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How to get to Isla Parilla Island Resort in Sarangani Province

Going to A Montana Resort formerly Isla Parilla Island Resort in Sarangani Province:
From General Santos City Airport:
This resort is 15-20 minutes away from General Santos City or just 2 kilometers away from Sarangani Province's capital, Alabel. Major airlines fly daily from Manila to General Santos City. From GenSan's airport, take the taxi to KCC Mart and from there, take the van or Jeepney to Alabel. Just inform the van drivers that you're headed to A-Montana Resort, formerly Isla Parilla 

From Sarangani Provincial Capitol:
You may take a jeepney going to the resort. It takes you about 5 minutes travel time and the fare is about P10-15 minutes. or take a special motorcycle trip (habal-habal) infront the capitol complex. Special trip is about P30 pesos. 

Swimming Pool at A Montana Resort or Isla Parilla in Sarangani Province

This is really a nice place and salt farm din tawag nila dito dati. I'm not sure about that but A Montana Resort or Isla Parilla Island Resort in Sarangani Province has offers accommodation, affordable foods and pool area. This is perfect for family bonding and learning for the children or a solo traveler like me. They will charged you P50.00 pesos for the entrance fee at their swimming pool. I love the ambiance of the resort which is cool, calm and will let you get closer to nature. You can also enjoy fishing in their man-made lake and go boating to make your stay more of a nature trip. 

A Montana Resort formely Isla Parilla Resort in Sarangani Province

What I like about the resort is their unique and comfy accommodation. A-Montana Resort offers room accommodations for those who want to stay overnight. I love to spent the day in the resort but I need to travel to Polomolok, South Cotabato during afternoon, maybe next time! A-Montana Resort is a place you'd consider your own personal gateway. No crowds, no commercialism, just a place you can run off to for relaxation, and simply loosen up from strees. They offers for all families, couples or newlyweds looking for a quiet, romantic retreat in a secluded paradise for the perfect gateway! Contact Here. Address: Brgy. Ladol, Alabel, Sarangani Province, Philippines, 9500. Telephone Number: +63-083-826-6699, +63-083-553-0110.

Isla Parilla Island Resort in Sarangani Province

This island resort in Sarangani is located at the town of Alabel in Barangay Ladol. Now Isla Parilla Resort now A Montana Resort is known to be most romantic getaway outside the city because of it's unique accommodation, facilities and affordable sea foods. Before my flight I already have this on my list and itinerary and one of the pride of Sarangani Province. The rooms are situated in wooden concrete stilts above the water, which connecting everything to the main hall of the resort. I saw this room accommodations in some blog about Dos Palmas Resort or El Nido in Palawan. If you have small amount of budget then go and enjoy this awesome resort. Don't hesitate to stop over there sometimes, it was a great place to unwind.  For more information , you may contact them at this numbers: 083-826-6699/ 553-8553/ 553-0220/ 553-0110/ 301-333

How to get to Sarangani Provincial Capitol from General Santos

Going to Sarangani Provincial Capitol or How to go to Sarangani Provincial Capitol 

For Commuter like me,this is my do-it-yourself trip going to Sarangani. First the airport of General Santos City, you may take a tricyle going to Alabel Terminal located at the national highway. Fare is about P10-15 pesos. Just inform the driver that you are going to Sarangani Capitol. Then take a multi-cab bound to Alabel Proper. About 20-30 minutes travel from the main highway of General Santos City and after a minutes you will find this bigger and wider complex of Sarangani Provincial Capitol Building. Fare is P25.00 pesos and this multi-cab is allowed to enter inside the capitol complex. Happy Travels!  

Munato Monument at Sarangani Provincial Capitol Complex

This monument is located inside the capitol complex wherein you can can this architectural figure design of the tribe of B'laan which is know to be the first original people of Sarangani Province. Also every year of November the province of Sarangani are celebrating their annual event called " Munato Festival". This festival  combined of cultural, dance and adventure. They represent the culture and history of this province! It was so unique and  artistic. So I took some photos before leaving the complex. 

