Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to Get to Bellarocca Island Resort in Buenavista Marinduque

Marinduque is a quiet town so I plan to explore the island last April 5-8, 2012. Only Zest Air offers flight to Marinduque four times a week and You can take a RoRo going to Marinduque via Cawit or Balanacan port from Lucena Port (Dalahican Port). Please visit their website for additional information and pictures of the resort ( If you have further questions, feel free to send an email at

How to Get to Bellarocca Island Resort in Buenavista Marinduque 2012

Via Roro: All you have to do is take a bus ride going to Lucena (Dalahican port). It’s a good 2-3 hour ride from Buendia Terminal located at LRT Buendia Makati City. The buses are comfortable and spacious. Once you are at the Dalahican port, take a ferry/RoRo bound to Marinduque. I strongly recommend that you may check JAC liner which has a bus terminal in Buendia, Makati City. The fare costs roughly around 300 pesos for the bus and 150 for the RoRo plus terminal fee cost 60 pesos. Some of their buses though could be transported via RoRo. That would cost around 500 pesos I think. When you get to Balanacan or Cawit port, you would see FX or Jeepney which would cost around 30-60 pesos going to the town of Buenavista.

Via Plane: From the airport of Marinduque, you will travel 45 minutes plane ride from Manila then going to the right side of the airport to the town of Buenavista approximately 30-45 minutes travel. From Municipality Buenavista police outpost take a tricyle ride going to Brgy Lipata, Buenavista, Marindue. Travel time about  20-30 minutes which cost 30 pesos per person. At the pier of Lipata, a rubber speed boat and a small yacht (depending on the number of people) will take you on a 5-minute ride, crossing to the island.


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  2. Hi, did it cost you to set foot on the island of Bellarocca? What about the accommodation? I heard it's quite expensive...

  3. Wow. that is so expensive resort! OMG, ingget much ako sayo.. Such a nice place!

  4. Thanks Mitch & Ryan for dropping by. Meron akong friends sa resort. Its for free. hehe!

  5. "When you get to Balanacan or Cawit port, you would see FX or Jeepney which would cost around 30-60 pesos going to the town of Buenavista."

    -> how long is the travel time from the ports to buenavista?


    1. Hi thereis available fx and jeepney from balanacan about 2 hours travel time but Cawit post is appx. 1 hour to reach the buenavista town. Thanks! :-)

  6. hi, how much it will cost if im gonna stay there for a week?

  7. Hi Michelle, I dont have idea for the fee if your gonna stay for 1 week. you may check the reservation hotline. thanks


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