Sunday, September 27, 2015

How to Get to Cagsawa Ruin in Albay via Commute

Going to Cagsawa Ruins in Albay from Manila:

From Cubao, Pasay & Alabang Bus Stations where you can choose from different buses like Cagsawa Travel & Tours, Penafrancia, Alps Bus, Superlines , DLTB Bus Co., Esci Bus, Isarog Bus, Philtranco, Raymond Bus & RSL. Travel time is around 11 to 13 hours depending on traffic condition. Best time to travel during the night. Fare is roughly Php 600- Php 1200 for air-con & non-aircon bus. Ask the diver to drop you off at Cagsawa Junction (Daraga in Albay) where the Cagsawa Ruins Park is located and around 10-15 minutes walk going to the main park of the ruins.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Trick Photos Capturing in Cagsawa Ruins in Albay

One is able to walk around without having to hire a tour guide to enjoy the scenery because of the accessibility of the place from Daraga or Legaspi City. After having my quick breakefast at the nearby restaurants, I ask a lady to take me trick photos over the Cagsawa Ruins & backdrop of Mayon Volcano who are experts in taking awesome trick shots. They will tell you where to put your arms, legs, fingers etc to have there great pictures.  Anyway, it's not a hard time taking photos with me and gave her a tip. One of my favorite trick shot is the appearance as giant against the people at the side. You must be creative in taking pictures. I'm happy to go back in the hotel with great pictures.

On my next blog post, check out on How to get there & other things to do when in Albay.  Your visit in Albay wont be complete if you not come here. 

We Meet Again | Fascinating Cagsawa Ruins in Albay

Mayon Volcano is still awesome! This was my second time to see the Cagsawa Ruins Park , Barangay Busay, Cagsawa, Daraga, Albay. I took again a jeepney from Daraga going to the highway leading to the park. Entrance fee is cost you Php 10 to be collected at the gate. It's nice to have photos with the backdrop of the ruins and the beauty of the cone shaped Mayon Volcano at the back. It is also the site of the Cagsawa Branch of the National Museum of the Philippines. This museum contains a lot of photographs of the volcanic eruptions of Mount Mayon as well as other geological and archaeological exhibits located at the left side of the park where restaurants & souvenir shops is located.

Please take note that there are also comfort rooms inside the park. After visiting the ruins, you can have your souvenirs items done, Make sure to grab one of those items selling inside & outside the park. There are stores also selling refreshments and snacks. 

The Best Architecture & View of Mayon Volcano at Daraga Church in Albay

Before heading to Cagsawa Ruins, I had a quick tour around Daraga in Albay. I took a jeepney from Lignon Hill Nature Park, travel time is 15-20 minutes. Also known as "Our Lady of the Gate Parish". This church is located at the top of a hill, a good venue for taking photos of Mayon Volcano.You need to walk around 5-10 minutes ut to see this church.  It's looks like you are living in the past because of the white painted facade & nice unique architecture with a slight renovation though destroy the ambiance. Go inside the church and check out the statues because the place is more serene and nice architecture carvings on the walls. The church is a remain off the Spanish colonial time.

Travel tips: Try to come early to see the Mayon Volcano without the thick cloud cover. Did you know, it was  a very interesting story of how the Daraga was built this church to replace the Cagsawa church after it's devastation of the volcano. 

Zipline in Albay Over Mayon Volcano View

I went up to Lignon Hill Nature Park to check out attractions & one of those is the zipline with a nice backdrop view of Mayon Volcano, located at Legaspi City Albay near Legaspi Airport.Around 156 meter-high. Zipline charge fee is Php 250 per head. It's getting in the way you take good pictures. This is also one of the most famous landmarks in Bicol Region both local & international tourist. Entrance Fee here is Php 20 for locals and Php 25 for foreigners. Opens from 8:00AM to 11:00PM daily. I really enjoyed the view of Mayon Volcano & very relaxing ambiance & cool wind. This nature park is such a charm for those who wants the best views over the city of Legaspi & nearby municipalities in Albay.

It also offers a lot of different activities such as ATV ( All Terrain Vehicle Tours) at the foot of Mayon Volcano, Hanging Bridge, Paint Ball, Rappelling & more existing games to come. Private vehicles can also drive up to the park area with a minimal parking fee. The best time to visit would be in the morning, as long as the sun wont burn you.



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