Sarangani Provincial Capitol in Alabel Sarangani Province

This province known to be the territory of Congressman Manny Pacquaio. From General Santos City Airport, about 20 minutes drive from the airport will bring you to Alabel. How can I describe Sarangani? Well maintained facilities, peaceful environment and the province has a lot of activities to offers like water rafting, white beaches, mountains and rivers. I took a photo at the center of Capitol of Sarangani, it's look like a white house in the United State and  it's a beautiful spot indeed! The area have surrounded of many pine trees and ornamental plants and flowers. A quick tour around the Provincial Capitol complex will show tourists and atraveller like me will exactly how good governance is practiced in Sarangani Province. They also several resorts in the area. See in my next blog post.

Along the Road of Digos City in Davao Del Sur

Digos City in Davao Del Sur has been named as " Champion of Good Governace". Now they are promoting tourism within the whole city. The city is the capital of Davao Del Sur. Digos City  tourist attractions include Napan falls, Lumayan spring, Bacoco spring, Marawer hot and cold springs, Mahilak falls and Dulangan cascading falls. Its newest addition is the Camp Sabros Ziplines.  The Vision of Digos City is to be a socially and economically developed City.

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4th Pyromusical Competition 2013 Schedules in SM Mall of Asia

Pyromusical 2013 is back! Feast your eyes to a pyrotechnic spectacle and see for yourself the grandest visual competition next year.

The PyroMusical Competition 2013 schedule:

  • February 16
    • Japan - Tamaya Kitahara
    • Finland - Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd.
  • February 23
      Taiwan - Yung Feng Fireworkds
    • Spain - Brunchu Pyro Experience
  • March 2
    • United Kingdom - Jubilee Fireworks Ltd.
    • South Korea - Hwarang Fireworks Inc.
  • March 9
    • Italy - Ipon Fireworks S.R.L
    • The Netherlands - Royal Fireworks
  • March 16
    • China - Liuyang New Year Fireworks Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    • Australia - Fireworkx Inc.
  • March 23
    • Canada - Fireworks Spectacular
    • Philippines - Platinum Fireworks Inc. (Closing Exhibition)
Below are the photos of 3rd Pyromusical Competition 2012 last February which held at SM Mall of Asia by the Bay.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish of Maco in Compostela Valley

Every time I went travelling solo, I always want to drop by at church to thank God for his blessings and guide me along the way of my travels. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish of Maco in Compostela Valley is a small parish church. The church is painted with blue and inside the church you will find small altar. There is a bell tower at the side of the church. Every June of last Saturday of the month in Municipality of MacoCompostela Valley is the Kaimonan Festival. The residence want to raised funds which will be used for the construction of a new or bigger church building of Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish in Barangay Masara, MacoCompostela Valley where the church is located.

Maco in Compostela Valley & Davao Oriental Boundary

A small municipality in the province of Compostela Valley, has a total of 37 barangays and about 10 minutes away from Davao Oriental. The town has a lot of trees and plantations like corn, sugarcane, cassava and a lot more. One of my goal is to visit their waterfalls and resort but I can't to do this anymore because of lack of time and money as well so I decided touring around the town and get some souvenirs. Some activities are coordinated with a lot bike shops throughout the municipality to promote the fun of riding bikes. Their foods and restaurant is very affordable and delicious. I want to explore more things about the town of Maco soon. 

Tourist Attraction in Compostela Valley: Comval Viewdeck Nature's Park

Finally! I arrived Compostela Valley View deck Nature's Park at 2pm in the afternoon.This view deck allows you to see a wide portion of the mountains, river and plantations in the whole province of Compostela Valley, the area is not totally done but some resident says that this was a big project of the city government for eco-tourism. The tourism is a rapidly growing business in the province. For all nature lover like me and some mountaineers, this is the place to visit in the province. I just spent the whole afternoon in  Compostela Valley View deck Nature's Park before going back to Davao City. 

Off the Road to Compostela Valley Province & Davao Oriental

After a very busy morning at Tagum City in Davao Del Norte, I take a bus bound going to Compostella Valley. Fare is about P20 pesos for aircon bus. The bus is usually bound to Nabunturan, the capital of Compostela Valley. This province Comval for short and a part of Davao Region.Upon arriving at the terminal, I took a quick tour around the market at the terminal of Maco - A small municipality in Compostela Valley. I don't have any ideas about the province. All I know about this province is surrounded with a wide range of mountains, plantations and one of the mining industry in Mindanao. They have also a natural attractions like beaches, waterfalls, forests and caves. The province is currently served by small or medium mining operation. Also accessible for all vehicles passing to this road going to Agusan Del Sur & Norte and roads link  the municipalities with each other. I don't have time to explore and discover the main capital of Compostela Valley or maybe next time.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photowalk in Tagum City Davao Del Norte

