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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Clark in Pampanga: 19th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015 Schedules

A week full of excitements, fly high with this colorful hot air balloon & enjoy the whole day events. The event will be held at Clark Special Economic Zone in Clark, Pampanga on February 12, 13, 14 & 15, 2015 (Thursday to Sunday). For a travel blogger like me, it is the most photographed event in the Philippines and they launch all the special shapes, designs and effects above the sky. It is beautiful when it fire up the flames into the balloons and light up at the same time during the morning & evening events. Tickets are sold at Php 300 at the gate main gate of the event area or simply booked your ticket pass via Ticketnet or Accredited online tour packages. 

How to Get to Clark Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015 via Bus (Commute)

Take a provincial bus going to Dau Terminal in Mabalacat, Pampanga at Cubao or Pasay Bus Station namely Victory Liner, Five Star Philippine Rabbit, Baliwag Transit or Partas Bus tell the driver you will get off at Dau Bus Terminal. Travel time around 1.5 to 2 hours depending on traffic situation, better to travel by night. From there, take a tricycle or jeepney along the highway of the terminal going directly to Clark Special Economic Zone or also known as Clark Freeport Zone. Travel time is 30 minutes.  These public transportation can take you to the event venue. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines. 

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Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Get to Cutud in San Fernando Pampanga

Going to Cutud Pampanga from Manila or How to Get to Cutud Pampanga by commute. 

Here are the travel guide going to the famous site in Cutud during the holyweek. Take a bus bound to Angeles or Dau, Pampanga, located at Cubao or Pasay Bus Terminal. Travel time is about 1 hour to 2 hours depending on traffic situation , cost you is around Php 150 pesos. Take a jeepney going to San Fernando City proper, then    it will turn left under the San Fernando flyover to Mc-Arthur Highway. From there take a tricycle to Barangay San Pedro, Cutod where the site is located about 20-30 minutes away from the national road, the driver charge us Php 100 pesos back and forth for a 3 passengers. The local government of San Fernando City, install some signage and banners along the way, so never get lost from the area. Happy Trip Everyone - Bisayang Manlalakbay around the Philippines.

Maleldo 2013 - A Cruxifiction Site in Cutod, Pampanga

San Fernando in Pampanga is the most famous site during the holy week season because of the crucifixion reenactment in Cutod, San Fernando , Pampanga.My travel buddies Sally & Eds, decided to visit this famous site in Cutod. We can't able to see the actual crucifixion during that day, but I am fulfilling to visit this site. There are 3 cross at the hill side of the area and feel the burning heat of the sun. We took some photos within the area before going back to Manila, there are some tourist and local taking picture at the holy cross. Some children climbed up the cross to take photo by the tourist (so bad) and I hope you will forgive me for posting of those photos. As per our driver, about 2,000 crowd during the afternoon crucifixion in the cross and a lot of media in the whole day. Maybe, next time I would come early before the actual event. In Barangay Cutod, San Fernando Pampanga is known to be the " Holy Week Crucifixion Capital of the Philippines" to watch and take a part of the annual activities of the province. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

18th Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival 2013 Schedules

18th Clark International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2013 Schedules: 
The event starts from 5:00 am until 7:00 pm on February 21 to 24, 2013. Ticket price: Php. 250 per person. It will coincides with the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City. If so, I'm gonna have to pass up hot air balloon before heading to Baguio City. Please check below the map on how to get there and this event is to be hosted by Omni Aviation Complex. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012 at Clark Pampanga

