instructor would position at the back of the board.

It was so tiring and aching body but still it was a fun experience. Thanks to Baler Surf for your Surf Lesson, Surf Board Rentals and Tours. Php 300/hour surf board rental with instructor, so no hassle of bringing your own surf boards.

Haler Baler: The Famous Tagline of Travelers

This was the trending tagline all over the blog community. Because indeed this province offers a high quality waves and stunning rock formation. They have also a lot of tourist attraction in the place like Ermita Hill, Museo De Baler, Manuel L. Quezon Monument, Dona Aurora House, Baler Catholic Church, Dicasalarin Beach, Cemento Beach, Diguisit Beach, Aniao Islets, Lukso Lukso Falls, Diguisit Falls and other places around Baler. This is ideal summer vacation and known for all surfer in the world. If other countries can do surfing Filipino's can do the same thing also, you can catch at Sabang Beach most of the surfer's are instructors they having a practice everyday thats why a lot of people also tempted, just like me because surfing is my first love. We flocked to baler in aurora just to have experience in this kind of sports.

Sun, Sand and surfing are the ingredients of the most wonderful places but it takes people to make it more awesome  and perfect vacation.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Learn to Surf at Baler Surf or Mahdox Surf Lesson School

These two lesson surfing school is one of the best ideal offer school during your trip in Baler. Board Rentals with guide fee is abot Php. 300 pesos per person, luckily the manager had agree that this would be for two person rental with 2 guides and 2 surf board with free drinks and use of rash guards. as the sun rose and people began emerging at the shore. We were ready for a new experience and challenging water activity. Let's go Surf, Turf and Swim!

The locals here are warm, hospitable and plenty surfing instructors to choose from. It is also generally safe to go around.

The Famous Sabang Beach of Baler in Aurora

Looking for a place to escape from all the stresses? Worry no me Travelers! One of the best surfing destination in the Philippines. Baler in Aurora Province is about 6 hours travel time from Metro Manila. The weather was nice when we got there and the waves of Sabang Beach were consistent. It was my first time to surf here, while waiting for our time to surf. We took photos along the shoreline of Sabang Beach along with friends Sally & Eds. The place isn't developed for night life since surfing is really done at dawn to early morning . The beach sand isn't white and the water isn't blue either but a surfer's paradise indeed.  Next post is about My First Time to Surf & TV5 Interview for Beginner's Surfer. 

Stunning Aniao Islets in Baler, Aurora Province

I was still amazed and surprised by its magnificent scenery.  This two rock formation is a grotto-like sea stacks in the center of sea. Make sure you have an extra clothes or least towel to dry you up after enjoying the cool water and nice atmosphere as well, just be careful of the sharp rocks all over the place. A good place to take photos close to sunset. Please take note that you should wear shoes or sandals where you visit the place for it's literally rocky and sharp coral. A different kind of experience that I love to share with my friends and family. I really love the ambiance of the resort and it's very serene. Water supply is available in the area.

You could most likely request to spend  a day there, the place is reachable if you have you own car and hire a tricycle at the town proper or at Sabang Beach. Happy Trip Everyone- Bisayang Manlalakbay Around the Philippines.

Aniao Islets & White Beach Resort in Baler, Aurora Province

Aniao Twin Islets in Aurora Province. With this stunning rock formation, white sand and crystal blue water. This is the perfect spot in Aurora Province and less crowd like in Sabang Beach which is a lot of surfer there. It's a kilometer white sand beach resort, great nipa hut cottages, and restaurant in the place. Nice pebbles at the beach and take pictures of blue clear water and swaying coconut trees. We dried ourselves off under the heat of the sun so we decided to take a rest in a while. Chill and Relax!

Head here if you have some time to spare during your visit to Baler. Just take a tricycle from Sabang Beach or Baler Town. Ranging from Php. 100-300 pesos for the whole trip.