I like the tricycle in Tagum City, very unique and friendly people as well.  Along the highway a lot of plam trees planted on each side of the road just before the entry to the city  Frommyshort roam around the city, I noticed that it is very clean and organized in a way that each street would be easy to go to and remember. It is not crowded like Davao City but I hope it stays that way. Their main mode of transportation is tricycle which is pictured below which I liked not only because it is cheap and comfy but it can take you wherever you want within the city for only P8 pesos. Its very more fun in Tagum just like jeepneys in Manila but more fun. Also, fruits are more affordable in Tagum City. I definitely go back to this place soon and explore and discover more about the province of Davao Del Norte.

Roaming Inside the Modern City Hall of Tagum

It was definitely beautiful when it will be accomplished this year because of modern interior design with a high ceiling. I saw a lot of photos and exhibit on how Tagum City has a rich cultures, traditions and tourist spots. Tagum City seems to be leading all other Mindanao cities in the area. This project might help generate jobs in Tagum City and other nearby provinces as well. The architectural designs inside and outside of the building is good.  A lot of people do their workout every morning because of the wide parking space. The 25 hectare park located in Barangay Apokon, Tagum City, Davao Del Norte. 

New Tagum City Hall in Davao Del Norte

Just take a jeepney or tricyle at Gaisano Mall of Tagum along the highway. Travel time is about 15-20 minutes. This new city hall of Tagum is very huge and has an artistic design. One nice view of the place is sculptures outside.  They could have considered having a filipino arhcitect which i believe na meron. I like the design and wide open space of the parking lot. And also the city's music lifestyle also gives a tourist-friendly destination. Tagum City has a lot of festivals this includes: Kaimonan Festival which celebrated every October that showcase the different tribal songs, dances, games, crafts and rituals. Pakaradjan Festival a traditional dances with a common goal of preserving and promoting their beliefs and traditions. Indayog Festival a festival gathering of dance performers, choreographers, directors and educators from all over Mindanao to celebrate the dance arts and culture and a lot more. Visit their website at

It's All About Tagum City: Palm Tree Capital of the Philippines

Why is it Tagum City?  The Palm City of the Philippines and the Music Capital of Mindanao as well. I want to explore the place and discover on it's culture.  Over the years there has been an effort to improve the city like the new City Hall of Tagum City.They have a lot of palm trees in the area. This palm trees is also visible along the highway, government establishment and mall. It is 53 kilometers north of Davao City. To get there, take a bus bound for Tagum City. Buses operate 24 hours a day.

Giant Rosary of Tagum City: World Largest Rosary by Guinness Book of World Record

The place is awesome and beautiful. This is located at the back of Christ The King Cathedral in Tagum City and about 85.5-meter-long rosary, made of linked beads, lines a pathway going to the giant bronze statue of the Risen Christ.  The city claims that the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest Roman Catholic rosary and just one of the attractions of Christ the King Cathedral. The Risen Christ towers over the rosary bead. You'll really feel the comfort and enlightenment your mind's looking for. The crucifix are really huge when you try to go closer. I also take more photos before going to Compostella Valley as part of my solo backpacking trip. 

How to get to Christ the King Cathedral Church in Tagum City

The newly constructed, Christ the King Cathedral Church is a must see place if your going to Tagum City from Davao City.Tagum has changed a lot. It has become one of the most progressive cities in Mindanao and worth visiting. How to get to there! From NCCC Mall in Maa Road, Davao City, take a bus going to Tagum City or Compostella Valley. Travel time is about 2 hours or less, that would you cost P50.00 per person. Then from Tagum City take a tricycle going to the church of Christ the King Cathedral. Transportation in and around Tagum is by bus, jeepney or tricyle. Tricyle is just like a taxi. You tell it where you want to go and they take you. Buses and jeepneeis have set route but a jeepney will go out of the way if you pay extra and they are not too full.

