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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to Get to Bangued, Abra Province from Manila or Vigan in Ilocos Sur

Going to Bangued, Abra Province from Manila or Vigan in Ilocos Sur:
From Pasay Partas Bus Terminal 02-852-8194 (located at the back of Wilson Hotel) or Cubao Partas Bus Terminal 02-727-8278  (along Aurora Boulvard, Quezon City) bound to Bangued in Abra Province is the main center of the province. Travel time is 8-9 hours depending on weather condition. Cost per passenger is Php 665 pesos. Here's the trip during morning - 3:30am, 6:30am, 8:30am and 11:00am. For afternoon & evening trip - 12:45pm, 2:45pm, 6:15pm, 9:00pm, 10:00pm and 12mn.
From Vigan, Ilocos Sur, If you don't want to feel the long drive. Take a mini bus going to Bangued Abra. Travel time is 1 hour and a half hour. Proceed to Vigan Public Market where you can find the terminal going to Bangued. Fare is Php 80 per passenger. Buy pasalubong at the side of Bangued Cathedral Church. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Roaming Around the Town of Bangued in Abra Province

Roaming Around the Town of Bangued in Abra Province is more fun traveling with tricycle. The town is nestled in a valley between the fascinating mountains of Abra & Ilocos Sur.  I opted a tricycle on a half day tour around the town. Cost about Php 100 for a solo traveler like me. The people in Abra is very kind, hospitable, friendly,  God fearing, adventurer and fun loving. A familiar fast food restaurant like Jollibee is always thought that the presence of a positive sign of progress in the Province or a places I've been through. The center proper of Bangued is packed with different establishments, restaurants, lodges, hotels , money changer, restaurants, clinic, drug stores, internet cafes, grocery stores and other business can be found here. I enjoyed the whole trip and I want to go back here soon to explore other tourist attraction in other towns and municipality of Abra Province.

Abra Province | Bangued Municipal Hall

Passing through the Bangued Municipal Hall in Abra Province (Home of the People of Bangued). This building is located at the center of the main proper of the town and near the Abra Provincial Capitol. Every town in the province boast a great architectural design of the "municipio" were locally known to its name. You can also find the heritage Spanish Colonial Era design of this establishment. I still hear some comments or negative stories about the place but as long as you are kind to the people and you don't do any mistakes to local people here, you were safe here. I don't see anyone carrying guns or military around Bangued during the time of my visit. Make your travels more adventure and safe.

Old Heritage Church of San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine in Abra Province

Another place to visit in Abra Province. From the town proper, It took about 5-10 minutes travel to see this heritage old church of San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine in Abra Province. The church is both a historical and religious attraction in this place. It is also made of clay bricks and two bell tower at the side located at Barangay Camposanto in Bangued, Abra Province on the western part of the town. The rains pour down I wasn't able to go inside the church to take a pictures. I just took photos at their church façade during a rainy afternoon. This church hails you as you enter  the nearby cemetery in its vicinity of the shrine.  A very nice architecture Spanish design and It just one of the unnoticed places in the country.

St James The Elder Cathedral or Bangued Cathedral Church in Abra

Next stop, St James The Elder Cathedral or Bangued Cathedral Church in Abra Province. I love the architecture design of the church façade were painted with off-white color. This was built in 1807 during the Spanish colonial era which is used as military hospital. Located at Main Road,  Zone 5 Taft Avenue, Bangued, Province of Abra, A nice place to stay for visiting the province. The Holy Spirit Academy School is located at the side of the church.  I wasn't able to go inside because the door is already closed, so I took a lot of photos and get back to the proper to buy pasalubong & I Love Abra shirt for a souvenirs collection.  I enjoyed traveling around Bangued were made me easier to transport to one place to another by riding the tricycle that rule the town's streets. Cost is Php 100 for the half day tour. A trip in Abra will never be complete without a visit in their old heritage churches. Please check out my next post about - Old Heritage Church of San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine.

Rainy Morning at Bangued Town Plaza in Abra Province

It was a rainy morning when I finally set my foot on the ground of Bangued in Abra. The weather is cold & bumpy road trip from Vigan City (approximately 1 hour travel from Ilocos Sur via public transport). Located in front of Abra Provincial Capitol & Saint James The Elder Cathedral Church, this area is use for school affairs, fiestas and other provincial gatherings. I just took a quick rest before heading to other tourist attractions of the province. They also have a covered court area with a stage and a lot of tall trees surrounding the whole town plaza. One of the best thing to do at the public plaza is to try their ihaw ihaw in front of the church and just sitting down at the grass area. The road side of the plaza is a busy street where you can find a lot of tricycles passing towards the market, vendors walking around and kids playing at the center of town plaza.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Abra Kadabra | Welcome to Abra Provincial Capitol

I had a quick trip here at Bangued, Abra from Vigan in Ilocos Sur. About 2 hours travel, you'll see this laidback town municipality of Bangued. First, I went to their Provincial Capitol facing the Bangued Church & at the heart of  their town plaza. The façade is painted with off-green and has a unique architecture design inside. This is the capital of Abra Province, where people here are nice, helpful and very accommodating as well. There are a lot of nearby establishments, fastfood like Jollibee and commercial business. Bangued is not an unusual to most provincial places in the country because of its people and how hospitality is "Abrenios"  are a like to other provinces. I must say that the Town of  Bangued and the province of Abra are not killing environment as most people think it is. I think there may be incidents of political killings but as long as you are nice, civil, friendly & honest to the locals you should be safe here like what I did on my solo backpacking trip here. Just experience it by yourself.



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