Diguisit Beach & Rock Formation in Aurora Province

From Lukso-Lukso Falls, we proceed to Diguisit Beach And Rock Formation which about 1 kilometer away and this spot is overlooking view from the Ermita Hill, located at Barangay Zabali the eastern part of Aurora Province with pictures-tic  spot with crashing waves and one of the best spot in our tour. Make sure to use slippers or aqua shoes during your visit because there are a lot of rock and coral all over the place. Yes, there are a lot of big rocks here where you could strike a pose and feel the nature's ambiance which we did. We just dipped at this small basin or pool at the center of big rock before heading to Aniao Islets & it's white beach sand which ideal place for snorkeling and diving during a calm weather. This is the perfect spot to unwind, relax, swim and have some quiet time without having to go too far from Metro Manila. The clear blue sky and waves are truly a sight to behold and remember.

I think this is the place to take photos close to sunset. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay Around the Philippines.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Bayler View Hotel: Accommodation in Baler, Aurora Province

Accommodation & Hotel in Baler. This hotel was a great find which is referred by our tricycle driver.  Bayler View Hotel is one of the most perfect spot-hotel in Sabang Beach, Baler Aurora which is the center of famous surfing, good food, good service, unique interior design and expect a lot of people in the area. Staying in Bayler View Hotel is worth the price, with affordable beachfront view of the beach and accessible to all places that needs to be visited in the area. About the foods? For me its okay, great and also reasonable priced. The staff and manager was very accommodating and friendly.  You can also watch the waves of Sabang Beach splash against the sand,  perfect sunset, or see beginner surfers struggle to stand on their surf boards like what we experienced on our second day. At the back of the hotel there are a lot of on going construction and it looks like it going  to be developed at the end of the year.

Overall, we had a great experience and stay here. I highly recommend staying & dining here especially if you have in a big group of friends and family. See you soon again Baler!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lukso Lukso Falls in Aurora Province

We informed our driver to drop off to this falls along the highway. We had a quick dipped at Lukso-Lukso Falls before heading to Diguisit White Beach & Rock Formation. The falls has a small basin and cool water perfect to unwind. The height of the falls is estimated to 10 to 15 feet and good thing there is no visitor during our trip. This area is composed of three islets off the coast of Barangay Zabali, Baler  in Aurora Province. I love the waterfalls which is one of interesting place to visit. It was a fun and adventure time with Sally & Eds, enjoying the cool breeze and water. There is no entrance fee at the area but please maintain the cleanliness of the area.  

Ermita Hill: One of the Famous Spot in Aurora Province

From overlooking spot at the top of Ermita Hill, we took about 5 minutes down to this famous statue at side of the hill and can easily determined along the highway and leading to main entrance. This is a life-sized statue of 7 survivor from a tsunami in 1735 which is wiped the old town of Baler and killing hundreds or even thousand people as per Manong/Tricyle Driver. You'll also found this tidal wave sculpture known as " Tromba Marina".  The area is well-maintained and serves as one of the famous tourist spot in the Province. Did you know that Ermita Hill is also known as "Point Baja Hill"  and located just outside Baler town. After taking photos at this monument we proceed to Aniao Islets, Lukso-Lukso Falls and Diguisit Falls & Rock Formation.

Overlooking Baler at Ermita Hill in Aurora Province

Yes, finally got a perfect shot of Baler situated at Ermita Hill, about 2,700 feet above sea level and one of the highest mountain in town which is perfect to unwind, relax & enjoy. Aside from the overlooking view there is a wide open space that is used for some of their activities and festivals and surrounded with cottages that you can rest in. On the top you can experience best scenic view of Baler Bay & Sabang Beach or just witness the sunset during the afternoon. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay Around the Philippines.

The White Cross at Ermita Hill, Aurora Province

Sorry if this post took quite some time since I am busy of planning and conceptualizing event in a corporate company. This was the start of our tricycle tour around Baler in Aurora Province. We're passing through the road of Sabang Beach which is the surfing area of Baler is located. Just about 20 minutes away from the town proper and the uphill road is quite steep which our tricycle service might not be able to go up, so you will have to do an extra effort and a few climb going up to the hill. This area is open to everyone from 6:00AM to 7:00PM and no entrance free.  About 280+ steps up to see this big white cross facing the town of Baler & nearby areas of Aurora Province. Did you know that this gigantic white cross is being lighted by night. A long walk to the top of the hill is worth it and challenging, we saw this helmet crab passing through our way down to the hill. Next post: Ermita Hill & Overlooking Spot etc...



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