New Cathedral of Christ The King Church in Tagum City

This was taken last September 23, 2012 during my solo backpacking trip to Davao Region. I wake up early in the morning to get in touch with the first bus trip going to Tagum City in Davao Del Norte. In infront of NCCC Mall of Davao where you can find provincial bus going to Tagum City, it was a cloudy morning that time. I arrived at Tagum City by 8:00am and about 2 hours travel from Davao City. Yes Finally! Tagum City - The City of Palm Trees! A fastest-growing cities in Mindanao and in the Philippines, Tagum City has become a bustling hub of culture, commerce, health services, and entertainment in the Davao Region and in the southern Philippine region. I take a tricycle going to Christ The King Cathedral which is located at Rizal Street Tagum City, Davao del Norte. Telephone No: (6384) 218-1801 Fax No: (6384) 400-1312. That's one of the must-see places when you visit Tagum City. This is my first time to visit the place.It is looks like a castle to me and has nice landscape as well. It was a very beautiful church with a Sacred Heart Jesus. I was amazed of the design of the church and beautiful sculptures adorn the frontage of the church. The altar inside is so unique.  Next post is the world largest rosary which ca be seen in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte.

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Mabolo Parish Bell or Saint Joseph The Patriarch in Mabolo Cebu

The church is now renovated in order to maintain the structure of the building. StJoseph Catholic Church in Mabolo, Cebu is origins to the town called Talamban, now part of Cebu City,  which stands right beside Saint Joseph's Academy. 

Contact Number of Parish Pastoral Council in Mabolo, Cebu City. Telephone Numbers: (032) 232-5979 / 09228435138. This page will guide you thoroughly for the mass schedules of St. Joseph the Patriarch Mabolo Parish Church. Please see below are the schedule of the mass.  

Basilica De Santo Niño Church by Night Mode

You can travel more and spending less! That why I keep traveling since last year, where Cebu City is my second home. Just a few steps away from the Magellan’s Cross is the famous Basilica of Santo Niño Church. From the outside of the church you can find candle area where you can offer candle.  The blue candle is for your family. Green is for wealth or prosperity. Pink is for happiness. Red is for love. I forgot about the other colors. hehehe! Then I walk around inside the church, it was a solemn night compare during day time. The beautiful main altar is one of the most interesting highlights inside. How to get to Santo Nino Church in Cebu City: Basilica De Santo Nino is located at Magallanes Street, just right in front of Old Cebu City Hall building. You can get a taxi cab or jeepney and tell the driver to drop you at the church. 

A Famous Landmark of Cebu: Magellan's Cross by Night

This photo taken from Magellan's Cross which appears the beauty of historical landmark by night. I've been to Cebu City three times but I did not saw this area during night time so I decided to take photos before going to the hotel. Magellan's Cross is a symbol of Cebu City and the chapel's image can be found in its city seal. It is also seen as the symbol of Roman Catholic. The cross was planted by Ferdinand Magellan, when he arrived in the city in 1521. Now Cebu City is a progressive city in the Philippines. 

Night Shot of Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral Church

This was my last day at Cebu City, so I roamed around downtown and try to make this trip enjoyable and fun-experience. When shooting at night, I always try to find spots of strong light.The area are full of light shaded to the church. The church is one of the tourist destination in Cebu City next to Magellan's Cross and Sto Niño Church. Doing photography at night can be used to create amazing pictures. The architecture of the church is typical of Spanish Colonial-Theme. The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral Church has a more solemn atmosphere, compared to its neighbor, Sto. Nino Basilica Church where you can find the famous Magellan's Cross. It must be partly due to less foot traffic and vendors outside the area. Then from there I walk around the church and proceed to Sto. Nino Basilica Church. Next Post. . .

Monday, November 12, 2012

How to get to Plantation Bay Resort & Spa

Going to Plantation Bay Resort and Spa from Mactan-Cebu International Airport:

For Commuters:

Upon arriving from Mactan-Cebu International Airport take a shuttle van from the airport then drop off to Mactan highway. From the highway, take a jeepney bound to Marigondon the upper part of Mactan in Cebu, the resort is in the left side of the highway pointing to the resort. Fare is about P20.00 pesos per passenger. Take a tricycle inside the resort which cost about P10-15 pesos.  Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is just 20 minutes away from Mactan-Cebu International Airport by taxi,would you cost about P200-300 pesos or 1 hour from the center of Cebu City.

