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MassKara Festival 2014 Schedules in Bacolod City | Negros Occidental

It's another season of "Smiles". Getting more excited this year? Kampay for MassKara Festival 2014 starting this October 2014 . It's definitely more fun in the Philippines because of its unique colorful festival, great food, enjoying the hospitable and of course the smile were Bacolod folks do it so well. Behind the name of "MassKara Festival" which is "mass" for the people and "kara" for the face (City of Smile). There will be a 2 days electrifying street dance competition and it is the loudest, biggest and the grandest MassKara ever.
Here's the final schedule of MassKara Festival 2014
October 1, 2014 ( Wednesday)
*Fun MassKa-Run & Opening Salvo
*ZumbaaaKara & MassKara Night at Bacolod Public Plaza
October 3, 2014 (Friday)
*Grand Finals for Batang Bida -Bacolod 2014 at People's House of Bacolod Grounds(NGC)
October 10, 2014 (Friday)
*MassKara Queen at University of Saint LaSalle Coliseum
October 16, 2014 (Thursday)
*MassKara Land
October 17, 2014 (Friday)
*MassKara Dance
October 28, 2014 (Saturday) - *Main Highlight*
*MassKara Barangay Street Dance (all category)
*Bacolod City Charter Day Celebration
October 29, 2014 (Sunday)
*MassKara Electric Showdance
Expect the most colorful street parade will be jam packed with both local & foreign tourists along the roads of Bacolod City. Bookmarked this for parade routes & road closure details. Thanks! Photo source:

A Unesco World Heritage Site | Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte

Yes, definitely one of my favorite old church in the country and this is one of its kind because of a combination of unique architecture "Baroque Style" and amazing façade outside. It has a magnificent structure that stands still for a longest time and truly on of the world heritage named. The local government should ensure the cleanliness of the place. I like the huge bell tower at the side made out of coral stones. I wanted to go up the tower but the security said its nit possible to go up there because of the fragile stairs & the door was closed that time. Too bad! The church is in the heart of Paoay which is just 5-10 minutes ride via public jeepney in Batac highway cost you Php 10 per passenger. From Laoag City , about 30 minutes ride via public transport. I walked through the side of the church as per local they put efforts in preserving our old heritage site. Best time to go there is during sunset because the beauty of the church is really amazing and the limestone colors catches up with sun's light.
For a itchy traveler like me, your Ilocos Norte will not compete unless you come and visit this timeless creation while your still young. Next post will be the Laoag & Side Trip Tour.

Ilocos Norte: St Augustine's Church locally known as Paoay Church

It's been 3 years ago when we had a quick trip here in Ilocos Norte for an event in my previous company. That time, we missed to visit the incredible Paoay Church of Ilocos for some reason & a lack of time travelling this place where the church were located. I love seeing old & heritage churches in the Philippines because of it's unique architectures and I was not able to go inside because I went there on a Friday & heavy rains during the time. The church is stunning with its striking bell tower to the side and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Philippines. It's so historical and just looking at it outside gives you an  idea to search and know it's history more. Such a wonderful and my favorite church in the country so far next to Miag-ao Church in Iloilo. I was so excited to capture pictures while it's raining! Oh really heavy rains pours down. There is something special about it that make you want to sit on the grass and just stare at it. I feel like the old bricks and stone are telling me a thousand stories.
There is a nearby restaurant in front the church (Herencia), where you can try Ilocano food & delicacies.  It is definitely a must see place in Ilocos Norte and certainly a remarkable creation will truly amaze both local and foreign tourists.  

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San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest 2014 Schedules is Now Up - UPDATED

SMB Oktoberfest 2014 Venues Schedule kick off on September 12, 2014 (Friday) | Let us celebrate & welcome "Ber Month" with San Miguel Beer which is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the country. It's definitely reminds me that we are already in our "Ber Month" & nearly about 4 months before Christmas. This is a month long beer, music festival and with performance of local artist & guest bands.  San Miguel Oktoberfest 2014 Ticket Price is Php 300 inclusive of all your favorite beers ( 1 cup SMB Pale Pilsen, 1 cup Red Horse Beer, 1 cup San Mig Light, 1 cup San Miguel Flavored Beer and 1 cup Cerveza Negra)in the Manila Kick Off, while Php 50 (with 1 cup of Pale Pilsen) in regional runs for Laguna & Cebu Kick-Off.  Please post your comments below. Happy Beer Day Everyone.

Mark your Calendar for the following dates and venues listed below:

September 12, 2014 (Friday) - *DONE*
 - Greenfield District Central Park at the back of Edsa Central in Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong

October 3, 2014 (Friday)
 - One Mango Avenue, General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City

October 4, 2014 (Saturday)
 - Laguna Central Greenfield City near Paseo De Santa Rosa & Nuvali, Sta Rosa , Laguna

San Miguel Oktoberfest 2014 Band Line Up & Performers: Ely Buendia, Pepe Smith, Slapshock, Greyhoundz, Wilabaliw, Razorback, 6cyclemind, Rivermaya, DJs Mars Miranda, Ace Ramos, Deuce Manila (Kat DJ & Patty Tiu), Top University Bands including RHB Muziklaban Grand Winners. Virtual sports games to be featured include Basketball, Archery, Pool, Billiards, Frisbeer, Giant Darts, Soccer, Giant Connect 4, and Giant Jenga booths for additional fun and thrill.

Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Get to Twin Falls or Bunga Falls of Nagcarlan in Laguna

Going to Twin Falls in Nagcarlan Laguna or also known as "Bunga Falls"

Take a bus bound to Sta Cruz, Laguna from Alabang (South Station Terminal) located beside Muntinlupa Market (Alabang) or Buendia/Cubao. Travel time is 2  1/2 hours and Bus fare of Php 150-160 pesos per person. From Sta Cruz take the road to Nagcarlan upon reaching Liliw, Laguna via public jeepney and fare is Php 25 per person. Drop off to the "Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines" for a side trip before heading to Nagcarlan about 20-30 minutes away which cost you Php 8 pesos only. From the town of Nagcarlan you can opted tricycle going to Twin falls/Bunga falls with the cost of Php 160 (round-trip). Passing through that curva point, you are about 8 kilometers away from the main falls which is located at Barangay Bunga, Nagcarlan, Laguna (left side of the road) Entrance fee is Php 5 pesos only. Cottages is available in the area. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines. 

The Twin Falls of Nagcarlan in Laguna | Also Known As Bunga Falls

Twin Falls is also known as "Bunga Falls" - It was a great view of two separated waterfalls at the heart of Nagcarlan Town were easily accessible to tourist & local commuters. These was a part of my solo trip from Liliw-Nagcarlan Tourist Attraction, you can reach this lovely place via public tricycle in the main town of Nagcarlan. The area is covered with green trees, plants and it's divided into two by  a big rock on the center. I feel amazed with the place because of the quiet atmosphere, cold water & relaxing ambiance. Did you known that Nagcarlan is at the foot of two majestic mountains - Mount Banahaw & Mount San Cristobal which is known to be one of the best rainforest in the country and abundant of natural resources where Bunga or Twin Falls is located which are the locals favorite hangout & picnic area during summertime. Yes indeed, a nature's sceneries of the country side when you visit the town of Nagcarlan.

Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Get to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery in Laguna

Going to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan, Laguna:

From Buendia Makati Bus Station or South Station in Alabang, Muntinlupa City take a bus going to Sta Cruz , Laguna You can either take Jac Liner, Jam Bus or BBL Bus Liner. Travel time is 2 hours and fare is ranging Php 120 -130 pesos. From Sta. Cruz , Laguna you can ride a jeep heading to Nagcarlan town with the fare of Php 20 per passenger & travel time of  30-45 minutes. Then from the town proper you can hire tricycle going to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery with the fare of Php 20 pesos. The location of the cemetery is at the right side of the highway. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines!

Amazing Structure of Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery in Laguna

This is one of the historical site and museum in Laguna which is probably the oldest underground cemetery in the Philippines aged of 164 old cemetery located on the boundary of Nagcarlan proper and Barangay Bambang was built by Franciscan friars during the Spanish colonization. I just went to the main entrance & registered my name before heading to the tombs under which a little bit scared with the structures at the walls but can't help not to look at the tombs and mausoleums. It's quite cool down under and I'm little bit scared. I took photo with me and leave immediately. I love the very unique arched gate leads to the chapel and main entrance built into the cemetery's inner wall. It was declared a National Historical Landmark in 1982.

Please take note: The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is open on Tuesdays to Sundays from 8:00am to 4:00pm. There's no entrance fee. Being only one of its king in the Philippines, you should definitely not miss this.

St John The Baptist Parish Church in Liliw Laguna

Also known as Lilio Church which was build around 1605. This was my first time to visit the place & I was amazed by this church and has a very cool picturesque facade & ceiling. The adobe/red bricks has its old reflection of the place & very unique architecture design. The old stones fences on both sides of the streets were very cool. Located at Fernandez Compound , Liliw, Laguna and with a nice grand retablo beautifully framed by arch of the altar. The structure was amazing and interior are of bricks walls and stained with green grass. I also like their church door because of the unique carving design. They also have a gazebo at the right side of the church where you can simple relax and experience its fascinating structure. The adoration chapel to the right side of the main church boasts a very interesting and unique wood gold altar. Just before leaving the town of Liliw, Laguna I brought some pasalubong & sweet candy.

Liwaliw sa Liliw Laguna - Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines

Visit Liliw in Laguna to buy affordable slippers locally known as "Tsinelas" and shoes like there's no tomorrow where prices would average around Php 75 for leather slippers, Php 150 for slip ons to Php 350 for clogs and such a simple but beautiful town. The slippers and sandals made from Liliw are affordable and has a very good quality. I also appreciate the stalls where people sell homemade sweets. This was my side trip before heading to Nagcarlac in Laguna to visit the Underground Cemetery & Twin Falls. Along Gat Tayaw Street lined with footwear stalls and comnmercial pasalubong shops in the town of Liliw. Let us support & be proud of our local industry by purchasing their footwear products. Did you know that they are celebrates its annual " Tsinelas Festival" every last week of April. They are celebrating this week long festival which is highlighted by bargain sales, street dance, food & product fair. Another must-see tourist attraction is the St. John the Baptist Church on my next blog post.



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