2012 Hot Air Balloon Schedule
February 9th thru 12th 2012
February 09
Hot Air Balloon Flights5:30-7:00AM
Paragliding Exhibition6:30-7:30AM
Ultralight Aircraft Formation Flying7:40-8:15AM
Ultralight Bomb Dropping Audience Participation8:15-9:00AM
Aerobatic Flight Display9:00-9:40AM
Kite Flying Exhibition9:40-10:00AM
AOPA Light Airplane Balloon Bursting Competition10:00-10:45AM
Sky Diving Exhibition10:45-11:30AM
R/C Demonstration Flying11:30-12:00PM
Sky Diving Exhibition1:00-2:00PM
AOPA Light Aircraft Balloon Bursting2:00-2:45PM
Aerobatic Flight Display3:45-4:30PM
Rocketry Demonstration4:30-5:00PM
Ultralight Formation Flying5:00-5:20PM
Hot Air Balloon Fly-In5:20-6:00PM
February 10
Hot Air Balloon Flights5:30-7:00AM
Paragliding Exhibition6:30-7:30AM
Ultralight Aircraft Flyby & Flour Bombing7:40-8:30AM
Aerobatic Air Show8:30-9:15AM
R/C Helicopter Show9:30-9:50AM
AOPA Aircraft Flyby9:50-10:30AM
AOPA Aircraft Balloon-Bursting Competition10:30-11:15AM
Skydiving Exhibition11:15-12:00PM
Choreographed Kite Flying Exhibition12:30-1:30PM
Fire Fighting Exhibition1:30-2:15PM
Skydiving Exhibition2:15-3:00PM
Wings Over Asia Aviators Gathering Seminar3:00-6:00PM
Rocketry Demonstration3:00-3:45PM
Aerobatic Flight Display4:00-4:30PM
Paragliding Exhibition4:30-5:15PM
Hot Air Balloon Flights5:30-6:00PM
February 11
Hot Air Balloon Flight5:30-7:00AM
Paragliding Exhibition6:30-7:30AM
Ultralight Aircraft Flyby7:40-8:30AM
Krukspec Airsoft Speedball Competition8:30-5:00PM
Aerobatic Flight Display8:30-9:15AM
Search and Rescue Flying Exhibition9:15-10:00AM
AOPA-P, Wings Over Asia, Thai Flying Club Flyby10:00-10:45AM
Skydiving Exhibition10:45-11:15AM
AOPA Light Airplane Balloon Bursting Competition11:15-12:00PM
Kite Flying Exhibition12:00-12:45PM
Piper Turboprop bly by of Ed/Citation Mustang fly-by1:15-1:45PM
Skydiving Exhibition1:45-2:15PM
AOPA Light Aircraft Balloon-Bursting Competition2:15-3:00PM
Choreographed Kite Flying Exhibition3:00-3:45PM
Aerobatic Flight Display3:45-4:30PM
Rocketry Demonstration4:30-5:00PM
Ultralight Flyby5:00-5:30PM
RC Airplane Flying Demonstration5:30-5:45PM
Hot Air Balloon Flight5:45-6:15PM
Hot Air Balloon Night Glow6:45-7:30PM

Aviators Ball
February 12
Hot Air Balloon Flights5:30-7:00AM
Paragliding Exhibition6:30-7:30AM
Ultralight Aircraft Flyby & Flour Bombing7:30-8:30AM
Krukspec Airsoft Speedball Competition8:00-5:00PM
AOPA-P, Wings Over Asia, Thai Flying club Fly-by8:30-9:30AM
R/C Helicopter Show9:30-10:00AM
Helicopter Flying Exhibition10:00-10:30AM
Skydiving Exhibition10:30-11:00AM
AOPA Light Airplane Balloon Bursting Competition11:00-12:00PM
Choreographed Kite Flying Exhibition12:30-1:15PM
Ultralight Flying Display1:15-2:00PM
RC Airplane Flying Demonstration2:00-2:30PM
AOPA Light Airplane Ballon Bursting Finals2:30-3:30PM
Aerobatic Exhibition3:30-4:15PM
Rocketry Demonstration4:15-4:45PM
Microlight & Ultralight Flyby4:45-5:30PM
Hot Air Balloon Night Glow5:30-6:45PM
Crew and Awards Night Party7:30PM



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