World Class Accommodation at Plantation Bay Resort & Spa in Mactan Island, Cebu

Awesome Facilities! Check! Would you like stay at their villas or 5-star colonial inspired accommodation? But the prize is so expensive, never mind I just want to experience the resort facilities. It has a wide space veranda which is over looking view of the swimming pool or man made lagoon.  All accommodations are spacious, well maintained and quiet place.  I had a great experience and so relaxing ambiance. The staff also stick to the No Tip Policy which helped you relax and enjoy. There is many activities they had for children and adults. 

Brunch at Kilimanjaro Kafe Restaurant in Plantation Bay Resort Cebu

This restaurant has a great Asian and Filipino cuisine. There are a lot of variety of foods and drinks in the resort. It's located at the center of the resort and surrounded with gigantic swimming pool. Nice view from outiside. The interior of the restaurant is beautiful and has an Italian architecture inspired.  If you get the chance to visit Plantation Bay Resort and Spa at Mactan Island, Cebu, Don't forget to check out their menus and snacks at Kilimanjaro KafeThere is three other restaurants in the resort but I definitely choose Kilimanjaro Kafe with wide variety of foods.  Happy Eating! :-)

The Man Made White Beach of Plantation Bay Resort and Spa Cebu

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in Mactan Island, Cebu has offers a pure white sand beach area where you can enjoy and unwind at the same time. There is no entrance fee at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, you can only order some foods or drinks and roam around the beauty of the resort. Lagoons and pools are great and nice private beach with water sports activity like kayaking and water volleyball.  It is a world class resort as one of my friend told me and that stands out among other resorts in the Philippines due to its man-made lagoons, plantation-inspired architecture and white beach area.  For reservations and inquiries, call Plantation Bay Resort and Spa at (63-32) 505-9800 or its Manila sales office at (63-2) 844-5024 to 25, e-mail or visit their Web site at

Wide Swimming Pool in Plantation Bay Resort and Spa Cebu

What a perfect place to visit! Most people want a perfect summer destination and only 8 hectares swimming pool area and only 30 minutes away from downtown Cebu City. The place is has a man-made swimming pool, artificial falls, lagoon and clear blue water. The resort accommodation is to expensive for what they offer and I just take a day tour package including foods and drinks. I must admit Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is very pricey for a backpacker like me but it's worth it. Some of their guest are Koreans. I immediately grabbed my camera and its time to take pictures of the man-made lagoons, man-made white beach and swimming pools.For my very short stay in Plantation Bay, I still managed to take lots and lots of photos. 

White Beach Area in Plantation Bay Resort & Spa, Mactan Cebu

At this time I just want to make my day perfect and being relaxed from the city life. From the outside looking in the beach front of Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. This place is crazy i tell you because of their world class facilities and water sports activities. The beach front is covered with white sand and has a wide open sea. But it has many stones and rocky as well. The restaurant makes me happy because of their great foods and drinks and it was very convenient. I want to go there next time also if I have a chance. I find plantation bay the perfect vacation for newly weds. So romantic ambiance!  
Travel Tip: There are free shuttle buses to the hotel which is not advertised. When you first arrive, do take the free shuttle club cars within the resort and get a feeling of the places.

Cebu: Guitar Making Capital of the Philippines

Cebuano loves music, the only bisaya that has many singer's across the globe and cebuano really enjoy playing music where the spainiards first docked and so on the influential part is that includes guitar making all over the province of Cebu. Well the cebuanos are very talented specially in making best guitar. From the lapu lapu shrine you may take a quick walk along the highway and you can find the shop where the shop is located. The city of Lapu-lapu had been very popular for making the most affordable guitars with the finest quality. One of the cheapest guitar shop is Inday Celia's Guitar Factory located infront of Lapu Lapu Shrine along the highway of Mactan Cebu. Some other items that you can find there is the shell home accessories, key chains, hats, t-shirt, local made bags and slippers and a lot more.

Cebu City Once Again: Trip Ko To

Upon arriving at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, I immediately went to Lapu Lapu Shrine to take some pictures before going to Parkmall Cebu to meet up some friends.  It is not as busy or full of buildings like in Manila neither as laid back at the city center of Cebu. I am expecting Cebu for their five star resorts and white beaches at this time which I don't have time traveling before. I want to do that hard life too just laying around and chilling beside the beach! Cebu City is a nice place and going to progress for this year, it is worth to visit. One thing I have noticed is that Cebu City is probably the best place in Philippines for people obeying road rules stopping at red light, vehicle road signs, traffic rules and regulation as well and most of that very different to most other places.Yes I definitely coming back to Cebu City next year for Sinulog Festival  2013.

How to get to Island Cove Resort in Binakayan Cavite

Going to Island Cove Resort from Baclaran or Manila:

Island Cove Resort is very nearer from Baclaran in Paranaque, about 20-30 minutes travel time. From Baclaran Church take a mini bus in front of Max's Restaurant and 7 eleven which the mini bus routes going to Rosario and Cavite City. You will pass the Costal Road then via Cavitex Road (Cavite Express Road). The fare is about P25.00 pesos then ask the driver to drop you off to Covelandia Road in Binakayan Kawit Cavite. Everything you want is here! Some of the major attractions here are: Restuarant, Concert Ground for Events Fishing Village or Floating Village, Hotel at Island Cove, Oceania Water Pool, Animal Island, Bayside Live Music & KTV and a lot more. 

Where to Dine and Fishing Village of Island Cove Resort, Binakayan Cavite

It was a Saturday morning when I decided to roam around Kawit in Cavite, which my goal is to explore this nature's best attraction at Island Cove Resort. The place is called Fishing Village which serve seafood and other menu. You can have them cook the fish that you catch at the pond, the fishing gear equipment rental will cost you about P100 pesos, for that time there wasn't a lot of people at the resort. They also serve the best tasting talabas (oysters) and tahong (mussels). You may also enjoy classic Filipino dishes and fresh fruit shakes while dining in the floating nipa huts. 

Btw: The place have lots of photography potential if we can time it right or better stay over at the hotel there.

A Glimpse of Floating Restaurants at Island Cove Resort Cavite

This is one of the attraction in Island Cove Resort, Covelandia Road, Binakayan, Kawit Cavite.  I took a walk around the floating restaurants with a interconnected bamboo paths. If you want to experience dining while floating on a bamboo hut then come to their fishing village where you can enjoy and with a very relaxing ambiance. The food is very budget friendly and taste good. The service is good and the environment is truly relaxing.  This was ideal for a family bonding and for a nature lover.  Imagine that this is a place that offers mouth watering seafood and where you can enjoy on your usual busy schedules in the city. If you plan to stay near Metro Manila, then Island Cove Resort and Leisure Park (+63 46 413-0349) in Binakayan, Kawit Cavte where surely the place to be and is an ideal getaway to your accommodation needs. 

Outdoor Giant Chess Board at Island Cove Binakayan Cavite

The Outdoor Giant Chess Board is located along the entrance of the swimming pool at Island Cove Resort.  I think it was the most fun chess game I've ever played! The color of the pieces is black and yellow gold. They have also a wide playground and concert grounds inside. Island Cove is the best family oriented adventure resort in Cavite.  It's a perfect and cozy place to relax and unwind. I take some pictures and went for a lunch at their floating restaurant. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Old Saint Mary Magdalene Church in Kawit Cavite

It was a rainy afternoon when I visited the old church of Saint Mary Magdalene in Kawit Cavite. The church is just a walking distance from Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine, get a right turn from the higway. This old church reminds me about the beauty of Pan-ay church in Capiz. They have also a good interior outside the church. Very Spanish-ornate and Baroque-inspired, the main altar and ceiling are just amazing. Next post: Island Cove in Binakayan Cavite.

A Heritage Park of Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit Cavite

As part of my travel addiction I preferred to visit the shrine because it is easy to access by public transportation. How to get there? From Alabang, look for a van bound to SM Bacoor then in front of SM Bacoor, hail a mini-bus bound to Naic. Tell the driver you’ll get off at Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit. Or From Baclaran take a mini bus infront of 7 eleven and Max's Restaurant Baclaran via Cavitex. About 20-30 minutes depending on traffic which cost you about P25.00 pesos then ask the driver to drop you off to Aguinaldo Shrine. There are lots of beautiful places and historical buildings in the whole country but they're neglected. if only the government has taken measures to preserve all of these including the historic site of Aguinaldo Shrine where Philippine flag is raised commemorating the Independence Day in 1898. The shrine is known to be the home of Emilio Aguinaldo which is our first president of the Philippines.

Fortmax Resort & Swimming Pool in Paranaque City

Looking for a swimming pool in Paranaque City? Fortmax Resort in Amsterdam Extesion, Leonardo 's Compund Merville Paranaque City is the nearest resort within Merville, Don Bosco, Sun Valley and Bicutan as well. Enjoy their two swimming pools with your friends, family or just for yourself and ideal for weddings and overnight stay which normally opens from 9:00am to 7:00pm. There are lots of swimming pools around Paranaque City, but these resort is easy to access by public transportation. Fortmax Resort Entrance Fees and Cottage Fees: Adults for P100 pesos and Children below 10 years old for P80 pesos. Rent of Sheds: Nipa Hut - P200 pesos. Long Table - P200 pesos and for Umbrella - P100 pesos. For Reservation Call: (02) 828-8865.

Flight Lounge Bar and Restaurant at the Heart of Quezon City

If you're looking for a bar in Quezon City, Flight Lounge Bar is the best bar for you because of their relaxing ambience, safe, great foods and drinks. They also have tables you can sit at and order ice cold beer and wine as well. Located at the heart of Quezon City with the official address at #22 Scout Borromeo St. South Triangle (at Scout Tuason St.), Quezon City, Metro Manila. Monday - Saturday 3PM - 5AM and Sunday 6PM - 3AM. Flight Lounge Bar and Restaurant is available for private parties, events and project or product lauches.  Food is better than I expected in terms of their bar food. Joyce and I ordered french fries and a bottle of ice tea. The ambiance is great with high ceilings and comfortable , the view can't get better and the staff is super awesome. One thing I remember is the signages of the airport. Flight Lounge Bar Contact Number and Website: Tel Number: (02) 441-8006. Email: Website:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time to say Goodbye Boracay Island

Well done!  I'll see you again soon.This island has gave me a lot of experience when traveling solo during my blog anniversary but it is likewise a home to relaxation and pure comfort. Summer is the best time to visit and have a travel vacation over to Boracay Island. I had fun and relaxing trip from the Island of Boracay.
From Station 1 I had a quick tricyle ride and bound to Caticlan Port for atleast 30 minutes.I'll checked again for some airfare promos.

Fees at Caticlan Port to Boracay:
PHP 75.00 for environmental fee-above 12 years old
PHP 25.00 for the boat
PHP 50.00 for the terminal fee

Note:environmental fee is only at the Caticlan Port while going to Boracay. The fee doesn't apply on your return from Boracay to Caticlan.
Happy Travels!

Jonah's Fruitshake in Boracay Island - All Time Favorite

One of the best fruitshakes in the Island of Boracay. Before I left to Boracay, I bought one bottle of mango shake flavor at Station 1 along the highway near the church.  It is very famous for its mango shake among other flavors which cost you about P80.00 pesos. Their fruit shakes are the best and affordable. I made sure to purchase one of these since I don't go to Boracay often. . I haven't tried the other stuff in the menu, I only come for the shakes. Other stores also sell fruitshakes along the beach but Jonah's Fruitshake is really the best which only located at Station 1 Boracay Island Malay Aklan. Jonah's Fruitshake and Snackbar Contact Number: (036) 288-328 for delivery within the island.

Photowalk and Things to do in Boracay Island, Malay Aklan

I've been to Boracay so many times, it is a nice place to visit, awesome for family vacation and the beach is the only one of a kind, powdery white sand (parang polvuron lang).Well! Did you know that Boracay is voted the 2nd best beach in the world! oh di ba?! In my own experience to the Island of Boracay it is truly a paradise and I will keep on coming back.There is no other pure white sand place like Boracay Island. Deserves all the praises it's getting now from the tourist because you can't compare Boracay Island to any beach in some other countries and it was beautiful white sand was tourist come from all over the world mostly I saw many Koreans last July 2012 trip. If any of you get the chance to travel Boracay Island in Malay Aklan. I recommend everyone to do so and a lot of fun activities like Helmet Diving, Island Hopping, Scuba Diving and Zorb Ball Riding.  

Sighting in Boracay Island White Beach, Malay Aklan

A haven paradise! A lot of foreign tourist made boracay every year to enjoy sun bathing and beauty of the white beach, some of hotels provides reclining chairs for their guests. Enjoy the crystal clear blue water and the sun (put sun screen first) and the sea wind as well. Just sit at the white sand while waiting for that magic moment when the sun changes its color into golden yellow. Picture taking is a must thing to do in the Island. Everything is just perfect for that Paradise Tropical Island Getaway!

Accommodation in Boracay Island White Beach

Boracay is the top one tourist summer destination in the Philippines. Some of the hotels offers cheap accommodation in Boracay Island, super value for your money, excellent service and easy to transport. You get more than your money's worth and earn anywhere, anytime at your convenient. Here are my top 3 accommodation in Boracay: Nandana Boracay, Boracay Regency and Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel.

Boracay Island White Beach - More Fun In The Sun

It's true! More fun in Boracay Island White Beach! Why Boracay? Because of their water sports activity like banana boat, island hopping, snorkeling, reef walking and flyfish has got to be my fave water sports in the island. And when the sun goes down, you can enjoy to any part of Boracay's restaurant and bars for a taste of the island best foods and drinks. Take you out on adventures and has great resorts, food, and some of the friendliest people around, there's much more to do than just relax on long strip white beach. Filipinos local and tourist could visit because of its natural beauty has to offer to everyone. And it is indeed should be part of 7 Summer Wonders of the Philippines.  

Boracay Island during Rainy Season

Have you been to Boracay Island during wet or rainy season? During the month of June to September is the off season in Boracay. Cold weather , no long waiting lines at the terminal and much lesser accommodation options. This is also the off-season, where you can get the cheapest price rates like hotel, restaurants, water sports activity, island hopping etc. The weather can be like this every now and then. That's why it's also known as "low season" as the prices can be much lower at hotels due to less tourists and expect a lots of rain, high tide and strong winds.  What makes visiting Boracay Island is easy which almost all people understand English and many can speak it quite well.  People are very warm and friendly and the prices are very reasonable.

How to get to Carabao Island in Romblon

Going to Carabao Island White Beach in Romblon from Boracay and Caticlan:

Ride a ferry boat in Boracay dock at Barangay Manoc-Manoc (southermost tip of boracay) this is near from the station 3. Just double check with the locals. There is one boat daily bound for Hambil Island or Carabao Island (San Jose is the sunrise coast of Hambil Island) until 8:30 a.m. This boat trip will cost you 60 pesos and 1 hour travel time! These daily boats will sail back to caticlan the following day at 6:00 am (not on the same day). Caticlan-Hambil Island and vice-versa routes both pick up passengers in boracay (if you're from Boracay and you wanna go to Hambil Island, you don't need to backtrack to Caticlan Port, just wait at that southern port). From both east and west coasts of Hambil Island are just 30 minutes habal habal rise away from each other, just stayed at the east coast, the sand and the views are much better there!Carabao Island Contact Person and Numbers: Mr. Hilario Bandala:  63915 770 5158. He runs the resort by the east coast! P200 pesos per cottage per day! or check with Mr Arvil: 63927 701 4050. Tourism Officer of Carabao Island in San Jose, Romblon Province. Happy Travels!

Carabao Island White Beach in Romblon Province

Carabao Island in Romblon is the nearest white beach escapade in Boracay Island, Malay Aklan. Some of my friends wanted to go there but I been traveling solo at this time, as a part of my first year blog anniversary. The area is covered with pure white sand, blue water and coconut trees along the shorelines, best for a solo traveling and couple because of quiet ambiance. This island is also known as "Hambil Island" by local. One problem you will notice are the strong current and no hospital if you get drawn. As far I know it was part of Aklan Province before and the people spoke the same with cCatiklanon and Boracaynon as per my uncle who lives in Aklan. Let's just hope that Carabao Island will stay as a virgin island which has the best white beach resort in the province of Romblon.I don't hope that it will be the same as boracay.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Panagbenga Festival 2013 Schedule in Baguio City

I love Panagbenga 2013! This festival is the most exciting and colorful parade of flowers. February is an exciting month for me and my dear friends as we marked our calendar for the annual event of Baguio Flower Festival 2013. The most-awaited part is the annual grand float parade which millions of tourists and visitors are expected to flock to Baguio to witness the colorful festival. The 18th Panagbenga season have a lot of new events and activities that everybody will definitely enjoy.

Baguio Panagbenga 2013 Activities and Events Schedule:
February 1, 2013 - Grand opening parade and the drum and lyre competition
February 23, 2013- Grand Street Dancing Parade
February 24, 2013- Grand Float Parade

Please check below is the updated main schedule of activities. Don't miss this month long celebration! Happy Travels!



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